Summer To Fall Back Porch

Well, I guess it is time to face the fact that Fall is just around the corner :(. I really do love summer! But I like to decorate for Fall too! I decided to do a little decorating on my back porch, not too much fall, but just enough for a transition.

I used more yellows, golds, and oranges to go along with my turquoise and blues.

Transitional Back Patio Full view 2015

These chairs came from a friend of mine and I just spray painted them blue. I used a variety of pillows in the yellow and orange colors.

Transitional Back Patio View 2015

Over near the door I placed two tall windows and a piece of picket fence behind a basket with chrysanthemums and sunflowers.

Transitional Back Patio Garden Gate 2015

I also pinned sunflowers onto a string of twine across the window frame that hangs behind the chairs.

Transitional Back Patio Sunflower 2015

We received this half-barrel from a friend a few years ago. I kept thinking i would plant something in it, but with the drought this year, I finally decided to do something different. I had the round piece of wood sitting out in our shop, so I painted it black. My husband added some little boards inside the barrel so the round piece would have something to sit on and would stay balanced if we placed stuff on top. I added a handle on each side. I found an old hula-hoop and cut it open and then cut it to fit around the circle. Then I added rope all the way around until it fit nice and snug inside the barrel rim. I love the rustic look of it!

Transitional Back Patio Succulents 2015

I found the little succulents at the .99 Cent Store. Lauren thought her Starbucks cup added so much more to the ambiance! ūüôā

Transitional Back Porch Decor 2015

I added just a few pumpkins to bring in a touch of fall.

Transitional Back Porch 2015

Transitional Back Patio Pumpkins 2015

I hope you enjoyed the little tour! I am slowly getting the rest of the house ready for Fall too. How about you? Are you ready for Fall?

Sunshine and Blessings


Corner News Friday August 28, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! I survived my first week back in the classroom and I think the kids did too!! Just kidding. I think this is going to be a great class. They are smart and are learning the routine very quickly. I am excited about this year.

I did manage to get a couple little projects done. Here is one. I have had this little doggy since I was in college (I will spare you how many years ago this was!), but she was in need of a little update. Spray paint to the rescue! Here she is before:

Dachshund Makeover

And after! Just some plain black glossy paint updated her to the new era!

spray paint dauchshund black

apray painted dauchshund

We also went to watch our local baseball team, courtesy of my husband’s company. The guys have been so safe at work, they and their families were treated to a night out. The team pulled out a win in the 10th inning! They have played great all season. I think they were trying to make it last a little longer by going into extra innings!

Fresno GrizzliesFresno Grizzlies Baseball

Two weekends ago we enjoyed some time at our favorite beach. Here is just one of the bunches of pictures I took of the beautiful sunset.

California Beach Sunset

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you next week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Blanket of Memories

As we get older, we get rid of things that may have a lot of meaning to us. ¬†Maybe it’s an old tee shirt from a charity event that you helped with and it doesn’t fit anymore. ¬†Or maybe it’s a baseball that you received from a foul ball at a baseball game. ¬†Or maybe it’s a toy that you had a child that you don’t have room for anymore.

This was something Haley did.  While cleaning her room, she decided that she wanted to get rid of old tee shirts.  But, these tee shirts had memories and things that she had enjoyed when she was in high school.  There were old track shirts, 4-H shirts, and other shirts from her favorite things like tech crew and volunteering.

So, creativity ensued, taking these memories to turn them into something beautiful.

I took all the shirts and cut them so that I could get the design that I wanted off of the shirt. ¬†I wanted them in squares so it was easier to make a blanket. ¬†But, there was one shirt that was a little bit more difficult because the picture was bigger the rest. ¬†Urgh…


Tee Shirt Quilt

First Layout

Once I had all the pieces from the shirts, I bought thin interfacing and a mature black and white fleece for the back. ¬†I didn’t pick something really thick because Haley gets hot really quickly.

I then ironed all the tee shirts to the interfacing and started to lay out the tee shirts into the design that I wanted. ¬†I wanted a slight pattern to make sure that all of black shirts weren’t on the same side. ¬†Also, I tried to have a shirt from high school, a shirt from track, a shirt from 4-H, and a random shirt on every row.


Then the sewing began!

2nd Layout

2nd Layout

I sewed the pieces together to get the finished product. ¬†I first sewed the panels together in the rows, making four individual rows. ¬†I then sewed the four rows together to make the entire front of the quilt. ¬†I then sewed the front of the quilt to the fleece for the back. ¬†As a final step, I sewed the corners of where the panels met to the fleece. ¬†I did that as a small security so that the front and back didn’t separate all the time.

And here is the final product!

Haley's Tshirt Quilt

Haley's Tshirt Quilt Squares

It looks so good!  As you can see, I changed the layout yet again.  I felt like this was the most conducive look and it turned out really good.  I love how there are no colors that line up and there is a different shirt in each row.  I also had to make one of the shirts in the row with the Pirates of the Caribbean shirt skinnier so they would fit.

This was an easy project that I thoroughly enjoyed working on. ¬†And the best part is that Haley absolutely loves it and uses it all the time…when she is actually cold.


Why Can’t I Find My Hammer?

Why can’t I ever seem to find my hammer/screwdriver/nails when I want them? Because my cupboard where I keep them is always a mess! I have tried different organizing methods, but nothing really seemed to work. My last attempt was some fabric boxes with jars inside, but the tools never seemed to find their way back into the right spot. I would find the hammer off to the side or the screwdrivers at the bottom of the box. Here is the jumbled mess:

Tool Cupboard Organization

I also had some hanging on the door in a shoe organizer. This didn’t work well either. The small screwdrivers made holes in the bottom of the pocket and the glue leaked and pieces were stuck to the bottom.

Tool Cupboard Door Organization

I removed everything from the cupboard first and threw some things away and moved others to the workshop. I kept just the things I use the most inside the house. I remembered that Haley had reorganized her closet and had taken down a piece of slat-board.

Tool Cupboard Slat Board

I measured how tall the cupboard was and then Lauren cut the board into 3 pieces.

Tool Cupboard Slat Board Cut

I placed the pieces into the cupboard, one on the side and two along the back. I then went in search of some hooks. I stole borrowed one with hooks for screwdrivers from my husbands workshop. The rest of the hooks I had from Haley. Now I just had to figure out the best way to organize it.

Tool Cupboard Slat Board Install

It’s not perfect, but I am hoping it is just temporary. My husbands job site is redoing some of the buildings and I put in a request for the old lockers. I am keeping my fingers crossed! They will go in my laundry room and these tools will be one of the things stored in there.

Here it is! So much better! Each tool has a hook so it has a place to go. I hung a few little boxes and bags of things too. There are still a few jars holding the little things.

Tool Cupboard Organized

I even managed to get all the pieces off the door.The glue has its own jar so nothing else will get stuck!

Organized Tool Cupboard

That’s it! Nothing fancy, but hopefully it will stay a little neater and it will be easier to find what I need when I need it. Do you have a special way to keep your tools organized? I’m always looking for ideas!

The Corner News-8/20

What’s up everyone? ¬†Here is what has happened this week.

I had a softball game last night.  I play on a slow pitch softball team and this is one of the last games of this season.  I will be playing in the fall again, but I love my team.  But in any case, my team won!  Hooray!

Also, this is my last week of summer vacation! ¬†I don’t want to start school! Sad Face.

And finally, Kelli loved her sign.  It is hanging in her office above her desk and everyone can see it.

Sorry there are no pics, but that is what I did this week!  Hope you all have a great week!