Salvation Table

Alright everyone.  Gather around!  It’s story time with Lauren.  Get into a comfortable chair with your favorite drink or snack and get ready for the story of a table.

To be completely honest, I’m not exactly sure where my mom and I received this wonderful table, but unfortunately, it was just sitting on our back porch for quite a while.  It didn’t have a beautiful coat of paint or a loving home inside the house.  It just sat outside in the cold for a year or two.

So where did I start?  I started by deciding to use this table in a project.  Smart starting place, huh?  Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture…oops.  But it was a simple brown table with nothing special, which is why I wanted to use this for my project.

I knew I wanted to paint it, so I started by sanding it.  It wasn’t too hard to take a piece of sandpaper across the table, and it became rough easily.

It is now black!

It is now black!

Painting the table black came next.  I used two cans of black spray paint to cover the table and make it look even.  Spray paint is amazing…unless you run out of it halfway through your paint job.

Now, I knew I wanted the lyrics from one of my favorite songs on the top of the table.  The song “Salvation” by the Christian rock band Skillet is almost always on repeat in my car.  This song is very inspirational, having lyrics like “Keeping me alive, you are my salvation” and “my heart will burn for you, it’s all I can do”.  I wanted to keep the beauty of the lyrics, but I didn’t want to take away from them because they were on a table.

So…I went with a cursive manuscript called Laurenis Handwrittingcus on Microsoft Word and started to put the lyrics on the table.

I had quite a few failures before I finally found something that worked.  The first thing I tried was writing all the lyrics on an overhead projector that mom got from somewhere (who knows where) and project the lyrics on the table and copy it.  Even though that worked in the way that all the lyrics fit on the projector, I couldn’t fit all of the lyrics on the table in a way that I liked it.  Plus, because of the projector is square, and the tabletop has a curve, the edges would’ve been bare.

The second thing I tried was writing in chalk and then writing over it in sharpie.  Okay…the chalk looked awesome, but the sharpie didn’t.  Not only did the sharpie not write over the chalk, but when I tried erasing the chalk with a wet washcloth and rewriting in the sharpie, the sharpie still wouldn’t write.  UGH!

So, I finally wrote with a chalk marker.  I picked white because I wanted the table to look classy.  This time, I erased the chalk and rewrote the lyrics with the chalk marker.  This worked great…until the lyrics didn’t match up on the bottom of the table.  Thank goodness spray paint is easy to use and it doesn’t get extremely messy.

And now…the finished project!

A classy table

A classy table

The table turned out beautiful.  I cannot wait to find a place in my apartment or bedroom or mom’s house to put it.

Laurenis Handwrittingcus

Laurenis Handwrittingcus

More of my Laurenis Handwrittingcus

More of my Laurenis Handwrittingcus

I think I did a pretty good job writing on the top of the table.  It was simple in the sense that it was a flat surface, but it was hard to keep it straight and have all the words be the same size.  I also like the title at the bottom of the table so I can cover the top and people who look at it can see what song it is.

"Feel You Need You Salvation"

“Feel You Need You Salvation”

This song is very inspirational and was a great motivation for this project.  It is uplifting and makes me happy.

So now this little table has a better life as a classy looking table.  It can be used as an end table or just a piece of decoration.  But for now, it has a much better life than a life sitting on the back porch.

I challenge you to listen to this song and tell me what you think.  Do you have a song that inspires you or lifts you up when you are down?  Let me know in the comments what you think!


Extreme Makeover-Lauren’s Apartment Bedroom

So…if you read my mom’s blog posts, you know full well that I didn’t like the idea that my room was going to be painted white.  I remember telling my mom that I felt like I was staying in a hotel because the walls were white and the bedding was white.  I felt sad because it was almost like I was being kicked out of my bedroom.

Even though now I stay in that exact bedroom every weekend when I come home.

So because of the sadness of my old bedroom, I have decided to show you what my bedroom looks like in my apartment.  Because honestly, these rooms look nothing alike.  My mom has a very beachy theme and I have a very pink theme.  To see what my bedroom looks like at my parents house, click here.

So welcome to my home!

Parisian Room Decor

Welcome to my room!

Honestly, besides work and school and when I go to my parents house, I spend 99% of my time in the apartment in this exact room (and only leave because I get hungry and I try to be social sometimes).  Really, I love my roommates to death, but I think I love my bedroom more.

Parisian Room Decor

If you can’t tell by this one picture, I love pink and glitter.  Like…a little too much.  My best friend Shelby told me that whenever she comes over to my house, she feels like she is covered from head to toe in glitter.  I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t thrown a glitter bomb on her yet.

My favorite part of my room-the bed

My favorite part of my room-the bed

The focal point of my room is my bed with the two paintings above my bed.  I have black and white sheets, a pink blanket, and a reversible black and white bedspread.  I also have a pink and white velour blanket and a white blanket with Eiffel Towers, hearts, and Paris written on one side and Sherpa on the other side.  Even though it’s getting warmer in Central California, I still sleep under all of these blankets.  I also have many pillows, of which I really only use 2…but why not have as many pillows as possible on your bed?

Parisian Wall Decor

Above my bed I have these two pictures that I bought from Ross about 3 years ago.  I had them under my bed at my parent’s house for 3 years, and now they are my headboard.  The one of the left is Big Ben and the one on the right is, obviously, the Eiffel Tower.  I also have a blingy Paris sign that I bought from Hobby Lobby hanging above the pictures.  This is the central part of my room and it is definitely the focal point.

Dogs leave paw prints on the heart

Dogs leave paw prints on your heart

The bedside table isn’t my favorite, but it came with my apartment.  Yes, the apartment came furnished.  My favorite part is the lamp, even though you can’t really see it in the picture, but it is shaped like an Eiffel Tower.  Shocker, I know.  I bought it from a thrift store and it came with the lamp shade.  Yeah!  The burlap dog has a wire frame in it so it stands up on it’s own.  I received it as a gift for my birthday and it’s perfect for holding my headphones on.  The small blue sign came from my cousin as a Christmas present.  I think that it’s absolutely perfect!

I'd like you to meet Alyxa!

I’d like you to meet Alyxa!

This is Alyxa, pronounced Alexa.  She is a full dressmaking mannequin that I bought for $100 on Ebay almost 6 years ago.  She has been a great piece of decoration and perfect for displaying my sewing projects in the past.  So now, I dress her based on the season.  So she is wearing a dress that I wore for Easter a few years ago.  I also have my laptop and knitting around her since she is next to my bed.  The white case is an old shoe bag (is that what you call it?) that I re-purposed.  It was originally blue and I painted it white, then I put my favorite Banksy picture on the front.  It holds small balls of yarn that are just for small projects.

More mannequins!

More mannequins!

If you didn’t figure out, I might have a small affinity with mannequins. And Paris.  And pink.  And glitter.  You get the picture.  Which is why the top of my dresser keeps all of these themes.  Although it has all the themes, and it is a bit busy, but I love it.  Also, notice the L in the corner.  Yeah, mom has the same one.

Mannequins/Jewelry Holders

Mannequins/Jewelry Holders

I have received these mannequins from different places.  I bought the pink one from Ross, the blue one was originally Haley’s, and I bought the silver one from a Goodwill.  The piggy bank was given to me as a friend.  And unfortunately, it’s empty, so no money for shopping.  The  picture in the back is actually from mom.  It has words that form the shape the Eiffel Tower.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s awesome!

Eiffel Tower

So here’s a picture of it…since it is very hard to explain.

More Displays

More Displays

These are Styrofoam heads that I covered in duct tape.  This is the best way for me to display the top hats that I bought from Disneyland.  The green one is Tinkerbell and the blue and pink one is the Cheshire Cat.  I want a Jack Skellington hat which is black and white pinstripes.  The pink Eiffel Tower is actually something that I received from a birthday party who knows how many years ago.  I have spray painted it a darker pink than it was originally.  It’s perfect for pictures and hanging my Ray bands on.

Parisian Decor

Now, to the other side of my bedroom.  The desk and bookshelf are really the only things to see on that side of the room.  Except for all of my shoes…those are important.

Desk Decor

Honestly, I hardly ever use my desk.  The only thing it is really used for is holding things.  Except for that stupid smoke detector.  That needs to go back up on my ceiling.  But my favorite thing here is Haley’s senior picture.  I always love to see that.

Castle and Markiplier

Castle and Markiplier

No, I don’t actually need two calendars, but I actually like having both of them.  The one hanging on the wall is from the TV show Castle.  And the one on the bookshelf is a custom calendar that I made of my favorite youtuber Markiplier.  Yes, I may be a bit obsessed.

Corgis and Towers and Paris oh my!

Corgis and Towers and Paris oh my!

These are sitting on top of my bookshelf.  The Eiffel Tower was purchased from Hobby Lobby.  It could be hung on the wall if I wanted, but I like it sitting.  The Paris string art sign was made by Haley for Christmas.  If you can’t tell from this angle, the A is the shape of the tower.  And the Corgi was made for me from my best friend Shelby as an art project.  It is made completely out of soda tabs with Monster tabs as the eyes and nose.  Her name is Ella.



Here is my book collection.  All of the wonderful reading that I can do, including my Jodi Picoult collection.  Yippee for reading!  I also have more, yes more, Eiffel tower things, some of my favorite pictures, and a pink Corgi that Shelby made for me.  It can hold a gift card in its mouth.

These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things

And finally on my bookshelf, a few of my favorite things.  A lamp that I bought from a yard sale, a box that had chocolate in it, a wooden L that I covered in glitter, an old fashion camera that could work if I put film in it, and a sign that I now use as my signature.  My mom and I downloaded this from another blog.

Chalkboard Calendar

Chalkboard Calendar

And the final piece in my room, is this chalkboard calendar.  I made this out of a baking sheet.  It is hanging next to my door, and it’s awesome for being in school.    I always hang my work schedule on the bottom of the calendar so I can see who I am working with, and I also put business cards from appointments on here so I can remember the dates and times.  All I did was spray the inside of the baking sheet with chalkboard paint and write on it with chalk markers.

So…that’s my bedroom.  Very different from my mom’s version of my room.  Hope you liked a look into my bedroom and my life!


Extreme Makeover- Lauren’s Room Edition

Happy Spring everyone! I hope the weather is cooperating wherever you are today! Ours is so beautiful! I have to enjoy it now, because I know this summer is going to be very hot!

Last summer, Lauren was getting ready to move out to an apartment to go to college in another town.  This was a very difficult time for me. We always spent lots of time together and I knew this wouldn’t happen as often. I was excited for her and knew this was what was supposed to happen in life, but it was still a hard time as a mom. So to help myself in the process, I planned how I was going to redecorate her bedroom.  I knew I still wanted to keep it for her, because she would still be home quite a bit, but I couldn’t go any longer with this….pink!

Pink room

Sorry for the cat-it was the only picture I could find of the pink walls! Remember, this was before I was blogging!

Her room was soooo full of stuff! We went through every item in her drawers, closet, shelves, everything! The room she was moving into was furnished, so I would still have the furniture, but everything else was taken down or removed. Lauren was sad to see the pink go, but I just had to have something a little more soothing. I knew I was moving my scrapbooking stuff in here and there was no way I was going to be able to work with that pink staring at me all the time!

Laurens Room


The first step was to primer and paint all the trim. The trim was the same as the hallway, which you can see here. This included all the baseboards, door and door frame, closet door and frame, and the windows and frames. I spent two weekends just on the trim! Finally, I could do the walls. I used Concepts paint from Orchard Supply, semi-gloss in Simply White. Ahhh! Love the simplicity!

Laurens Room 4

The bed

The full-size bed was my mom’s sisters bed from when she was a girl. My cousin had it for awhile and repainted it, but now it is ours. I could use another paint job, but I kind of like the chipped look. I purchased the white comforter, green pillowcase and little white and green pillow from thrift stores. The pink boho bedspread was Lauren’s from before but she got a new one for Christmas.

Laurens Room 2

I ordered the curtains from Zulily and the blue pillowcases are from Walmart. Lauren found the pink and white dog fabric awhile ago and I made it into a large bolster pillow. I wanted to keep a little bit of pink for Lauren so she would still feel at home (although she still complains about the pink walls being gone!)

Laurens Room 7

Old changing table

There was actually a larger dresser in here, but my other daughter, Haley, wanted it, so this was the changing table from when the girls were babies. It was brown and I repainted it white and added new handles. The smaller size was a better fit too.

Laurens Room 10

Love this little detail

I really like how this turned out! My younger daughter used this box to store her American Girl shoes and accessories in. It was a bright blue and had yellow stars for knobs. I painted it navy blue with white drawers and found these compass knobs at Hobby Lobby. I loved how it went with the maps that I hung above the bed.

Laurens Room 8

Compass knobs

I added this metal tree from Hobby Lobby, the little wooden box, a blue bottle and a little girl with her blankie, because my girls had blankies too.

Laurens Room 9

Some little extras

Laurens Room 11

Sitting spot

Opposite the dresser is a little sitting spot.  I added an old chair from my grandpa, a Target ottoman found at Goodwill, Lauren’s old nightstand and a polka-dot basket from HomeGoods. The blanket I got for Christmas, the pink dog from Target and the whale pillow I made from a t-shirt soften up the chair.

Laurens Room 14

The wall hangings include a metal star, a pink framed chalkboard with a giant ‘L’ and a great print from one of my favorite bloggers, Karianne at Thistlewood Farms. You can find your own print here.

Laurens Room 15

You are a Rockstar!

I think all of us need to hear these words once in awhile!

Across the room, next to the door, are some bookshelves we installed when Lauren was younger.  I left them painted green, for now, and just restyled them. I added some old suitcases that I keep fabric in, and some other odds and ends.

Laurens Room 16

Laurens Room 18

Some of Lauren’s favorite things.

On this side are a couple of pictures of best friends, her Harry Potter books and James Herriot books, a small tea set from Holland and a Disneyland snowglobe. I also added a replica golf cart to remind her of her golfing days!

Laurens Room 17

Old pink bead lamp

Isn’t this lamp awesome! It used to hang in a hair dresser shop. I got it from a yard sale and it was full of sticky hairspray.  I took some cleaning to get it to look good, but I love how funky it is!

Laurens Room 26

Star light, star bright

I also added these hanging stars above the shelves.  Lauren decoupaged the middle one with lots of pieces from an old book. It took her a long time, but it looks great!

The last piece of space is filled up with this old teacher desk. Haley and I picked this up from a Freecycle ad.

Laurens Room 23

Old school desk

As soon as I saw the color, I knew I had to have it! I touched it up a bit, but not much. It sat on my porch for almost 2 years before I finally got to use it.  I knew I wanted it for crafts and scrapbooking because it has such a large work surface.  The drawers are really deep and I can keep my paper and other scrapbooking supplies in them.

Laurens Room 20


I use this plant stand for a ribbon holder. It’s so nice to be able to see what I have available.  I also have a couple of jars of buttons.

Laurens Room 21

More ribbon!

The blue jars on top are filled with the small scraps of ribbon. I won these jars from a blogger and I love them!  I had to find a way to show them off!

Laurens Room 25

Odds and ends

These are just some extra little pieces. The basket holds miscellaneous stuff. I painted the little drawers sitting in the back and was going to add words to the front, but I didn’t have enough sticker letters and then couldn’t find the same ones in the store. So, it’s still sitting there from before Christmas! I will get to it sometime!

Laurens Room 19

I hung this bulletin board above the desk and added some of my favorite people and things so that I can be inspired each time I look at it-my girls, my parents, a couple of my pets and funny card and an inspirational saying.

Laurens Room 27

I hope you enjoyed this little tour! I had fun decorating and it helped fill my time. I enjoy making it look nice for when Lauren comes home and stays for a bit. I think this room has become a beauty after its makeover!

Sunshine and Blessings