New Life for Old Chairs

Good morning everyone! Welcome to another post about furniture that we have no idea what to do with. We always seem to acquire this furniture and have no idea how to use it or how to change it.

So, here we go!

Mom found someone who was selling chairs online for $10 a chair. They are from a hotel, so pretty normal looking chairs, and in great condition.

Well, when mom got there, someone had brought the seller more furniture, so now the chairs were $5 a piece. What a deal!

So here’s what the look like.


They aren’t the most beautiful chairs, but they are functional and somewhat comfortable.  They work well for kitchen chairs and a computer chair, and for a great price.

So now comes the hard part…what do we do to fix them up?  If you have any suggestions for what to do with our chairs, please leave us a comment!


6 thoughts on “New Life for Old Chairs

  1. jnetsline says:

    Wow – I wish I lived near you – I would love to have some of those chairs around my craft table. They would be much better than folding chairs for card classes! Anyway (If I do this right) here is a pin from one of my boards on recovering an office chair. It really seems very detailed and helpful. I still have not done mine so I can’t give you any first hand advice – sorry. I hope this helps. Good luck.


  2. The Red Painted Cottage says:

    Do either of you sew? If you do, there’s a couple of great books I can recommend that is everything you need to transform your chairs with beautiful slipcovers. I would also paint the wood, unless you wanted to sand everything down and stain it (lots of work). If you don’t sew, I know many are painting their fabric chairs. I’m not sure about that, but I’ve seen lots of it online. The books I’ve used are Slipcover Style by Alison Wormleighton and Simplicity’s Simply The Best Home Decorating Book. I did a tutorial on my site, but the chair didn’t have arms. You can see it here:


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