Finds and Fashions

Good morning! How is your first week of 2017 going? We are busy working on projects in our home.We have a huge mess right now. Steve removed the popcorn ceiling before we moved in, but now we had the ceiling textured and next come the paint. We have been living inside a plastic wrapped house for the last couple of day. I will be very happy when this part is done and I can actually put the house together!

The post today isn’t really Finds and Fashions. I received these from my mom, but I thought they were pretty neat.

My Grandma made this quilt for one of my uncles. Each white square has one of the 50 states’ flower embroidered onto it. There was a lot of work put into this. I have done a lot of embroidery and cross-stitch, but I have never done a quilt. They always impress me.


The second item is this trunk. Hopefully I get the story right. Mom, let me know if I miss anything! My Grandma (same one as above), was born in 1903 in Colorado. Her parents decided to move and traveled in a wagon towards California. According to a great-aunt, this trunk was one of the items to travel in the wagon. They stayed in two other places, where 2 more daughters were born, before finally ending up in Lemoore, Ca.


My great-aunt had some items inside the trunk that were going to be used to repair it, but it was never done.


I think it is pretty cool just like it is! It looks like a pirate chest to me! I love having these family heirlooms in my home, especially when they have a cool story to tell!

Hope you have a great day!