Fun Braided Leather Headbands

Hello everyone!  We are here with another simple blog, but it is very fun and easy to do!  I hope you are all excited!

I was in Target in the dollar section (a very dangerous section of the store for me and my mother) and found this awesome leather ribbon.  I loved the colors and knew that they would look great as some sort of project.  I didn’t know what, but I would figure something out.


And that I did.

I took each piece and measured it out to the size and a half of my head.  I then added a little extra for safety.  I did this with all three pieces for all three of the designs I am about to show you.

The next thing I did was tie a knot in the end with a loop.  This was going to be the end of the headband.


The first design I did was a simple chevron design.  I had the brown as the outside strands, white as the second and fifth strand, and blue and the middle two strands.  I crossed the outside strands over to the middle from both sides to make a v shape.  I then continued this pattern until I finished the entire headband.


The second design was a bit more fun, but tricky.  I laid the leather out in the same pattern.  But this time instead of doing a chevron design, I did a bow design.  I tied a bow about the entirety of the leather and put the tails in the middle to use again.  After tying 3 bows of each color, I then braided the rest of the leather in a simple three strand braid.


The final design was the most complex, but probably the most fun.  I separated the strands into two sets of three, with one color in each set.  I then started with a braid and went a short distance.  After that, I tied a knot around the entirety of that set, five knots for each color.  Unfortunately, the strand was a lot shorter than I expected it to be.


So with the other set, I did a simple braid on the entire thing.  When I finished that braid, I tied the two together so they wouldn’t come apart.  Unfortunately, it looks a little silly, but it works if you have a side braid or ponytail.


And here are the three finished looks!


And there they are!  I really like how they turned out and they were super simple and easy to make.  And the supplies weren’t super expensive!  If you have any questions about how I made any of these headbands, please let me know!


Fabulous Finds and Fashions

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Good morning! I have been busy this week setting up my classroom, as much as possible anyways. I showed up yesterday morning and my whole classroom was outside in the courtyard! They are cleaning carpets today, but moved everything out yesterday! It was very interesting trying to find things so I could get some work done. Then today, we won’t be able to put our stuff back in until 4:00 and then there is church tonight in the classrooms! Plus Open House tomorrow! Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. It will get done, eventually.

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finds and fashions tan kimono floral jacket and white jeans

Finds and fashions pink kimono and necklace

Groopdealz has so many different things they sell.

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Maybe a few new things for fall:

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Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a great week!

“This post contains affiliate links”.

Sunshine and Blessings





Fabulous Finds and Fashions-Premier Design Edition

Hello everyone!  And welcome to another Fabulous Finds and Fashions.  This week, I am showing off a beautiful piece of jewelry that I recently got and I needed to find things to wear it with.

So, some of you may have heard of Premier Designs Jewelry.  It is a direct sales company that sells beautiful jewelry that is well made and can be worn many different ways.

Recently, my friend Rachel hosted a show from our friend Breanne.  And at that show, I picked out a beautiful necklace named Sugar Rush.  It can be worn so many different ways and it is absolutely beautiful no matter how you wear it.  So here are my different outfits to wear with my necklace.

Look 1: White Shirt with Full Necklace

Look One 1

So, I just bought this shirt when I went shopping with mom, but I love how it looks with the necklace.  I always thinks white looks good with the necklace.  I added denim capris and silver flip flops to finish off the look.

Look One 2

But see how full and pretty the necklace is?  Now, each of the silver strands can come off and the strand that is on the back comes off so it can be lengthened or shortened.  The three colored bead strands are all connected, but they look good as a necklace on their own.

Look Two: Grey Shirt and Silver Strands

Look Two 1

So I took some of the strands off of the necklace to just show off the silver strands.  I kept the denim capris and added black and white Aztec print Toms.

Look Two 3

I love the two different types of necklaces against the grey top.  They add a nice touch to the simple top.  The different colored beads in one of the strands add a small pop of color and the coins add a bit of design and fun to the necklace.

Look Three: Pink Shirt and Colored Beads

Look Three 1

The pink shirt happened to be the same color as the pink bead on the strand!  It worked out so perfectly!  I paired this with the denim capris and a pair of pink flip flops.

Look Three 2

This might be my favorite combination besides the full necklace.  It is so simple, but it is very pretty.  I also like how long the necklace is with the beads.

Well, that’s my new necklace and my new outfits.  I can’t wait to wear them out and about and see what everyone thinks!  Thanks for stopping by!


Finds and Fashions-Pink Edition

Happy Wednesday! I had to think about that a bit! Since I am not in school, I tend to lose track of my days! I thought I would go with a little pink today, just to lighten things up!

finds and fashions pink sweater with white tee pretty in pink

I have shown this Kimono before, with blue, but it looks good with so many different things! I bought it from and I just saw it again a few weeks ago. This time I added a pink/coral top underneath, which I paired with white jeans. I think I have shown white jeans almost every time too. They just look good with everything!  I added a white, coral and gold necklace, white hoop earrings, a brown and gold tote and white sandals.

finds and fashions pink and white jeans

I just love how flowy this is. It sure is cooler on a hot day!

Finds and fashions pink kimono and necklace

This next top is one of my favorites. It has a French Bulldog on the front in pink and silver! I paired it with a white knit skirt to give it a more casual feel. Silver sandals and earrings were also added. The pink tote I feel like I have had forever! I think I got it at a thrift store and I pull it out every summer. It’s great for taking down to the beach or lake too!

finds and fashions pink and grey dog

Here is a close up of the cute doggy!

finds and fashions grey bully shirt

Here’s the bag, sandals and earrings.

finds and fashions pink purse and silver sandals

The last outfit is a basic white tee with a pink 3/4 sleeve sweater over the top. Now, we don’t need sweaters here too often in the summertime, but Haley and I went to see Finding Dory a couple of weeks ago, and I sure wish I had this sweater in the theater. It was freezing! I paired it with both a grey pair of jeans and a grey skirt, so it could be more casual or dressy. I also showed it with a couple of different pairs of shoes.

finds and fashions pink and grey sweater

A pretty beaded pink necklace and the same pink tote finish it off.

finds and fashions pink sweater with white tee

I enjoy playing around with different combinations of outfits from my closet. It helps me to see what might work together and give me more of an idea what to grab if I am in a hurry. It can also help to see some of the basics you might need. There are always some new combinations to put together!

I hope you have a fantastic week and I will see you next time!

Sunshine and Blessings

Fabulous Finds and Fashions-Dressing Haley

Hello everyone!  This week is a little different because I was at my parents house and had a little bit of fun.

So, Haley woke up and was complaining that she didn’t know what to wear.  So, I jokingly said that I was going to dress her.  And that is exactly what I did.

Do you know how hard it is to dress someone who’s closet consists of 99% black clothing?  Very hard.

But, I found an outfit that didn’t completely consist of black.  And here it is!

Full Look

So, it consists of a lot of color!  And it looks so good on her.  I dressed Haley in a white pair of Faded Glory shorts with a turquoise tank top under a Rock and Republic black tank top.  See…I added some black to the outfit!

Up Close

I added a Forever 21 layered necklace to add to the neckline.  I love the complexity of the necklace to add something to the look.  It makes a great statement with the outfit and adds something else to a simple outfit.


I finally added a pair of Mossimo Vans style shoes with Aztec print.  This was the only part of the outfit with print, but it brought the whole outfit together.

I hope that you like the outfit I made for Haley.  I thought that it all came out beautifully and maybe she will actually wear it instead of just black!