Robin Egg Blue Beachy File Cabinet

Good morning! Ready for another hot summer week? That’s all we have been having for several weeks now. Over 100 degrees every day. I think there are a few 90 degree days thrown in, just so we survive. ūüôā But I have been able to get a few projects done!

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file cabinet title

My first project was this file cabinet. Steve got this from his work place. They were getting new office furniture, so 2 of these were up for grabs. Haley took one for her room and I decided to make over the other one. First order of business was wiping it all down. It was pretty dirty!

File Cabinet Makeover

After a good cleaning, I spray painted Rust-oleum primer all over the whole thing, including the handles, locks and other pieces. I decided later to switch out the handles, but it made painting a whole lot easier.

file cabinet makeover rustoleum primer

I tried out this Rust-oleum paint this time. I had never used it before, but I love this color! My only complaint, was that the spray was kind of wide and seemed to take more to cover the cabinet. I was really glad I had used Rust-oleum primer first, because I’m sure I would have had to use more. The color is amazing though!

file cabinet makeover rustoleum Robin's egg

Here are the handles I decided to use. Here are some¬†that are similar. I bought these from HomeGoods quite awhile ago thinking I would use them in the bathroom. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit and I didn’t feel like changing the holes on the cabinets. But they worked perfect for the file cabinet! I love the look!

file cabinet makeover front drawer files and warrenties

I already had the pretty file folders and they go perfect with the color. Here are some other pretty ones.

filing cabinet makeover files, chair, pillow

The dachshund pillow cover came from Amazon.  I love to have little touches of doggies around!

file cabinet makeover, dog pillow, flowersfile cabinet makeover top file foldersfile cabinet makeover robin's egg blue, turquoise, pillowfile cabinet makeover drawer handles file labelfile cabinet makeover front drawer files and warrentiesfile cabinet makeover pencils, rug, crockfile cabinet makeover robins egg blue and white

I hope you enjoyed this makeover! I’m excited to get all my papers organized and have everything put out of sight. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!



I Moved………………..Again

I know what you are thinking.  I have moved, yet again.  There was a lot of things that caused me having to move.

But I digress. ¬†I have moved and I am now living on my own! ¬†Hooray! ¬†Well…not completely alone; I still have my cats. ¬†But they don’t really count.

Yep, so I am now by myself in my own apartment. ¬†And I have air conditioning! ¬†It’s soooooo amazing! ¬†So here is what it looks like!

Living Room

The whole place is tile which is super convenient for cleaning.  I have the couch and love seat that my roommate was getting rid of, the cat tree in the corner, and of course a TV.


I also started to decorate around the TV to make a map gallery wall.  And so far, it looks fantastic!  I need more frames and maps, but so far it looks so good!


The kitchen has so much storage! ¬†And I don’t have that much to put in the cupboards but I will definitely try to fill them up with food. ¬†Or dishes…or random stuff. ¬†And I was able to fit my table and chairs (only 3 of them) which is awesome because I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit or not.

Bedroom 1BookshelfParis Setup

The bedroom is huge! ¬†I had such a small room in my last apartment and now this one is like, double the size! ¬†I can still fit so much. ¬†I love how we made the Paris wall, even though it has a British flag, and how Haley decorated my bookshelf. ¬†It’s so perfect!

And the closet is even better! ¬†I have never had this big of a closet and it is of course full. ¬†I still need more closet space…


I have a tiny hallway that I was able to add my last bit of artwork to.  I can now see myself even more times as I walk!

And finally the bathroom. ¬†It’s just a standard bathroom, but it is mine and mine alone. ¬†Huzzah! ¬†And it has a huge storage closet so I can put all of my extra blankets and decor things in it!

So that’s my new place! ¬†It’s not very big, but it’s the perfect size for me! ¬†I think if it was any bigger, I would be overwhelmed. ¬†Now, if only I could keep it clean…


Christmas in July! Kid-Friendly Strawberry Basket Snowflake Ornament

Good morning! How is your summer going? Mine is going too fast! This past week was a busy and emotional one. I helped Lauren move, drove to Fullerton with Haley for orientation, said good-bye to our Chica, celebrated Rozy’s 2nd birthday and helped out at the shelter. I can tell you- this schedule makes it difficult to get any projects done! ¬†I thought I would share one Christmas in July project. This involves strawberry baskets, so start saving them! This is a perfect one to do with the kids!

strawberry basket snowflake glitter title

You will need a strawberry basket that has the ‘X’ design on the bottom. I happened to find a couple of them in my stash.


Cut off the bottom of the basket and cut off any edges until you have the snowflake design. These cut really easy-I just used regular scissors.


I painted glue all over one side of the snowflake…


and then sprinkled on the glitter! It’s that easy! You could use whatever glitter you like! I used silver and clear, so some of the turquoise showed through.


After the snowflake is dry, turn it over and do the same on the other side. Add a string or ribbon and it is ready to hang on the tree. So pretty!

strawberry basket silver snowflakestrawberry basket snowflakestrawberry silver snowflakestrawberry basket snowflake glitter

That’s it! So simple, but looks so pretty! I would love to hear if you try it too!


The Loss of a Loved One

Hello everyone. ¬†I was going to post something yesterday, but I believe that this is more important. ¬†So, I’m sorry if you were expecting something.

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of my phone vibrating. ¬†It was my mom calling to say that our 17 year old chihuahua terrier mix Chica was not doing well. ¬†She didn’t give me details, but I knew it was bad.

About an hour and a half later I got the text saying that she crossed the rainbow bridge.

chica at Christmas

We got Chica from a friend of our the summer of 2006. ¬†She was a country dog whose friend had passed away. ¬†The family was afraid to bring her inside because they had a young son at that time. ¬†They didn’t want her to be hurt and weren’t sure what to do. ¬†This was the time when Haley and I entered 4-H and needed two dogs to participate in the dog program. ¬†Our friends suggested Chica and we took her into our house.

And she fit in perfectly. ¬†She got along great with our other dog Ezzy and soon became our little princess. ¬†She loved sleeping on beds and following people around to make sure that they weren’t leaving her. ¬†She trotted after us and made us trip over her so many times.

We always joked that if she was a person, she was a dumb blond who hated the outdoors and took things too literal. ¬†If she saw a sign that said ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’, she wouldn’t drink any water because it was drinking. ¬†She would shiver in the cold of the outdoors, even after we put a pink jacket on her. ¬†She would be perfect in our 4-H shows because she was scared that she would lose if she did move.

chica on bed

But she was our little Chiquita Chihuahua.

And as she got older, her health started to decline. ¬†She couldn’t see that well and started to lose her hearing. ¬†She could see shadows and us giving her hand signals, but that was about it. ¬†But, Chica could always hear the treat bag open and be right at our feet for her daily bone. ¬†She would usually pee in the house, unless we carried (did I mention that she was a princess?) her outside to go to the bathroom. ¬†But we did that because we loved her and would do anything for her.

Now without her, things will be vastly different without her. ¬†We won’t hear the pitter patter of her feet on the floor, and the click of her nails on the hardwood. ¬†We won’t have to worry about her being in pain. ¬†She will be in heaven, watching us from above.

chica 4th of july

So to celebrate her life, we did some things that Chica would’ve loved to do. ¬†We ate Mexican food and toasted to her. ¬†And we did some retail therapy, something that Chica would’ve loved to do.

So Chica, you will be greatly missed.  Know that we loved you so much and you will be greatly missed.  You now have your own castle where you can rule over everyone and make the executive decisions.  You will always be loved and missed.


The Post That Didn’t Happen

I had it all planned. I prepped, painted, and planned. And then..forgot the after pictures. I painted something for Lauren for her birthday and then totally forgot to take pictures after I was done. So close to amazing!! Which brings me to KariAnne’s book! Like how I did that?! If you haven’t heard about it yet or missed it, KariAnne Wood has written a book, ‘So Close To Amazing.” It is amazing!! I tells about the family’s trip from Dallas to a farmhouse in Kentucky and all the adventures along the journey. You can pre-order the book here.

Since I don’t have a new post, I thought I would re-share this one. Enjoy!

solar lights title


I don’t know about in your part of the world, but here in California, we need to make reservations for camping in the summer, in the month of March. Crazy, huh?! So when I made a couple of reservations, it made me think of these solar lights I made. I’m sure you have seen these all over the internet, by instead of mason jars, I used plastic peanut butter jars. This way I don’t have to worry about glass breaking in the trailer or at a campsite. ¬†I started with a clean jar.

solar light peanut butter jar

I bought a couple of solar lights from the 99¬Ę Store. I removed the clear plastic cover off the light.

My supplies

I cut a square in the top of the peanut butter lid. I used a razorblade for the first one. It was a little tough, but it was so windy outside, I really didn’t want to go out. The second jar, I used a dremel. Much faster!


After cutting out the hole, I used E6000 to attach the solar light, making sure the solar part is facing up. ¬†I’m sure other types of glue would work too. ¬†Let it dry for about 24 hours.

homeonthecornersolarlight4 I


I added some twine and string just to make it look pretty. I also spray painted one of the lids so it would match my camping dishes. I put some rocks in the bottom so the lights wouldn’t get blown away or topple over.


Doesn’t ¬†it look nice! I love how it adds just a little bit of light, especially at night.homeonthecornersolarlight5

(I didn’t actually go camping to take these pictures. They are in my backyard. That explains the cat on the table! She was being nosy!)


It’s also nice if you have to go out later. You will have a little light to guide you.


These would work great for your yard too. Last year, we had our power go out for awhile. I brought a bunch of these in so each room had a little light.  It sure made getting around a little easier and safer. What do you think? Do you make reservations already for camping? If you try these out, let me know how it works for you!



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