Corner News-January 30, 2016

Welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  A post where new things are presented and old news is brought back into the limelight.

In old news, I started back to school…hooray…  Only two more semesters.  Only two more semesters to go.  I am so close to being done with classes and I just want it to be over now.  But, I have now started to take my knitting to school because I have time between classes.  So, why not take my knitting?


And in new news, I am going to be starting my own blog in a few weeks.  It is called Too Small of a Closet, because in reality it’s true.  It is going to be a fashion blog and I am really excited to get it started.  I won’t be posting anything soon, but it will let you all know when the blog has posts on it.

Double Watermark

And that’s what has happened these past two weeks.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you soon!


Addiction to Yarn Organization

Everyone, I have a confession to make.  Now, it may come as a surprise, but I have an addiction.  I know, I know…shocking.  But, it has finally come time to admit to my addiction.

I am addicted to buying yarn.

I know!  I know!  It’s horrible.  But, it is time to come clean and admit to my mistake.

But, I like the feeling of knitting a scarf and finishing it and feeling good about it.  Feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride as I have a scarf finished.

But it has come to this.

Yarn Before

It has become very disorganized to the point where I didn’t know which scarves are done and what type of yarn it is.  The scarves were becoming tangled together and I wasn’t too happy with it.

Before Scarves

I also kept all of the tags from the yarn and just kept them in a bag.  Unfortunately, it was hard to know which brand and color belong to which yarn when they are all just laying in a pile.

Yarn Tags

Also, you know the Banksy box that I have with all of my extra yarn?  Yeah…the zipper is breaking…

Broken Zipper

So, I got started by using this crate that I made at the Do It Herself workshop at Home Depot.  It should probably be used as a wine crate or something more useful, but I decided that it is perfect for yarn.  Here is the before I fill it with yarn.

Organization Box

And here it is the after I have filled it with yarn.

Top Yarn

Much more organized than the yarn just hanging out in the plastic tote.  I can now see what yarn I have and what brand and style it is.  It’s so perfect!

I also decided to create a yarn book.  I wrote down all the brands, style, and color of each yarn.  I also cut a small piece of each yarn so that way I knew which yarn went with each brand.  So, here is my yarn book!

Yarn Book

It is so perfect.  I can now see what I have and which yarns I have knitted into scarves.  Hooray!

I also took all of my scarves and put their tags with them.  I had to go back and look up some of the names to see if I could find which color went with which style.  But in the end, I was able to put them back in the plastic tote to store them.

Organized Scarves

And not only are they organize, but the box is now labeled as well.

Scarf Box

So now it is all organized!

All OrganizedFinished Yarn

It looks so much better!  I am so happy with how this got so organized and how it looks.  I now know where all my yarn is and what scarves are done.  Hooray!

Well…I am so glad that I was able to open up about my addiction.  Now, how many people think I should be on ‘My Strange Addiction’?


Valentine Pixy Stix Flower Vase & Blog Hop



Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me for the Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! I’ve joined with 13 other talented bloggers to share Valentine’s Day crafts on a budget. Each blogger was given a budget of no more than $10 and challenged to create a Valentine’s Day craft using items from the dollar store or dollar section of their local stores. If you have budget Valentine’s Day crafts to share, please add it to the link-up at the bottom of this post so it can be seen on all of our blogs.

For my Valentine Budget Craft, I made a Pixy Stix Flower Vase. So simple too!

valentine mantel pixie stix flower vase 2016

I bought what I needed from the Dollar Tree and used some things I already had. Here is what you will need:

  • Pixy Stix or any other long candy- I bought 2 bags so I would be sure to have enough of red, purple and blue. $2.00
  • A tin can-I used some beans for dinner and cleaned the can and removed the label.
  • Styrofoam ball or square- I had some of these from Christmas, but I know I have seen square pieces at the Dollar Tree. $1.00
  • Silk Flowers-(2) Pink Tulips, (2) pinkish fuzzy ball things, (1) pink berry-$5.00
  • Ribbon-I had mine, but they had some cute designs at the store. $1.00

pixie stix flower holder tin can

I first sorted through my Pixy Stix and pulled out the colors I wanted to use. I put them into the pattern I wanted and then started hot gluing them onto the can.

pixie stix gluing the stix

pixie stix flower holder covered

Once my candy went all the way around, I pushed the styrofoam ball into the can.

pixie stix flower holder styrofoam ball

I used wire cutters to cut each stem of flowers off the big part on the end.

pixie stix flower fase silk flowers

I arranged them in the can by pushing them into the styrofoam ball. I placed a taller tulip in the middle and then placed shorter ones all around it. Next I filled in with the fuzzy balls and lastly, added the berries. I used the green spiky leaves that came with the flowers to fill in any empty spaces. After the arranging was done, I added a pink bow around the middle of the can.

valentine mantel pixie stix flower vase 2016

There you have it! A cute, simple and budget friendly vase! You could even fill it with those fresh flowers you are sure to receive!

valentine mantel flower vase 2016

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Share your $10 or less Valentine’s Day crafts on the link-up below and be seen on all 15 blogs! Have fun!

Sunshine and Blessings

Valentine Gum and Candy Basket


corner news

This post was supposed to happen this morning…but my computer just. would. not. cooperate! I couldn’t get anything to load and then it didn’t save my draft. So very frustrating! But I think it’s ready to work now! So here is my Corner News post! Today I am showing you a very simple Valentine craft-and it involves chocolate!

I had the little box already, and you could use whatever you have on hand or buy a small jewelry box. The gum and candy came from the Dollar Tree and I had the ribbon. The gum was packaged in pink, but when I opened it, all the individual pieces were silver. Oh well. I just went with it!

silver gum covered candy box

I started out by gluing all the pieces of gum around the outside of the box. This box took 20 pieces.

silver gum covered candy box glued

I ended up using 2 different ribbons. First I glued a wider black and white polka-dot ribbon around the box and then used the pink polka-dot one to tie a bow in the middle.

silver gum and heart candy valentine box

After that, it was just a matter of adding the candy! I had to fight people off in order to get a picture with the candy still in it!

silver gum and candy valentine box

Hope you have a wonderful rest-of-your weekend!

Sunshine and Blessings

Our First Blogiversary



It’s official! We are now One!!! I can hardly believe it’s been a year. I remember sitting with Lauren and telling her it would be fun to start a blog, but had no idea what I would do for it. The more we talked, the clearer it became and soon Lauren was joining me on this adventure. Then came the decision for a name. That probably took us 3 weeks! I recall Haley walking in and saying, ‘Are you still talking about a name?!’ Ha! Now here we are a year later!

Blog Portrait, Lauren and Pamela

Some of Pam’s favorites have included furniture make-overs, DIY’s and decorating. She also loved redoing Lauren’s room and finally getting the hallway painted! Lauren loved being able to show off her Paris bedroom and of course her puppy, Zoella! Just knowing we have to post something helps us be more intentional about getting projects done.

Parisian Decor

My favorite part of my room-the bed

Some improvements this year have included better pictures, at least I hope so! I am slowly learning how to take better and brighter pictures. We also had our first giveaway! It was so exciting to be contacted by ParrotUncle to give away one of their lamps. Hopefully that will be the first of many! We also received 2 awards this year: The Liebster Award and a Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you to fellow bloggers for nominating us!!

master bedroom 12

We are planning on making a few changes, all positive we hope! Pam will still be posting on Monday. We are going to post on Wednesday with a Fabulous Finds and/or Fashion Day. We will either post about thrift store/garage sale finds or some fashion ideas. Lauren will be posting on Friday. Hopefully this will work better with her school and work schedule and Saturday will be our Corner News.

Laurens Room 12

Of course, we want to hear from you too! What kind of posts do you like to see? Are there things you don’t like or things we should change? Please let us know in the comments below. Just be kind please :)!

I don’t want to be too mushy, but I really have to say thank you.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing blog posts and letting everyone who comes by see them.  It has been hard for me at some points because of working a full time job and going to school full time, but I love to come up with ideas of how I can make a blog post.  I have enjoyed reading all of the kind comments that I have received on some of my posts (mostly about Zoella, but nevertheless) and loved seeing who has come to view our blog.  Thank you for not only fulfilling my dream to create and write about something for people to see, but also showing me that you care about what I write.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  And cheers to creating more amazing content to share with all of you!

It has been quite a ride this year and we can’t wait to see what else is waiting for us! Thank you again for coming over to read our posts and for all the kind comments! Obviously we wouldn’t continue if we didn’t have readers! Thank you for your support!sparkle

Sunshine and Blessings