How to make your own Envelopes

It’s Friday! Friday!  Gotta get down on Friday!  Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend!  Weekend! (Bonus points if you sang the unfortunate tune of Rebecca Black’s song)

How was everyone’s week?  Anything out of the ordinary happen that you want to talk about?

This week I had a day off and was working on my stuff for Premier Designs.  If you didn’t know, I do sell the jewelry and love doing it!  But, something that happened recently was they got rid of the hostess envelopes.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I immediately knew I had to do something when I went to give a new hostess her information and some of the info didn’t make it to her.  I had put it all in the catalog that I gave her, but business cards fell out and it just didn’t feel right to just hand over the catalog without a proper envelope.

So I sat down to try and discover how to make my own envelope out of old catalog pages.  You can do this with catalogs or magazines or even large book pages.  Here are the supplies you will need.



2 pages.  They need to be the full pages, not just one side.  So you will need to take the staples out of the catalog to get the full page.

A Ruler


Glue stick


Step 1.  Decide which sides you want to use for your front and back.  You are going to have 4 sides to choose from, so choose wisely!

Step 2.  Fold the top of the short side of the page you decided would be the back.  I measured it to be 1 1/2 inches.  It needs to be folded to the inside, so I found it easier to mark the side you want on the outside and follow that line to fold.  Glue it down.

Step 3. Fold the bottom of the short side of the page you decided would be the back.  I measured it to be 3/4 of an inch.  This needs to be folded on the outside and glued down.  I then glued the other page to the fold and folded it again.  Now the two pages are attached.

Bottom Fold

Step 4.  Fold the long sides to seal the envelope.  I measured it to be 3/4 of an inch.  They get folded to the back side of the envelope.  I also folded the bottom corner in a small triangle to make the corner more even.

Step 5. Cut the fold on the top.  If you don’t cut this, you won’t be able to fold the top properly to seal the envelope.

Small Cut

Step 6.  Fold the corners on the top flap so they are even with the first fold you made.  This will help make the top flap easier to fold over.

Folded Top Corner

And Taadaa!  You are complete!  Though it may seem a little confusing, I promise that it will turn into a fun, cute envelope!

If you have any questions on how to put the envelope together, please feel free to ask.  I hope that you can use this information to make your own cute envelopes!  Let me know if you make any cute envelopes!


Green, Black and White-Fall in the Living Room

Good morning! Happy first week of fall! Our weather actually feels like fall right now! Amazing! Of course, next week the temperature goes back into the 90’s again. This is our typical fall weather.

I showed you my dining room last week, (you can see it here), so now I moved on to the living room. Since these two share the same room, I continued the same green, black and white theme.

Fall 2017 green, black living room

Of course, the mantel is the centerpiece of the room. I added several green items and added black ribbon on the chippy bucket.

fall 2017 living room fireplace

fall 2017 living room mantel

fall 2017 living room mantle candle and chalkboard

Small touches of wood and lit candles help an all-white room feel more cozy.

fall 2017 living room green bucket black bow

fall 2017 living room mantle green and black

fall 2017 frame, ruler star, apple

Adding more texture and soft blankets really brings in the feel of fall.

fall 2017 green and black living room green bow pillow

I found this Threshold blanket at Goodwill. Can you believe they sold it to me for $1.99!!! I couldn’t pass up those wonderful tassels!

fall 2017 tassel blanket

I also found this great over-sized towel with the perfect green.

fall 2017 living room green blanket daybed

I added my falling book pages leaves to the door in the corner of the room.

fall 2017 living room door shutters leaves

You can see my barnwood wallpaper wall in the background. I also filled my driftwood bowl with flowers, acorns, pinecones and a candle. Natural items are wonderful additions to fall decor.

fall 2017 living room centerpiece

fall 2017 living room pinecone and acorn centerpiece

fall 2017 living room chair green and black

fall 2017 living room green black and white

I hope you enjoyed the tour today! I think I have most of my decor up now, so I will be sharing more in the following weeks! Thank you so much, readers, for stopping by today!



And We Have a Winner!

Hello everyone!  It’s Friday and guess what that means.  We have our winner of the Canvas Factory Givaway.

And our winner is Jillian Too!

Congrats!  Shoot us an email and we will give you the code for the free canvas!

Also, this blog is reposted and I loved how this table turned out.  So enjoy!

I have never been one to have a fancy table for a few reasons.  1: I live with other people. 2: I never sit at the table to enjoy the tablescape.  But, I have decided that I would actually put a tablescape together.


Parisian Tablescape

Parisian Tablescape

I used a grey scarf as my table runner to keep the table neutral and use other colors to pop.  I added a lot of Paris style items to the middle as a centerpiece.  You will be able to see the centerpiece shortly.

Parisian Tablescape

Now…I actually used my roommate Lydia’s dishes because I have red and yellow dishes.  So I had the large plate, the salad plate, and the bowl because you never know what you will need for a meal.  I added the silverware and a glass to finish off the setting.  But, to add a pop, I added a small glass bowl with a pink cupcake that my roommate Danielle had made.  Yum!

Parisian Tablescape

For the centerpiece, I used quite a few different items.  The best piece is the old film camera.  I don’t have any film for it, but it still works!  I am able to zoom, click, and “turn the film” which is fun.  I added a pink Eiffel Tower that holds my photos and a mason jar that my mom covered with scrapbooking paper and stickers for my bedroom.

Parisian Tablescape

On this side of the centerpiece, I have a mannequin jewelry holder that I bought from Ross and another small mason jar that my mom redid.  You can now see the camera from a different point of view.

Parisian Tablescape

And to finish off the centerpiece, I have this wonderful bottle of Van Ruiten Chardonnay that hasn’t been opened yet.  It is a great addition to the centerpiece and hopefully when I open it, it will be delicious.

So that is my tablescape.  I hope I can do more soon, if my roommates allow it…


Green, Black and White Fall Dining Room Plus My New/Old Hutch

Good morning! Can you believe we are already half way through September? Why is it that some days seem so long, but the month goes by so fast? We were able to see Haley again this weekend. We met about half way between our home and her school. It was nice to spend some time together and she had lots of stories to tell!

I decided to decorate with a little different color scheme in my dining room this year. If you have been around for awhile, you know I usually use lots of turquoise and a beach theme. But I have been seeing some green, black and white decorated rooms and really liked how they looked, so I decided to give it a try! Besides, it is just too hot here to really feel like fall!

fall black and green dining room 2017

Most of the items I already had, but I did find the faux green apples at the Dollar Tree and thought they made the perfect touch.

fall dining room green and black 2017

I used simple white plates, wooden chargers and a green napkin on a white tablecloth.

fall dining room green apples

I love adding the cotton garland down the middle. It is definitely cotton picking season here in the Central Valley!

fall dining room green candle lantern, apples

The solid black runner is actually a chalkboard runner! I love it at Thanksgiving and write all the thing we are thankful for on it. The black and white striped runner came from the Dollar Spot at Target.

green and black dining room with apples

I changed out my shelves a bit too. I took out the turquoise and added a little bit of orange and green.

fall dining room green, black and white dishes, lanterns

Buying and displaying lots of whites keeps things cohesive. This way I can just add little bits of color to change it up.

fall dining room shelves with dishes

I love these orange and white plates and the little white foxes!

fall dining room orange and white foxes

Many of the dishes and other items are found at thrift stores and the clearance sections of retail stores.

fall dining room orange and white dishes

fall dining room green, orange, neutral

And…my new hutch! Well, actually, it’s an old hutch. It was on the patio at our old house. I had started sanding and priming last fall, while we were waiting to move. Then the poor thing sat out in the backyard all winter and most of summer.  I was finally able to find a few cool mornings to work on it this summer.

fall dining room white hutch neutral farmhouse

I love being able to display some of my special pieces.

fall dining room white pitcher

I’m not sure where the little elephant pitcher came from, but I think he is so cute! The bone dishes were my grandmas.

fall dining room neutral hutch farmhouse

I believe this little vase is called a wall pocket. This was also my grandma’s. My mom had it for awhile and I just found the perfect spot for it!

fall dining room hutch with hanging wall pocket

The bottom cupboards hold all my table linens. sorted by color, of course!

fall dining room hutch turquoise linens

fall dining room hutch linens

I’ve been collecting some different pieces of silverware and I love how they look all mixed up in the white and black canister.

fall dining room hutch neutral farmhouse

fall dining room green and black hutch 2017

I really like the green, black and white! It was fun to try something different! I am slowly moving through the house and getting it ready for fall. I will be back next time with another room to show you!


By the way, would you be interested in joining an ornament exchange? I have participated the last couple of years, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great way to meet some other bloggers and friends too! If you would like more information, or to sign up, just click on the picture below.

2017 Ornament Exchange 800x800 (2)


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Adding to the Gallery Wall + A Giveaway!

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great week and you are ready for the weekend.  Did anything exciting happen during the week?

*This is a sponsored blog post and contains content from an affiliate*

I don’t know how many of you remember, but we worked with Canvas Factory before.  This website creates some of the highest quality canvas pictures and they turn out absolutely amazing!  You can either use a picture that is already on their website or you can upload one of your own.  And there are so many ways you can customize your pictures and make them your own!

While exploring the pictures on the website, I couldn’t decide what kind of picture I wanted.  After searching through all of the pictures, I finally came across one that I liked.  Something simple to add to my gallery wall.

And I came across this!  And I fell in love!Full Picture

Isn’t it pretty!  It’s very simple but gorgeous.  Though it is slightly hard to tell from the picture, the compass is actually a dark blue color, not black.  But either way, it looks great with all of the other pictures!

So, now I have added this and a few other pieces to my wall and it is slowly getting closer to being finished.  But…I still have a ways to go until I can finally say the wall is done.

Partial WallFull Wall

I think it is looking fabulous!  Just a few more arrows and words and it will be finished.  I never realized how much work actually went into putting a gallery wall together.  But I’m having a lot of fun doing it!

Now how would you guys like to get a free canvas from Canvas Factory???  I know, awesome isn’t it!  All you need to do is following the link below and there are a few options of things you can do to be entered into the raffle!  You have until September 20th at 11:59 pm to enter and I will be announcing the winner in my blog for next week.  So check it out and may the odds be ever in your favor!

a Rafflecopter giveaway