Christmas in July! Kid-Friendly Strawberry Basket Snowflake Ornament

Good morning! How is your summer going? Mine is going too fast! This past week was a busy and emotional one. I helped Lauren move, drove to Fullerton with Haley for orientation, said good-bye to our Chica, celebrated Rozy’s 2nd birthday and helped out at the shelter. I can tell you- this schedule makes it difficult to get any projects done!  I thought I would share one Christmas in July project. This involves strawberry baskets, so start saving them! This is a perfect one to do with the kids!

strawberry basket snowflake glitter title

You will need a strawberry basket that has the ‘X’ design on the bottom. I happened to find a couple of them in my stash.


Cut off the bottom of the basket and cut off any edges until you have the snowflake design. These cut really easy-I just used regular scissors.


I painted glue all over one side of the snowflake…


and then sprinkled on the glitter! It’s that easy! You could use whatever glitter you like! I used silver and clear, so some of the turquoise showed through.


After the snowflake is dry, turn it over and do the same on the other side. Add a string or ribbon and it is ready to hang on the tree. So pretty!

strawberry basket silver snowflakestrawberry basket snowflakestrawberry silver snowflakestrawberry basket snowflake glitter

That’s it! So simple, but looks so pretty! I would love to hear if you try it too!



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