Fabulous Finds and Fashions-March 30, 2016

Hello!  And welcome to another episode of Fabulous Finds and Fashions!  I am here to bring you some unsolicited fashion advice and possibly a new fandom starting in our blog.

Okay, maybe not the latter, but I can always try!

Now if you read the blog very carefully, you may have noticed that I wrote episode instead of edition.  It is for a very specific reason.  You see, I am going to present you with a black tee shirt collection of shirts from a fandom that I belong to.



All of these pictures can be viewed on Markplier’s Instagram: @markipliergram

Now, who is Markiplier?  He is a YouTuber who I have been following for about a year and half now.  He plays video games and does charity livestreams to raise money for some amazing causes.  He dyed his hair pink when he raised over $200,000 for DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance), and has dyed his hair blue and red since then.  He yells and screams and curses at a computer screen for many people’s enjoyment.

And he does this for over 12 million followers.


Yes, high fives for Markiplier and all of his followers.

So, since I have joined the fandom, I have acquired many four shirts and a sweatshirt that are all in support of him.  And I am here to present them all to you!

  1. The Original Logo

Markiplier original

This was the first shirt that I received for Christmas.  This is Mark’s logo and it came from the logo he made on his Minecraft character.  The sweatshirt that I have has the same logo and both are so comfortable!  It was purchased from Spreadshirt (click here if you want to visit the shop)

2. A gift from Haley


So, Haley found this shirt on Redbubble and couldn’t resist purchasing it for me as a HalloThanksMas gift (no, this isn’t an actual holiday).  Unfortunately, it is very true…I would love to date Mark.  Again, this shirt was purchased from Redbubble (click here if you wish to purchase this shirt)

3. Dogiplier


Mark and his friends designed this shirt to raise money for Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles.  They designed this shirt, named Dogiplier, and a second shirt with cats, coincidentally named Catiplier.  I think that the design on the front is absolutely adorable!

Dogiplier close

This shirt, along with the Catiplier shirt, can be purchased from 1Shirt (click here if you want this shirt)

4. I Don’t Need Therapy


This is the final shirt.  It is extremely comfortable and actually being worn while I write this post (hehe).  It came up in my Facebook feed that someone was selling these shirts, and I purchased one.

Therapy close

I really like the design and love how this came together.  Props to the designer of the shirts.  I purchased this shirt from TeeChip, but unfornately the shirt is unavailable for purchase.

Well, I hope you like my Markiplier collection and obsession (lol).  I am adding some videos of Mark for you to watch if you are so inclined.  Just a warning, there is language used that innocent ears shouldn’t hear.

This first video is about the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Mark’s video became the go to when looking for gameplay of the game.  This video alone, not even the full series, has over 46 million views!  You can watch him play all four Five Nights at Freddy’s games on YouTube.

This next video was actually the first video of Mark that I ever watched.  I was going through Matthias’s channel (that’s the other guy in the video) and saw this one.  And I was hooked on the man with the deep sultry voice.  This video is clean and okay for innocent ears to hear.

This final video is Mark and three of his friend, Bob, Wade, and Yamimash, playing a game called Prop Hunt.  Two people are hunters and two people are props, meaning that they have to find a prop to disguise themselves as in the map.  This is one of the funniest episodes that Mark has on his channel and I laugh everytime I watch it!


The Great State of Hawaii-Part One

Did everyone have a wonderful spring break, if you had one in your area? Mine was good, but I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. But I did have time to relax and spend time with my girls (see zoo post here).

I know a lot of folks went to the beach or somewhere else nice for vacation. We stayed home, but we did go to Hawaii last month! This was our first time going. A lot of people couldn’t believe we had never gone before since we live in Ca. But now we can say we have! I realized I hadn’t shared any pictures with you, so I thought this would be a good time. I will have to do several posts, since I took llloootttss of pictures! We stacked a lot of activities into 6 days! I thought I would just share pictures of the beach where we spent our time and some of the wonderful things we saw there.

I have had traveling to Hawaii on my ‘bucket list’ for a very long time. What finally prompted us to go was Haley. She is part of the theater group at her junior college. She found out in the fall that they would be traveling to a theater festival that takes place each year. This year would be Hawaii. How could I not go?! I told here there was no way she would get to go to Hawaii and I hadn’t gone yet! So as soon as we found out where the festival would be held, we made our reservations.We made them through Travelosity and it included our flight and hotel. Such an easy way to travel. We also purchased a GoOahu Card through SmartDestinations.com. Best purchase ever! They have this card for many different cities, so be sure to check it out if you are traveling. By the way, I am not affiliated with these agencies, I just thought they were really good deals.

Okay. So on to the pictures! This is the beach were we spent most of our time. It was across the street from our hotel. The little piece of water you see to the left if a man-made lagoon. It belonged to one of the hotels and was a great place for kids. Straight ahead is a cove, so the water was great to go swimming in.

hawaii 8 beach

hawaii 9 beach

We had to get our feet in as soon as possible! Our beaches in Ca. are not this clear or warm.

hawaii 11 beachhawaii 14 beachhawaii 15 beach

We could see Diamond Head from were the beach was. We did hike up this later in the week.

hawaii 15.6 beach

hawaii 15.7 beach

Look who came for a visit! We were thrilled to see this turtle so close! He was enjoying riding the waves close to shore.

hawaii 15 turtlehawaii 16 turtle

Yes, even the dogs go surfing in Hawaii!

hawaii 16.2 beachhawaii 16.3 beach

The infamous Hawaii rainbow…

hawaii walk 35

And the beautiful sunsets. Breathtaking.

hawaii sunset 53hawaii sunset 54

Do you need to take a break? Go get something to drink or a snack? Or maybe make your own reservations? I will wait for you.

Okay, here is a few more pictures from around Waikiki. Tiki torches all around the city are lit each night.

hawaii 29 walk

These lanterns looks so cool!

hawaii 33 walk

Surfboards anyone! They actually have lockers for surfboards so you don’t have to carry them all over.

hawaii 31 walk

We ate dinner from this taco truck one night. One of the best meals we had!!

hawaii beach 15.9


We ordered the garlic shrimp and the taco plate. Mmmm!

hawaii 15.8 beach

A little bit of flora and fauna.

hawaii 23 walk

The famous Hawaiian surfer, Duke Kahanamoku.

hawaii statues and signs 4

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of Oahu. Watch for Part 2 in the next weeks!

Sunshine and Blessings

Corner News-March 26, 2016

Hello!  And welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  It is getting close to the end of spring break (can it last another two months?) and the weather is changing.

Since Easter is tomorrow, I am sharing what I am wearing.  I purchased this coral Forever 21 dress back in November from the clearance rack.  I love the accents on the straps and that there are pockets.  I can’t wait to actually wear it for an occasion and not have it just sit in my closet.

Full DressClose up dress

Second thing on the docket: since Zoella has turned into mom’s dog (boo hoo), I have adopted another dog.  I had my eye on my dog, Karli, since she entered the shelter back in October of 2014.  I thought that she would be adopted right away, but she sat at VAH until February of 2016, when I adopted her.  I take her to work everyday and have a lot of fun living with her.  She is such a goof and can be a brat, but I love her all the same.

Here is Karli, wearing bunny ears and a boa for the Easter pictures at work.  Doesn’t she look adorable?

Karli pic

And, I also found the cutest dog bed for her. Not only is it better than the bed that I made for her (which was two pillows that I sewed a pillowcase around) and it even matches my room.  Karli enjoys the new bed much more that the original bed.

Karli Bed

Well, that is it.  This has been another edition of the Corner News.  I hope you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see you next week!


Posh N Sip Party! How I Got a Friend Started in PoshMark

Hello everyone!  I am here to plug an app that I have been using and it is great!  (By the way, this isn’t sponsored in any way, I just really like the app).  If you want to clear out your closet of clothes that you don’t want anymore and make a little money doing it, I suggest you use PoshMark.

PoshMark is an app that has been around for about 5 years.  It is like Ebay, but for anything fashion.  Clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, make-up: you name it, it is probably there.  Everything is new or gently used and the app makes it very easy to sell your items and ship them to fellow poshers.

So, I hosted my first Posh N Sip on March 24th.  It is a party where you get together with your friends and family and help them get their closets started and help them make some extra money.  I invited quite a few people, but because of circumstances, I only had one guest.

I gave Bekah the rundown of how the app works.  I explained how to post items, how to make your pictures look good, and how to make sure that your items are seen by more people.  Here we were, both working on some items to sell!


I love the white blanket that I use as my backdrop.  Bekah was using a pretty piece of fabric as her backdrop to make sure all her pictures have some similarity.

Here are the items I posted in my closet!

I have a Forever 21 shirt on top, a Mudd shirt on the bottom, and Out Jeans.  I hope they sell soon and can be better in someone else’s closet.

If you are interested in PoshMark, it is free and very easy to use.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask away and I will answer them as best as I can.  If you have a PoshMark account and are looking for more closets to follow check out my closet, @2smallofacloset, and Bekah’s closet, @bek21.