Corner News-April 30, 2016

Hello everyone! This is a bit (lot) late today. We have been gone the last couple of nights and I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Probably from all the wind we have been having.

This is where we were last night. Our local Triple-A team won the National Championships last year, so we went to cheer them on. We ended up leaving a little early because of the wind and Lauren had to be to work early. They ended up losing, but I don’t think these games are too important yet.

corner news april 30 baseball

I did get these great finds at Goodwill yesterday, along with a few other things. The paper organizer is an Isaac Misrahi from Target. I purchased it for only $1.99. I think it will be perfect for Lauren’s room along with the cute little polka-dot bucket.

Corner News-April 30 pink

That’s going to be it today. I will be back on Monday with a little coastal decor!

Sunshine and Blessings

Paint Plus Decoupage Equals Awesome

Do you ever have something that has been sitting on your porch or in your garage for a while?  Like, you bought it knowing full well that you were going to do something with it, but it’s been a while and you still haven’t done anything with it?

Yep…me too.

Table Before

So I’ve had this table sitting in the backyard since the blog has started (so a year and a half now).  Mom originally had the idea that she was going to use the table.  She painted it white and she was going to use the rope that I used on the nautical board (see it here) to cover the top.

Table During

But then it didn’t work out.  So I took it over and started by painting it with Rustoleum black spray paint.  It covered really nicely, so I am extremely happy.

There are a few crack in the top so I knew that it had be covered.  I bought some really pretty paper from Michaels that I wanted to use to decoupage.  I used modge podge to apply the paper to the table.


I then used an exacto knife to cut the edges of the paper to make the edges clean.  I had to modge podge the edges again to keep them stuck to the edge.

And here is how it turned out!

Table DoneTable Done 3Table Done 2

I love how it turned out. The modge podge worked well and I like how the black accents the black writing on the paper.  I can’t wait to add this in my house when I move out of my apartment!


Fabulous Finds and Fashions-April 27, 2016

Hello!  And welcome to another edition of Fabulous Finds and Fashions.  I don’t have anything fashion worthy, but I do have a fabulous find!

I got a new car!

full cube

I have been saying for a while now that I wanted a new car (or a used car, but new to me).  I had a 2003 Hyundai Sonata that was getting to the end of the road.  It still ran and it was a good ride, but I was getting tired of getting out of the car.


I know, this sounds like a very odd reason to not want a car.  But when you are 5 foot 10 and have to crouch to get into the car, it gets tiring after a while.

So I wanted a car that was taller and I wanted something newer, like 2010 or newer.  And the car I was looking at was the Kia Soul.  I thought that they were absolutely adorable and they were the perfect size for me.  They were taller than my Sonata and had a lot of space to carry my stuff in.


So much trunk space!

And by stuff I mean my coworkers when we go to lunch.

The search was on to find a new car.  2 weeks ago, I had the day off from work and I was in town with my family.  Haley and I went on the lookout to find me a car!  But…it didn’t go so well.

We went to a car lot where we know the owner.  They had a 2012 Chevy Equinox which is the car my grandparents drive.  We took it for a test drive and it was really nice.  But, it wasn’t my favorite.  It felt a little too big for me compared to my Sonata.

So we passed on that one.

And then we went to the car lot that mom and dad bought their Dodge Journey from.  And they had a 2012 Nissan Cube.  And it was adorable!  Haley and I looked at it for quite a while.  And even when she had me look at a different car, I always went back to the Cube.


So this past Saturday, mom, dad, and I went to look more in depth into the Cube.  We got in the car and realized that the seats were extremely comfortable.  And there was soooooo much more space than anticipated.  And it was even cuter on the inside than the outside.

And we took it for a test drive.

steering wheel

And I fell in love.

Like, got 3 block and I was ready to take it home.

But, there was a 2007 Ford Escape that was at the lot that was a nice looking car for a cheaper price with less miles that was in a nice condition.  And, even though I loved the Cube, I wanted to give the Escape a fair chance.

And I got 3 blocks and knew I wanted the Cube.

keyless entry

Keyless entry and Press a Button to Drive

So, we turned around and went back to the dealership…where I signed for the Nissan Cube.

And I am so glad that I did because it is an awesome car.  It has so much storage space (you know, for all of my coworkers lol), it is tall and I don’t hit my head on the roof, and it is so much fun to drive!  To be honest, I smile every time I drive it because it is so much fun.

So, yep.  That’s my fabulous find for the week.  It may not be super exciting for everyone, but I love it!

PS. There are lights that shine in the footwells.  It comes in multiple colors, but these are some of my favorites!


Old Drawer Recycled to a Purse Organizer

We live on an alley. Needless to say, we find a lot of junk! One day, Haley found these 2 drawers sitting out there, just calling to her that they needed a new home. So they came home with us! Now just to figure out what to do with them!

I was talking with Lauren one day and mentioned that I didn’t know a good way to store my purses. They always seemed to be getting lost in my closet. Voila! An idea was born!

drawer organizer title

We actually have 2 of these, but I will start out with just one today. I have a couple of ideas for the other one, but I have to pick which one! As you can see, they are pretty big drawers. They were 18 inches across, 23 inches tall and 9 inches deep.

closet and purse drawer makeover

Steve took apart the old cupboards in the laundry room to make space for the lockers, so we had a bunch of wood left from that. Since this would be going in the closet and wouldn’t be a show piece, we just used particle board for the shelves and dividers.

closet and purse drawer makeover boards

Steve even made the braces for the shelves to sit on. This was a completely free project!!

closet and purse drawer makeover shelf

I measured out some of my purses and then comparing that to the size of the drawer, I came up with the measurements for the cubbies. I wanted 3 large spaces on the bottom for large totes and bags, 4 small spaces for wallets and small handbags, and 2 on top for the medium size purses (sounds like the 3 bears!-sorry! Preschool teacher here!)

closet and purse drawer cubbies

Yep! I pulled all this out of my closet and this was just one corner! I found purses in every nook and cranny. I was putting them wherever I could find space. I pulled boots out too because the new organizer would be occupying that corner.

Closet and purse organizer

After a couple of coats of white paint, it was ready to bring in the house and organize!! I love how well it fit everything!


I should be able to find what I am looking for now!


These are the cubbies for the smaller purses and wallets.


Here are the larger ones.


I always love finding ways to get more organized and a way to recycle old stuff!

drawer organizer title

Now I just have to figure out which idea to use for the other one! I will keep you updated! Have a wonderful week!

Sunshine and Blessings












Corner News-April 23, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Corner News!  We have some very exciting news to present from this week!

Beware, this may be slightly gruesome…sorry.

I was at work (I work at a pet boarding facility) and took out a dog to play in a one on one session.  This dog was very mouthy, and tried to bite my arms constantly.  I got very annoyed, and tried to get the dog to lay down to calm down.  Unfortunately, the dog kept going for my arms and chewed them up.

And this was the result.

Left ArmRight Arm FrontRight Arm BackLeg

My arms are pretty beat up.  I am very bruised and it hurts to do certain things: like carry a purse on my arm instead of my shoulder, sleep (because I sleep on my sides and like to have my arm under a pillow), and cross my arms.  My legs got a little damage, but nothing like my arms.

And the dog?  All workers were informed to be aware and be careful when taking him out.

My Cabbages! - Imgur

Moral of the story: Be Careful !