Fabulous Finds and Fashions-March 30, 2016

Hello!  And welcome to another episode of Fabulous Finds and Fashions!  I am here to bring you some unsolicited fashion advice and possibly a new fandom starting in our blog.

Okay, maybe not the latter, but I can always try!

Now if you read the blog very carefully, you may have noticed that I wrote episode instead of edition.  It is for a very specific reason.  You see, I am going to present you with a black tee shirt collection of shirts from a fandom that I belong to.



All of these pictures can be viewed on Markplier’s Instagram: @markipliergram

Now, who is Markiplier?  He is a YouTuber who I have been following for about a year and half now.  He plays video games and does charity livestreams to raise money for some amazing causes.  He dyed his hair pink when he raised over $200,000 for DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance), and has dyed his hair blue and red since then.  He yells and screams and curses at a computer screen for many people’s enjoyment.

And he does this for over 12 million followers.


Yes, high fives for Markiplier and all of his followers.

So, since I have joined the fandom, I have acquired many four shirts and a sweatshirt that are all in support of him.  And I am here to present them all to you!

  1. The Original Logo

Markiplier original

This was the first shirt that I received for Christmas.  This is Mark’s logo and it came from the logo he made on his Minecraft character.  The sweatshirt that I have has the same logo and both are so comfortable!  It was purchased from Spreadshirt (click here if you want to visit the shop)

2. A gift from Haley


So, Haley found this shirt on Redbubble and couldn’t resist purchasing it for me as a HalloThanksMas gift (no, this isn’t an actual holiday).  Unfortunately, it is very true…I would love to date Mark.  Again, this shirt was purchased from Redbubble (click here if you wish to purchase this shirt)

3. Dogiplier


Mark and his friends designed this shirt to raise money for Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles.  They designed this shirt, named Dogiplier, and a second shirt with cats, coincidentally named Catiplier.  I think that the design on the front is absolutely adorable!

Dogiplier close

This shirt, along with the Catiplier shirt, can be purchased from 1Shirt (click here if you want this shirt)

4. I Don’t Need Therapy


This is the final shirt.  It is extremely comfortable and actually being worn while I write this post (hehe).  It came up in my Facebook feed that someone was selling these shirts, and I purchased one.

Therapy close

I really like the design and love how this came together.  Props to the designer of the shirts.  I purchased this shirt from TeeChip, but unfornately the shirt is unavailable for purchase.

Well, I hope you like my Markiplier collection and obsession (lol).  I am adding some videos of Mark for you to watch if you are so inclined.  Just a warning, there is language used that innocent ears shouldn’t hear.

This first video is about the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Mark’s video became the go to when looking for gameplay of the game.  This video alone, not even the full series, has over 46 million views!  You can watch him play all four Five Nights at Freddy’s games on YouTube.

This next video was actually the first video of Mark that I ever watched.  I was going through Matthias’s channel (that’s the other guy in the video) and saw this one.  And I was hooked on the man with the deep sultry voice.  This video is clean and okay for innocent ears to hear.

This final video is Mark and three of his friend, Bob, Wade, and Yamimash, playing a game called Prop Hunt.  Two people are hunters and two people are props, meaning that they have to find a prop to disguise themselves as in the map.  This is one of the funniest episodes that Mark has on his channel and I laugh everytime I watch it!