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Hello!  How is everyone doing?  Did you have a nice Easter?  I know I did, it was a wonderful day to spend time with my family so I hope you did too.

So today is a repost from last summer.  We are getting closer to summer which means the perfect time for vacation!  So here were some awesome tips and tricks that I found very useful that could help make your traveling much easier.  So enjoy!


I haven’t been on too many flights but I can say that it is hard to pack a carry on bag.  Arzo Travels lays out an awesome list of everything that you should pack in your carry on bag for your next flight.


Who doesn’t like snacks?  Especially for a long trip you definitely need to have something to eat on the road.  Live Laugh Rowe gives her list of snacks that she likes to pack for a road trip.


We all love our pets and we love them so much so that sometimes we want to take them with us on our adventure.  The Every Girl complies a list of things to pack and look at when wanting your furry friend to go on an adventure too!


If you are traveling somewhere by car and not by plane, it can be hard to figure out how to pack your car.  Stuffed Suitcase shows us how she packs her car for long road trips, which is very helpful!


If you are going on a trip soon, you may need to pack a lot of small items for your adventure.  Polka Dot Chair gives us some ideas on things to pack to make traveling just a little bit easier.

simple kid road trip ideas.jpg

Sometimes when you are taking a road trip, you are taking the whole family with you!  Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, Dylan Too gives us some great ideas of things to bring when traveling with kids.

how to pack a suitcase.jpg

Did you know that there is a “proper” way to pack a suitcase?  Business Insidergives us this awesome diagram on how to properly pack for your next trip.


With everyone using technology for everything nowadays, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a plethora of apps that were reliable for travel?  Carry On or Bust compiles a list of apps that they use when traveling that make your life much easier.

How to Avoid Theft While Traveling.jpg

This is a HUGE thing!  Obviously you want to be safe while traveling and it would be terrible if things got stolen from you.  Wise Bread gives a good list of things to take into consideration when you are traveling.

Tantor with Space Needle

Finally, it’s not really travel tips and tricks, but my trip to Washington from a couple summers ago.  I had so much fun and even give you a small itinerary for my week long trip.  Click here to check it out!


Top 10 Things to Do in Disneyland and California Adventures

Hello! Happy Friday! We just go back from Disneyland and I thought I would share my top 10 Things we did and enjoyed during our visit.

1. MaxPass

OMG this thing is amazing!  If you have not heard of this, you are missing out.  For $10 you can get Fastpasses on your phone through the Disney App and you can download the photos from the rides and photographers.  How cool is that?  You know what else?  You can get Fastpasses every hour and a half instead of every two hours!  We didn’t use it in California Adventures because we didn’t feel like we would need it.  But it was so useful in Disneyland.  We got on every ride we wanted plus some we hadn’t been on in years.  It was amazing!  So is an picture we got from the photographers and were able to download right onto our phones.


2. Pixar Fest

If you are planning on going to Disneyland in the near future (like before October 2018), you will get to experience Pixar Fest.  This event is super cool because Disney and Pixar are coming together.  So every movie that Disney and Pixar has worked on together is coming to California Adventures.  And rides are changing to be more like Pixar, so California Screamin’ is turning into the Incredicoaster.  Here are some of the pictures from California Adventures where Pixar was everywhere!


3. Pixar’s Together Forever Event

OK!  This event is so cool!  Disney has out Disneyed themselves with this.  For this awesome event you stand in the middle of Main Street and Disney projects scenes from movies onto the buildings.  I had so much nostalgia during this and I will admit that both Haley and I were in tears from happiness from this night.  So I won’t give too much away, but here are some pictures of what you can expect.


4. Pixar Parade

Who doesn’t like parades?  Well Disneyland has a new one!  The new Pixar parade features all of our favorites like Up, Inside Out, Toy Story, and Monsters University.  Can I just say that the Kevin and Russel character from the parade is the cutest?


5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Before I get into Guardians of the Galaxy, I have to say that I was disappointed that the Tower of Terror was going to be disappearing.  BUT!  I did enjoy the new Guardians of the Galaxy.  There was a lot more going up and down which was great and it was quite enjoyable.  And even though I haven’t seen the Guardian of the Galaxy movies, I was still able to enjoy myself.


6. Electrical Parade

Okay, I will be the first to say that I love anything shiny.  So watching the electrical parade was a lot of fun.  To see how everything was lit up and bright and shiny.  One of our favorites was seeing Mac from Cars.  His whole trailer was full of lights and lit up in different patterns!  That was really cool.




7. Characters

As Haley and I have gotten older, it hasn’t been as important to see all of the characters at Disneyland.  But it’s obviously something fun for kids of all ages.  During this trip we took pictures with Minnie Mouse and Mary Poppins and Bert.  The cool thing about seeing Minnie Mouse is that she had a photographer with her and we were able to download our picture almost immediately with the MaxPass.  You can also use the Disneyland app to see where different characters are going to be in the park.


8. Rides

Of course you have to hit the rides!  It doesn’t matter if the ride is Peter Pan or Big Thunder Mountain, all rides are a must.  We rode Peter Pan, Roger Rabbit, and Matterhorn for the first time in years.  And thanks to the MaxPass we were able to get our Fastpasses and get on even faster.  You know what’s even better?  Rides like Splash Mountain and Space Mountain where they take your picture, you are able to download right onto your phone right after the ride.  Have the 8 digit id code and BOOM!  You have all of your screaming faces right in your hand.


9. Food

Try the Grey Stuff?  It’s delicious!  Don’t believe me ask the dishes!

Yes!  There is an actual treat called The Grey Stuff at Disneyland!  And it’s so good!  It’s at the Red Rose Tavern in Fantasyland.  It’s a little tiny cake with lots and lots of frosting sitting atop a shortbread cookie.  And boy howdy is it good.  The cookie was okay, but the cake and frosting.  MMMMMMMMMM!  We also tried two new restaurants, The French Market and The Hungry Bear.  We really enjoyed The French Market and have already vowed to go back to try the other things on the menu.  We had the chicken ceasar salads, french dip, and the pulled pork sandwich.  They were so good!  The Hungry Bear has your standard burger and fries.  But it was still really good.


10. Family Time

Obviously the best thing about Disneyland is getting to spend time with your family.  I love being able to experience new things with them and spend quality time with them.  Even though we have been to Disneyland numerous times, I will always enjoy going with them yet again.  I could go on each ride over and over again and I still wouldn’t get tired of visiting the parks.  All in all, the time you spend with your family is priceless and it will always be cherished.



What We Did On Summer Vacation!

Hint: It’s the happiest place on earth!! Did you figure it out? Disneyland! We love Disneyland! We made a very short, whirlwind trip for our vacation. My girls are older, so we don’t have to worry about going on every ride, or taking naps (although I could have used one!), or how long the lines are. Each daughter took a friend, but we all hung out together. We had great weather and a great time! Route 66 Ca. Adventure I have a few websites that are my go-to place to get good tips. LIke I said, my kids are older, so some of it doesn’t apply. But since we have gone so often during the years, we are always looking for new and different things to do while we are there.

These websites are wonderful! of information on all the Disney parks and the pictures are incredible! practical tips and money saving ideas found this one, but she has some good tips too, especially what to do when the park get busy!  So. Much. Information! She covers everything!!! It’s pretty awesome. This is one to definitely check out, especially if you are going with small children. Did you know there is a Disney Nanny?!

We left very, very early (like 3:30 am!) in the morning in order to get to Ca. Adventure right around opening time. We were determined to get on the Radiator Springs Racers without having to wait too long. While my husband and I rented a locker, the girls ran to the Fastpass line and then we all met at the ride. We still had a bit of a wait, but 45 min. is nothing compared to the line later in the day. We also scored Fastpasses so we could ride a second time! Ca. Adventure Stanley's Oasis There are lots of fun and interesting things to see while waiting in line too (besides people watching!). There are also Hidden Mickeys around. Look for one in the plants in the que line.

I wish changing the oil would only cost $.20!Radiator Springs Ca. Adventure Did you know that Route 66 runs through these states and in this order? License Plates Cal. Adventure We did have some issues with rides breaking down during the day, but they did all eventually start running again. Disney will accept Fastpasses anytime during the day if the ride has broken down. After Radiator Springs Racers we went to Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Even though the girls and I had seen it before, my husband and the other girls had not. I did take a few pictures, but most were blurry.  I was trying to figure out the best settings to take pictures in the dark rides. TheTouristDisneyBlog has lots of great tips for photography. Little Mermaid Ca. Adventure We ended up riding R.S. Racers again with our Fastpass before we even could get on another ride. We spent some time on Hollywood Lane, while waiting to see if Tower of Terror would reopen. We love going into Off the Page and playing around with the different stations. I liked the look of the lamps in the reflection of the Magic Mirror. Off the Page Ca. Adventure There is also the Beast’s Library where you have your picture taken, answer specific questions and the book will tell you which character you are most like. Haley’s friend got Belle. Belle CA. Adventure After having some lunch, we headed back to Tower of Terror and waited in line. It went pretty quickly and the ride is definitely worth the wait! Tower Of Terror Ca. Adventure Right next to Tower of Terror is the Hyperion Theater which has the most amazing Aladdin Show. We have seen it many times, but it never ceases to amaze. The Genie is absolutely hilarious!! He is the reason we keep coming back! Look for the Hidden Mickeys here too!Alladin Show Ca. Adventure If you haven’t seen it before, make sure it is one of your stops next time! We also rode on Soarin’ Over California, which, in my opinion, is the best ride ever! I love it! We even got Fastpasses so we could ride again at the end of the night. We rode Toy Story Mania which is like a shooting gallery. None of us had been on this one, so it was a lot of fun. I actually did pretty good, compared to the laser kind, like Buzz Lightyear. I’m awful at that one!! Lightening McQueen Ca. Adventure After dinner at the Wharf, we headed back to Radiator Springs to watch the Sh’Boom. Don’t know what that is? Neither did I, until I read these great blogs above! You know how in the movie, the lights slowly go on, at each store, all the way up the street? Well, that’s what they do here too! It was very cool! When the lights come on, you really feel like you are in the movie set! Another thing to look for-go to the Cozy Cone Office. Look through the back window and find Buzz Lightyear!Flo's Cafe Ca. Adventure Mater CA. Adventure We headed back to the center area of Ca. Adventure to watch World of Color. The show is a water show where different scenes from movies are projected onto the water. It’s pretty hard to get pictures, plus we were kind of close, and the camara kept getting wet. I like the show, but I don’t like the standing. After being on your feet all day, it is really hard to stand. Ferris Wheel Ca. Adventure The show was good though. It honored Walt Disney and everything he accomplished. It showed a lot of the history and quite a few of the old movies. World Of Color Ca. Adventure After riding Soarin’ Over California one more time, we finished off our first day. We were pretty exhausted since we had been up so early. We were ready for some sleep before tackling Disneyland the next day!

What’s your favorite part of California Adventure or what would you do first if you could go? Stay tuned for Part 2: Disneyland, next week!

Sunshine and Blessings