Organization for the New Year

Wow! Christmas is over! Can you believe it!? We had a wonderful family day on Thursday, just the four of us. On Christmas Day, we spent the morning at the animal shelter helping out and then spent the rest of the day with my husband’s family. On Saturday, we went to my parents for the afternoon and evening. I got to spend time with my 2 favorite great-nieces (Hi girls!!). I had so much fun playing with them and reading books with them. The 3 year old was so excited about one of her presents, she actually squealed! So fun to have little ones around again!

But now, back to reality. Time to get organized! At least this is when I usually tackle it. I leave my Christmas decor up until New Years Day, so I have these few day to get all my paperwork in order. My husband and I already went through our files of documents, such as warrenties,  policies and receipts. Now on to my overstuffed cupboard!  See all those papers piled there? Yeah…I have my work cut out for me.


Once I get the papers separated, they will go into these binders. I know most things are on the internet and Pinterest now, but sometimes I just like to sit and go through a book of ideas. I guess I am old fashioned that way. I have a binder for  crafts, travel, recipes and parties, and decorating.


I have these fancy schmancy dividers!! I am just so fancy like that!


Ugh! This is what I pulled out of the cupboard and a few other random places. I divide it up by categories as best as I can. I have a few pieces of chocolate to help me get through! We do what we have to do!!


Now it looks even worse, but I have gone through it and divided it up into categories and placed the papers that go into each binder, together.


I pull out each binder, 3-hole punch the paper and then place it into the correct spot. This year I really went through the old stuff and cleaned it out. Anything outdated, or I know I will never do or try, or it’s just not my style anymore, got thrown into this huge pile on the floor. Hello recycle!


So my binders are all updated and placed back in the cupboard. It really feels good to get that done.

One last tip to show you. If you have pets, which we have several of (ahem), keeping a pet medical file is a huge help. I used to have to go through the file cabinet to find when they last had shots or other information, but then a fellow dog person in 4-H showed me this wonderful idea. Take a 3-ring binder and divide it up by each animal. Hole punch each paper that goes with that animal and put it behind their name. Ta-da! No more searching. I have all the vaccine information, micro-chip numbers, any meds they take, all at my fingertips.

Here is the front. Duke is no longer with us and I have to add Scamp and Rozy.


Here is Ezzy’s section. Behind her picture are all her medical records, starting from when we got her through today.


Even the micro-chip records are in here. Putting in a plug for micro-chips. Get it done!!! It helped us find Chica once when she was lost.


So there you have it! Just a couple of tips to help you get organized for 2016! I hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

Sunshine and Blessings


Our Holiday Fashion Show

Just a few more days till Christmas!! Aahhh! Are you ready! I think I am set. Just have to get the food for the parties, but I didn’t want to buy it too early. Now that the present shopping is done, the house is decorated, the cookies baked, it’s time to think about what you are going to wear to the get-together’s. What? You don’t know yet? Well, Lauren and I are here to help! We put together a few different outfits that will hopefully inspire you with pieces you already own.

First, we took the same black skirt and styled it two different ways. I wore it with a blue and black print flowy shirt, black tights and boots. I added this blue/black tweed jacket which I found for $7 at a local thrift store. Lauren is so jealous!

Fashion 2015 Pam Black and Blue

To style, take a basic black skirt, black tights and boots, and match it with a print top and cute jacket or coat. I chose blue and black because I wanted to use my ‘new’ jacket, but you could use any color combination.

Fashion 2015 Pam Blue and Black Coat


Here is Lauren in the same black skirt.  Hello.  Lauren speaking.  I took this black skirt and added a cream lace top that I purchased from the coast.  I put a cream tank top under the top and a chain and rhinestone layered necklace.  To finish the look, I wore my black quilted boots that I absolutely adore!  This look is young and cute and I could wear this to every party that I go to.

Fashion 2015 Lauren Black and White

My second look for Christmas is a little more casual. I paired white jeans, (yes, you can wear them after Labor Day :)), with a soft grey sweater. I like how this sweater has a drawstring to gather the top and also ribbing around the wrists and waist. I gives it a little dressier look. I added a pearl and silver long necklace and grey flats. By the way, this is where Chica starts photo-bombing all my pictures. LOL!

Fashion 2015 Pam White Jeans and Grey sweater

If it’s too cold for flats were you live, try skinny jeans and boots.

Fashion 2015 Pam Grey and White

My second outfit is a blue dress that I bought from Forever 21 early last year.  I love how it looks and it is really comfortable.  I added some brown boots that I bought from a local store that look very similar to my black boots.  They are so comfortable!

Fashion 2015 Lauren Blue Dress and Brown Boots

Also, is it time to open presents yet?

Fashion 2015 Lauren Blue Dress and Boots

This look is a red shirt-dress from Walmart. It is still available online and it’s only $10! Here is the link. It has tiny white polka-dots all over. I actually found this one in the store, but when I asked, the salesperson told me it was a return from an online order. I paired it with black footless tights and black flats. I think the red makes it more festive.

Fashion 2015 Pam Red Dot Dress

Fashion 2015 Pam Red Dot Dress Black

My third outfit also includes the color red!  I have a pair of red skinny jeans that I wear with just about anything that I can match them to.  I wore this with a cream shirt that has black lace on the sleeves that was originally Haley’s that I took when she didn’t want it anymore.    I wore it with my favorite black boots and a black and silver flower necklace.

Fashion 2015 Lauren Red and Cream

Here are a couple more just so you can see Chica! This is simple too. Grey jeans and a white sparkly top. Again, you could use boots instead. I would use my grey boots, except they are wrapped up under the tree right now! A silver bracelet and earrings and you are set!

Fashion 2015 Pam Grey Jeans White Top

My final outfit is one that is full of comfort.  I have a pair of jeans that I purchased from Maurices and a grey shirt.  I added grey shoes and “borrowed” Haley’s grey backpack to complete the look.

Fashion 2015 Lauren Grey Top and Jeans

And why I am laughing so hard you may ask?  Kiara, the cuddly cat if you remember from an earlier post, was standing on an end table and I was calling her.  Well, mom snapped the picture as I was calling her and the picture turned out funny and the picture that you see before you is the result of us laughing.  LOL!

My last one is a long grey sleeveless dress with a turquoise sweatshirt over the top. The dress is actually for summer, but with the dark color, it works for winter too. This is a bit more casual, but oh so comfy! Black boots and a big black bag finish the look. (Do you see the other photo bomber in the corner?)

Fashion 2015 Pam Grey Dress and Turquoise Pullover

Well, I hope this gives you some ideas for festive outfits for your holiday get-togethers! Maybe you will find a new favorite outfit! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

For unto us a child is born, for unto us a Son is given.

Isaiah 9:6

Sunshine and Blessings               sparkle






Corner News-December 18, 2015

Yay! My last Friday for a couple of weeks! Of course, I already have too much planned for my vacation and probably most of it won’t get done. Oh well! I will just enjoy the time I have.

In other Corner News, Haley and I moved the Christmas Tree to a new corner this week! Ha! Have you ever done this? Since we put up the fireplace, I rearranged the room and then there didn’t seem to be a good place for the tree. I had it one place and it finally drove me so crazy I had to move it. It’s much better now! 🙂 (and so am I!)

christmas tree

Here are a couple of my thrift store finds this week. I also found a Nate Berkus tray for $5.00, and a new lampshade. This metal basket with a liner is filled with silvery leaves. Can’t wait to see what else will work in here!

thrift store finds

I had my husband cut these wood slices last year and have used them so many different way. I hot glued tacks to the back so they can be rearranged easily. Here are a couple more ideas. I filled a glass candle holder with some ornaments and added a couple of Turkmenistan Camels to the display.

Christmas Woodchip Joy

I hope your holiday is filled with joy and time spent with family and friends!

Sunshine and Blessings


Last Minute Gift! Orange, Cinnamon, & Clove Simmer Pot

I love the smell the cinnamon! And oranges! and cloves! Here is a simple way to get these wonderful scents into your home!

These are great if you are looking for a few last minute gifts! They can be made quickly and easily. I made a few of these last year as gifts for my friends and gave one to my sister for her birthday this year. Then my sis asked me to make some for her friends as Christmas gifts! They are that good!! And so easy!

Here is what you will need:

  • glass jar
  • orange peels-I used 6 pieces for my size jar-I let them dry for a couple of days
  • cinnamon sticks-2 sticks broken in half
  • cloves-about 1 tsp.
  • any other goodies you like, such as cranberries, evergreen, vanilla, ect.

Simmer pot supplies

This is what is looks like in the pot. I use a small crock pot that I can leave on when I am home and enjoy the smell all day. You can also use a small sauce pan on the stove and let it simmer, just be sure to regularly check the water level.

Simmer Pot Crock Pot

I started with some glass jars from Michaels. Since these were for a group, I did them all the same, but I have used a variety of jars in the past. Mason jars or spaghetti sauce jars or any other kind work just as well. I bought a few different ribbons to tie around the top. I put a small dot of hot glue on the back to hold the ribbon and then a little more on the front so it wouldn’t slip.

Simmer Pot and Ribbon

I tied the ribbon different ways. Some were a bow and some just crossed over each other. I added a little bell, that I already had, to each one tied on with bakers twine or plain twine.

Simmer Pot Ribbon and Bell

Here is the jar filled with yummy goodness!

Simmer Pot Jar

Here they are, almost ready to go! I will let the orange peels dry for a couple of days, add a tag with directions and they are ready to go to their new homes. I did end up adding some cranberries too. They looked really nice with a little touch of red.

Simmer Pot Stack of Jars

You can customize these many different ways. They would make great gifts for teachers, co-workers or anyone who needs a little extra something.  Have you ever mixed together different goodies for a simmer pot? What did you use? I would love to try some different scents!

Sunshine and Blessings