Wooden Drawer Front “GATHER’ Sign

Wooden Gather Sign Title

Hello all! Are you all ready for Halloween? My preschoolers are sooo excited! I think I hear every day what they are going to dress up as. We have a different type of dress-up day each day next week, so it should be fun and crazy! I am going as Mary Poppins, but most of the kids didn’t know who she was. Luckily I found a book and read it to them so they won’t be completely confused!

I am posting again today since Lauren has been too busy with mid-terms to get anything done. I am not real pleased with the result of the project, but since I had to get it done quick, I will just go with it!

I had this wooden drawer front sitting in my shed for awhile now and decided I needed to do something with it. I have been wanting to make a sign for awhile, so figured this would be a good piece for it.

Drawer Front Beginning

I filled in the holes with spackle because I didn’t have any wood putty. I let that dry and then put on several coats of Minwax Wood Finish. I wanted it to be pretty dark, so I put on several coats and didn’t wipe too much off in between.

Drawer Front Spackling

I like how the grain of the wood really shows up!

Wood Drawer Front Varnished

Now for my sign. I wanted to use the word ‘Gather.’ I found a font I liked on Microsoft Word and printed in out on my printer.I used a font called ‘Easy Rider.’

Wooden Drawer Gather Sign Printout

After printing out the size I wanted, I scribbled pencil all over the back of the paper. (Don’t mind the ‘G’ and the ‘a’-my printer decided not to print out the ‘t’, so I had to print again. Can’t waste paper!)

Wood Gather Sign Pencil Markings

Then I put the paper, face up, on the board, placing it where I wanted it to be. Then I traced the letters with a pencil, pressing down hard. I was able to get the outline of my word.

Wood Drawer Front Sign Etching

Next I traced it with a paint pen and then filled in the letters with white paint.

Wood Gather Sign Apple Barrel Paint

Wood Gather Sign Paint

I traced outside the letter with black, but after it was done, I wasn’t sure I liked it. I did some sanding on it and then added an antiquing wax over the whole thing.

Wooden Gather Sign

Still not sure about the outline, but since I needed to get it done for this post, it will have to do. Maybe I can work on it a little more later.

Wood Drawer Front Gather Sign

Wooden Drawer Front Gather Sign

This is what I am most excited about for the holidays-gathering together with family and friends! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunshine and Blessings