When I See an Elephant Fly

Have you seen an elephant fly?  No…me neither.  But wouldn’t that be cool, to see this giant creature flying through the air with ease?  Yeah, that would be awesome.

Or, you can watch Dumbo and get almost the same thing.

So, why am I telling you this?  Well, of course it has to do with a project I was working on.  Specifically for my coworker Linda.

Linda is the resident cat lady at work.  She takes care of the cat room 5 days a week while the rest of us take care of the dogs.  She is an amazing person and someone who is very easy to talk to and she will help you with whatever is needed.

Well her birthday just passed and I wanted to give her something that was meaningful.  Which is why I decided to make something from her favorite Disney movie, Dumbo.


I started with a blank canvas (literally and figuratively), grey paint, paintbrushes, and a black paint pen and started on my masterpiece.  The canvas was purchased in a pack of 2 from Michaels for $10.99.  Hey, I’m happy with it.  Now I can make 2 pictures!

Carbon Dumbo

I printed out a silhouette of Dumbo from Google images that I wanted to put on one of the corners.  I decided to use a pictures of Dumbo and Timothy Mouse flying because the picture of Dumbo sitting didn’t look as good.  I printed the picture on carbon paper so that way it was easy to copy onto the canvas.  And I think that it turned out great!

dumbo sketch

I also started writing the lyrics of the song ‘When I See an Elephant Fly’ on the canvas.  I didn’t have to write super tiny because there aren’t that many lyrics to the song.  But, I still didn’t cover the entire canvas.  So I added the title of the song and the Disney logo at the bottom.

full dumbo

After writing the lyrics in pencil, I wrote over them in black paint pen.  The only issue I had with the paint pen was that it started to run out near the end of the lyrics.  It might have been better to use a sharpie to write the lyrics instead of the paint pen.

finished dumbo

Finally, after writing all the lyrics, I finally painted in Dumbo.  Originally, I wasn’t going to outline Dumbo in black, I was just going to leave it grey.  But, he didn’t have a whole lot of definition without the outline.

I think it turned out super cute!  I love how Dumbo turned out and how the lyrics worked out.  I also like the title at the bottom, even though it wasn’t intended.  Overall, I am extremely happy with this canvas.  And I hope Linda is as well when she sees it!