Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  We hope that you all have a great day with friends and family.  We hope you all have a safe and fun holiday and we will see you on Wednesday for a regular blog post!

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Corner News-May 28, 2016

Happy Saturday and Memorial Day Weekend! 3 days of summer fun! So glad to have an extra day to be home and then just 4 more days till summer vacation! I’m not excited at all. Can you tell!!

Some things I am enjoying now:

Summertime fruit! I love strawberries-all different ways! Just plain with a little sugar or all dressed up! Apricots are one of my favorites too!

image (1)

Strawberry pizza! Mmmmm! My director bought us all individual ones for the May birthdays at work. There was a sugar cookie crust, whipped cream middle and then slathered in strawberries. It was delightful!


So many cute summer bags! I love the blue floral one in the middle, but the turquoise and white lace one is cute too!  These would be great for all the summer day trips we hope to make.

photo (3)

That’s it for now! Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend!

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Wooden Americana Signs

Board After 2

Good morning everyone!  Are you all getting ready for Memorial Day on Monday?  Are you deciding how to decorate your backyard and what food you are going to barbecue for your guests?  Or maybe you aren’t having your own party, but you are attending someone else’s party.  Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great holiday!

But, for today, I have a great idea for you to decorate at your party!

I love making wooden signs for different reasons.  And, of course, I had some extra small boards in storage that I had no use for.  So, I pulled them out of storage, dusted them off, and started painting them.

Board Before

I knew I wanted to do Memorial Day themed boards, so I used red, white,and blue paint from Rustoleum that I bought at Orchard Supply Hardware.  I used Colonial Red, Navy Blue, and White.

Board Paint

And here is how the boards look after the paint job.

Board Painted

I knew that I wanted them to be even more patriotic than the paint job.  I wanted to put the lyrics from Lee Greenwoods “Proud to be an American” on the red board, a star on the blue board, and USA on the white board.  So I printed out the designs that I wanted using fonts from Microsoft Word and a star that I found on Google.

Board Designs

I rubbed pencil on the back of the papers and then sketched the designs onto the boards.  The hardest one was the red board because the pencil marks were very light and were very hard to see on the dark paint.  But…I managed.  I then used a red sharpie for the USA board and white paint for the other two.

And here is how they turned out.

Board After 1Board After 2Board After 3

I really like how they look.  They are perfect for Memorial Day and 4th of July, but they could look really nice with any red, white, and blue decor.  They were extremely easy to make were a lot of fun to do.  It was also fun to find the different fonts to use on the boards and make everything look nice.

Thank you guys for stopping by.  See some of my other board projects by clicking on the pictures below!

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Fabulous Finds and Fashions-May 25, 2016

Hello everyone!  And welcome to another edition of Fabulous Finds and Fashions.  School is officially over, which means that summer is here and ready to go.

But there are always more outfits that need to be put together.

This week I was going through my closet to find things that I don’t really wear and I found this cute Chevron skirt.  I knew I had the skirt, but I didn’t know what to wear with it.  So, of course, this was my project for the week.

1. White Sequin Tank Top

Chevron Skirt 1

I love this top from Maurices.  It goes with so many things and it is easy to wear. And, of course, it happened to go well with the skirt.  I like how bright the top is compared to the muted skirt.  I paired this with Candies silver flip flops to finish off the look.

2. Black Tee Shirt

Chevron Skirt 2

Okay, so I know that this is kind of boring, but I like it.  The black shirt looks good with the muted colors of the skirt.  And, the shirt looks good either tucked in or out.  I paired this with my Bongo black shoes that finish off this casual summer look.

So, that’s all I have for this week.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my post and seeing my new outfits to wear.  Click on the pictures below to see what other Fabulous Finds and Fashions I have done!

Look 2                                    Full Chinese Jacket and Shorts                                         Markiplier original


How to Make a Rustic American Flag

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well! We are coming to the close of school with our preschool graduation this week and then next week is the last week. I am so ready for some vacation time! I would love to get some more projects done! Lauren and I plan to work on updating the blog this summer and there are other exciting things in the works! Stay tuned!

I have been wanting to make a flag like this for a long time. I figured since Memorial Day is next Monday here in the states and 4th of July is coming soon, this was a good time. I originally was going to use pieces of molding, but that never happened so I decided to use some pickets I already had. Another free project!!

We had gathered some pickets from a neighbor a couple of years ago when he took down his fence. I have used them for a potting table and also a little side table. I wasn’t using the small table anymore, so I took it apart and used the pieces.

picket american flag title

Steve removed the nails from each of the pieces, than I gave each one a good scrubbing.

Picket fence flag pickets

I painted 4 pickets antique white and 3 pickets grey. I didn’t cover them too thoroughly, just enough to freshen them up.

Picket fence flag grey and white pickets

I took one of the squares from the table that was taken apart and painted it blue. After the paint dried, I sprayed a little bit of turquoise over the top and then sanded it down.

picket fence flag blue square

These pieces also came from the table and they were attached to the back to hold all the pickets together.

picket fence flag back brackets

Here is the front with the blue square attached.

picket fence flag layout

Here is my bottle cap collection! My girls and I have collected these for years while taking walks around the neighborhood. We have an alley behind us and there are always treasures to be found.  The girls and I picked out caps with blue, gold, silver and a little bit of red. We tried to get them all different and then placed them on the blue square in random order. I used my nail-gun to attach them.

picket fence flag bottle cap stars

All done! This was such a simple project to put together and I love how it turned out!

picket fence flag neutral colors

I don’t really decorate with red, so I tried to keep this as neutral as possible.

picket fence flag with bottle cap stars

Picket fence neutral american flag

picket fence neutral flag with bike and blanket

picket fence american flag with bottle cap stars

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and have some time to relax!   Here a couple of other posts you might enjoy!

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Sunshine and Blessings