Fall Cookie Decorating Tablescape

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Where the cookies are baking and everyone’s telling you decorate!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Props to everyone who just sang this tune.

Now, I’m not someone who jumps from Halloween to Christmas, but one thing that I love about fall is decorating cookies.  And because my roommate Danielle loves to bake, and happened to bake a batch of cookies, I just had to decorate my table to decorate cookies!


So, here it is!

fall tablescape

We had a pretty fall tablecloth that had leaves all over it, so I went with a very neutral theme.  I had white plates and mugs and kept a knife on each plate so each person could decorate their own cookie.

neutral plates

I added chocolate and strawberry frosting to the decorating items and whipped cream, because you know cookies are the best with whipped cream!  I also found some candy that was on sale after Halloween.  They can be used for extras decor for the cookies.


fall tablescape

So here is my table, I just need more items to decorate the cookies with!  But, I love how it is simple and cute.  Are any of you going to decorate cookies?


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