Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Pamela and Lauren at Home On The Corner! We hope you have a blessed day filled with love and laughter!



Star Wire Ornament

Hello everyone!  This is a super simple project that my mom and I put together with the short amount of free time that we have had.  Hope that you enjoy!

First of all, gather your supplies. You will need 2 gauges of wire, 20-24 gauge and a thicker one, around 18 gauge. You also need your cookie cutter and wire cutters.

Star Wire Ornament Christmas 2016

Start by making a loop at the end of the thicker wire. I used a pencil and wrapped around it. Secure the end by wrapping it back around the wire.

Star Wire Loop Ornament Christmas 2016

Now you can wrap the wire around the cookie cutter. I ended up wrapping twice, just to make it stronger, but once will probably be enough. You want to be able to push it into the corners and around edges.

Star Wire Wrap Christmas Ornament 2016

Once it is wrapped, secure it by wrapping around the part where the loop is. Then you can remove it from the cookie cutter. Cut off any excess with the wire cutters.

Star Wire Outline Christmas Ornament 2016

Now for the fun part! Start wrapping wire around the star shape. This is where you use the thinner wire. I just kept wrapping around all different ways until I felt like it was finished.

Star Wire Wrapping Christmas Ornament 2016

This will look so pretty on the tree! You could pick different colored wire too, like copper or gold.  I tied a sheer white ribbon around the top. I did try with with a heart shape too, but it didn’t have enough edges to keep the wire in place. Too bad, because it would have looked really cute :(.

Star Wire Finished Christmas Ornament 2016


wire star ornament sheer bow

star wire ornament on tree

Aren’t these cute?  They are so simple and are a quick and easy project.  Hope that you all have a wonderful week before Christmas!



It’s a New House!

Hey everyone! With finals coming up for me (Lauren) and mom and dad officially moving this weekend, I thought it would be time to show off the small  house tour that we recorded.  The house already looks quite different which we will show in future blog posts, but here is the house how we bought it!

Hope that you enjoyed our home tour.  It will look so good when we finally get everything finished.  I can’t wait to get everything moved in!


Fabulous Finds and Fashions-Walmart Christmas Haul

Hello everyone!  I am giving you a wonderful set of Christmas clothes that I recently purchased from Walmart.  Now, I needed these clothes (like I have no Christmassy clothes).  So, why not share with you!


Number 1: The super cute ugly sweater.  It’s actually a sweatshirt, but I needed a ugly sweater for a jewelry party.  I thought this one was so cute with the little penguins on it!  Like, I might actually wear this more than once.  And it was only $8!


Number 2: These cute fleece leggings!  Now, I bought them to wear under my jeans for work because it is freezing cold when you have wet dogs rubbing against you legs.  But, I might wear them outside of work with some cute clothes…..These were only $8 as well!


Number 3: The awesome Rudolph shirt!  I saw it, and had to buy it.  And, I don’t have any casual Christmas wear. So, this shirt was added into my cart and was brought home with me!  And, it was yet again $8!  What is up with Walmart and having things for $8?

Either way, these are my new Christmas clothes!  Hopefully I can wear them and get my 8 dollars worth!


Drawstring Dishtowel Christmas Gift Bag

Good news!! We closed on our house! Finally! We closed late Friday and have been working on painting and other projects all weekend. We will try to finish a few more things this week and will be moving our stuff in next weekend. I can hardly believe it! I’m excited about the projects I want to do, but it will take awhile to get them all done. But a home is never finished, right? I’m sure there will always be things to do.

So, I won’t be having any Christmas decor for you, but I do have a few crafts. These are all pretty simple and don’t take a whole lot of work, but they look great and add just the right holiday touches.  These bags turned out so cute! I can’t wait to use them next year for my Christmas decorations!


I found my dishtowels at Hobby Lobby. I bought 2 of the same design, but you could use coordinating ones too.


I pinned the right sides together and sewed up the 2 long sides and one short side, leaving the top open.


Keeping the bag inside out, I folded over the top edges and sewed it, making a pocket for the ribbon to run through. Leave a little open at one end to run the ribbon through.


I used a safety pin at the end of the ribbon to make it easier to thread through the opening. I pushed it through by holding the pin through the fabric, gathering fabric and then pulling the excess back towards the beginning.


Once your ribbon is through, you can fill up the bag with gifts and other goodies, gather the top of the bag and tie it in a pretty bow!

I love how the sun sparkled in this picture!


All filled up and ready to go!


Pretty packages tied up with red ribbon!


How about a little bit of gold?


I really like how cute these look. I think they will look great under the tree. They will add a little farmhouse to your Christmas!


I hope you all have a wonderful week! I’m not sure how much I will be around, but I will try to pop in to say Hello!


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