DIY Headboard to Faux Fireplace Reveal

I’ve always loved the look of a fireplace. Unfortunately, I have never lived in any house, even growing up, that had one! I am so deprived :)! So after scouring Pinterest and all the blogs I follow, I decided I should try and make my own sometime. This past summer, Lauren and were at Goodwill and came across this headboard for only $3.99! Sold! There were two, and I probably should have bought both of them, but I was so excited to just find one! Then it sat for quite awhile. It always takes me time to think about how this is going to work and exactly how I want it to look.

Faux Fireplace Headboard

We took off one of the pieces that was under the shelf. I found some more pieces of wood at another Goodwill that had scallop across one side and decided that would work too. Yes, they are bright turquoise, but everything will get a few coats of paint.

Faux Fireplace Makeover Before Paint

I added a little extra to the bottom too. I had these ornaments from last year that I never did anything with, so I glued them up near the top to add some interest to the piece.

Faux Fireplace Medallion

After patching all the holes, I gave it a couple coats of paint.

Faux Fireplace Patched up

We added a thin piece of plywood to the back which I painted black. We also added a board along each edge in the back so it would sit flush on the wall since we have 6 inch baseboards. So here it is!

Faux Fireplace Full View

I am so pleased with how this turned out!

Faux Fireplace Reveal

It was different to decorate a mantle, but I am looking forward to all the different ways to style it.

Faux Fireplace Top view

Here are the Christmas ornaments I never used last year. I’m so glad I could find a good use for them! I made the acorn garland by hot gluing acorns from my yard onto a piece of twine.

Faux Fireplace with Acorns

My mom and dad found this box in a dumpster. Um, yes please! It’s perfect here for now.

Faux Fireplace Wood Box

It won’t be long until this is all decorated for Christmas. I am also wanting some kind of heater for inside so my doggies and I can cuddle up in front of it when it gets cold. It will be the perfect spot!

Faux Fireplace Fall Decor

I hope you enjoyed the reveal! I’m so glad it is done and ready to go! Now on to the next projects!

Sunshine and Blessings