Parisian Halloween Witch Hat

Hello! I remembered I had this Halloween Witch Hat post from last year, and it turned out so cute, I thought I would share it again! Enjoy!!

It’s time again for the witches, ghosts and goblins to come out! I don’t decorate much for Halloween anymore, now that the girls are older, but we did when they were little. Planning the costume was always a big deal. Then there were the pumpkins to carve or decorate. I have a couple boxes full of foam pumpkins that have been made into elephants, dragons, Garfield, and our dogs! I even have a light up hedgehog! I will have to show you that one sometime. It’s pretty cool! Even though I don’t do much Halloween decorating, when I saw this cute witch hat over at, I knew I wanted to try one too.

I didn’t make mine quite as large as Kim did. I wanted to make one for Lauren, because she collects these little decorative hats to display in her bedroom and I thought this would make a nice addition. Here is the list of the supplies:


  • Floracraft® Make It: Fun® Foam, (2) 3inch discs, (2) 6 inch disc and (2) 17 inch cones
  • 1 sheet of black poster board
  • 2 7/16×36 inch dowels, cut down to around 19 inches each
  • Black & white contrasting fabric, 1/2 yard of each
  • Black fuzzy fabric, 1/2 yard
  • Coordinating ribbon for base
  • 2 flowers
  • Roll of black tulle
  • Hot glue & gun, low temp
  • Black acrylic paint and brush
  • Black aluminum  floral wire 4.6m
  • Scissors

The cones I bought were only 6″ tall, so then I needed less fabric too. I only bought 1/4 of a yard. I used felt in place of the fuzzy fabric too. In other words, there are lots of ways to make this!

I started out by painting the foam disks with the black paint. This gave them time to dry while I worked on the other parts. I also painted the dowel black.

Witch Hat Painted Disks

I traced around a bowl to make my circle (I forgot to buy black poster board, so I just used cardboard, but I did have to cover both sides so the cardboard wouldn’t show). Then I cut the piece of sparkly felt a little bit larger so it could wrap around the edges and be glued down.

Witch Hat Sparkle Felt

Witch Hat Adding Felt Brim

I added another piece on this back side to cover the cardboard.

I cut about 2 inches of the styrofoam off the end of the cone. This gives the wire more room to bend once you add the fabric. Poke the piece of wire down into the cone until it feel secure.

Witch Hat Cone and Wire

Here is the fabric I bought. You could never guess who this was for, right?!

Witch Hat Fabric

I wrapped some around the cone just to see how much I would need, and then cut a piece off the end of the fabric. After I figured out just how I wanted the design to go, I glued it around the cone. See how the tip bends over? Make sure you have enough wire so you can make the tip of the hat floppy!

Witch Hat Fabric Covered Cone

After the fabric was glued to the cone, I glued the sparkly felt brim to the bottom of the come. Now for the decorating and embellishing! Here are a few of the things I found: glittery tulle, a feathery ponytail holder and a pink flower clip and some black and silver ribbon.

Witch Hat Accessories

I don’t have pictures of adding this to the hat, because I couldn’t glue and take pictures at the same time! I first added the tulle in ruffles around the middle, then added the feathers with the flower on top of the feathers. I added the ribbon around the edge of each of the black disks. Once everything was ready, I Poked the dowel through the disks first then the brim of the hat. I had to use a sharp tool to get through the felt. Then I pushed the cone onto the dowel. Once it was far enough on, I put glue on the brim and pushed it up against the cone and let dry.

Here it is!

Witches Hat Display

Witch Hat Close up

Paris Witch Hat Display

I think this came out adorable! I want to try one in more neutral colors too. I would love to see yours if you make one too!


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8 thoughts on “Parisian Halloween Witch Hat

  1. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    That is such a cute hat. And so sophisticated for a witch, It must be a special witch that will wear that one. Pinning.


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