The Corner News-September 18, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of The Corner News!  Here is what went on these past two weeks.

Number 1: Sorry that this post is late…ooppss…

Number 2: I got a promotion at work!  Hooray!  I am now in a supervising position where I am a Team Leader.  I have to work at the other location than where I was originally, but I started this past Wednesday and I am still very new to it.  Thankfully, the other Team Leaders are very nice and have helped me with the differences.

Number 3: Mom and I went to build some rustic pumpkins stand thingies…We had quite a bit of fun doing it.

First, we took a selfie!

mom and my selfie

Then we hammered the nails in that we needed to build the box.

nailing in

Next we drew our designs to cut them out.  I didn’t want to be traditional and decided to draw out a cat instead of a pumpkin.

Here is my cat.

cat box

And here is mom’s pumpkin.

pumpkin box

They aren’t done obviously, but this is how far we got.  And this is the exciting things that have happened these past weeks.  Hope you have a great weekend!


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