Red Truck Story and Wrapping Gifts

Many, many moons ago, when I was a little girl, my dad owned a Forest Green Ford F100. I sure wish he still had it today! I would paint it Apple Green and have it all decked out. I would wave goodbye to him in the morning when he left for work. By the way, my mom made me that nightgown. 🙂

pam and dads truck 2


Several years ago, my mom purchased a similar truck as a gift for him. It is red, but it is the same model. I used it under my clear lamp with some snow and bottlebrush trees. I love how nostalgic it is!

truck and trees

It looks great with the tree in the back, ready to be taken home and decorated for Christmas!

truck and 3 trees

Do you see the fireplace in the background? Love it!!

truck and tree and fireplace 2

Now on to the rest of the post.

It is my friend, L’s, birthday today. Happy birthday! So I put together this gift for her. I’m posting a little later today so she won’t see this until after I give her the present. Sneaky, huh?! I made a couple of things and picked up a few things at the store. So simple really. This would work great for any and white present gifts

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and a candle.

black and white present candy and candle

I made this tassel key ring for her using purple (one of her favorite colors) embroidery floss. I added a dog tag and a couple of charms.

black and white present tassle

I also made her this sign using her favorite verse. I used different fonts, printed it out on the computer, traced over it on the board and then wrote it in with Sharpie.

black and white present sign

I added black and white polka-dot tissue and some shredded paper to the box. I placed all the goodies inside. Then I wrapped the box in black and white paper, added sparkly black tulle, and finished the top with a red ornament with the initial ‘L.’

black and white and red monogram present

I didn’t want it too Christmasy, since it’s for a birthday, but I really like how it looks so festive! This would definitely work for a Christmas gift too!


I really hope she likes her gift. I will let you know next time! Have a lovely week!

Sunshine and Blessings

8 thoughts on “Red Truck Story and Wrapping Gifts

  1. Bonnie Lindsey Hitchcock says:

    What a precious gift. Yummy too! The story of your dad’s truck is so sweet. I miss my daddy. Before he died, he sold his red truck without asking us. It broke my heart. That truck was him and everytime I saw someone driving it, I almost cried. I’ll have to look for me a little red truck.


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