My Christmas Home Tour

Good morning! We are part of the way through December already! Are you ready? Is your shopping done? I think I am done, but there always seems to be something else to buy! I do have my decorations up, so now I can sit back and enjoy. I hope you enjoy the little tour today!

I collect these little birds from Target, buying one each year. I set them up right in my entryway this year. I bought the birdcage at a yard sale, the wreath and white trees came from the 99 Cent Store. The white runner came from Hobby Lobby and is soooo soft! I love to just rub my hand across it each time I walk by.

Turning into the living room, I set up my frosted tree. I usually decorate this with a very coastal look, but this year I wanted to do something different. I kept the same white, silver and gold colors, but added in woodland animals. I bought about $20 worth of new ornaments at the 99 Cent Store, but the rest were pieces I already owned.

Ok, a penguin isn’t really a woodland animal, but he was too cute to not include!

I decided to hang the stockings on the mantle this year too. I added a couple more deer, a lantern, a lighted tree and a chalkboard.

Down the middle of the table, I lined up several lanterns, added some trees inside along with more woodland creatures.

This old kitchen cupboard belonged to my grandparents in their home. I love to decorate it with vintage style Christmas things. The old light up tree on the bottom shelf came from my grandma on my fathers side of the family.

This is my doggy corner! Each one has a handmade stocking and monogram. As you can see, they already have a few treats inside. I added a few of my other dog decorations on the bench. My daughter gave me the adorable gold and white wooden Christmas tree last year.

Here in my family room, I have my Disney tree! Lauren and I went through all the ornaments and found we had plenty of Disney ones to fill the tree. I love it! Most are mine, but there are also some from both girls.

Old movies and new ones.

Lady and the Tramp is my favorite old Disney movie!

And the iconic castle!

I posted about my village a couple of weeks ago. I set it up in my fireplace this year. I really like it here and I get to enjoy it every day. You can find it here.

Well, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! It’s been a tough year, and I am looking forward to what 2021 has to bring to us. Thank you all for following me. I love to read your comments and looks forward to meeting with you next year too!

Turquoise & White Spring Tablescape

Just one more week and it is officially spring!! We have definitely been having the ups and downs of spring weather over here. We have one day of rain and then later in the week we are wearing shorts! I am so looking forward to wearing more springlike clothing. I’m getting tired of my winter stuff!

I always have fun coming up with new ways to decorate my table for the seasons. The table we use was my grandparents. We refinished it many years ago, before we had kids, but it really needs another refinishing or painting. Because the top has seen better days, I use a tablecloth over it and it is usually this white one. This way I can do any color scheme I want. Of course, it usually includes turquoise!

turquoise and white spring tablescape title

I layered a burlap piece with black fleur-de-lis over the tablecloth. This was a piece from Lauren’s stash. I placed a wooden tray in the middle and filled it with springtime goodies.

turquoise and white spring tablescape 2016

Hydrangeas in a lace covered jar…

turquoise and white spring tablescape centerpiece

Blue speckled eggs in gold and white bowls…

turquoise and white spring tablescape blue eggs

A white sparkly bunny…

spring centerpiece bunny

Pretty white bird salt and pepper shakers.

turquoise and white spring tablescape birds

I set the place-settings at the ends of the table a little different than the sides. For the side seats, I just added a turquoise plate with a pretty napkin. I will show you in a bit where the rest of the items are stored.

truquoise and white spring tablescape plate and napkin

For the ends, I first placed a rattan place-mat and then added turquoise plates with white polka-dots and a pretty white one on top. The napkin is also turquoise and white polka-dots. A little secret-it’s the same as the other napkin, just the other back side!

turquoise and white spring tablescape plates and disney flatware

Did you notice the flatware? I have had these for quite awhile and don’t use them very often, so I thought I would pull them out and let them be used. I love the little touch of whimsy!

I transformed my hot chocolate bar into a self-service bar. I have more plates, flatware and glasses for easy access. Just add the food and it is all set to go!

turquoise and white spring tablescape bar cart

turquoise and white spring tablescape bar cart top

I love being able to change things up and I especially love decorating for spring! If you would like to take a look at last years table, here it is. Just beware-the pictures are not very good! Can we say blurry?! Here is Lauren’s table too. Hope you have a spring filled day!!

Sunshine and Blessings