Make Your Own Rice Bag Hand Warmers plus Free Printable

Good morning! Glad you stopped by today! I have a very simple project for you to make for yourself or as gifts. The holidays are coming!  I’m sure you have seen rice bags around and now you can make it yourself.

Hand Warmer Title


  • small pieces of cotton fabric
  • ruler
  • thread to match and needle
  • sewing machine or fabric glue
  • rice
  • funnel

I always wash my fabric before using it to make sure all the shrinkage is out. Then I cut my pieces into 4 inch squares. You need two matching ones for each hand-warmer, or four for a set.

hand warmer squares

Place your squares right sides together.

hand warmer square right sides together

I sewed my squares together, but you can also use fabric glue. I sewed around the edge, about 1/4 in. seam, leaving about 1 inch open at the end. Be sure to back-stitch the beginning and end so the sewing doesn’t come undone.

hand warmers sewing seam

Turn your square right side out, using the small hole you left open.

hand warmer 1 inch openinghand warmer turn right side out

I use regular long grain rice to fill my bags. I also fill my bags over a large bowl to catch any overflow.

hand warmers cup of rice

I placed the funnel inside the hole in the bag and used about 1/2 cup of rice for each warmer. You don’t want the bag too full or empty. When mine are filled, they lay nice and flat. There are no empty spaces and no bump in the middle.

hand warmer funnel and ricehand warmers pouring rice into baghand warmer filling bag with rice

Once the bags are filled, fold in the open edge and stitch, or glue closed, with coordinating thread.

hand warmer fold in and stitchhand warmer rice stitch close

I tied up each set with baker’s twine an added a small tag with instructions.

hand warmer basket with tag

I’ve included a PDF so you can print your own tags too!  There will be a link at the end of the blog post to click on.

hand warmers in a baskethand warmers rice tag

You can warm these up in the microwave and then place them in your pockets to warm your hands. Sometimes I even place them in my bed to warm the sheets on a cold night. They can be used on sore muscles too. You can also keep them in the freezer for boo-boos or to cool you down when it’s hot. There are so many uses for these cute little bags.

hand warmers in a basket with tagshand warmer rice bag in a basket

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

hand warmer tags

Hand Warmer Tag Printable


99 Cent Store Valentine Gift Ideas

This week has been Secret Sister Week at work and it has been so much fun!  We pick names and then for the week before Valentines, we bring the other person a little gift each day. It’s fun to figure out what to get and how to sneak it in so nobody can guess who you are! We only spend between $10-15, so a trip to the 99 Cent Store or the Dollar Tree was where I headed.  I thought I would show you how you can buy a few small, inexpensive things and it can still be special.

The first day, I gave a small glass red polka-dotted milk bottle and filled it with peanut   M & M’s. My Secret Sister had noted that her favorite color is red and her favorite candy were the M & M’s. I tied on a paper heart with her name on it.


The next day was a baseball theme. She likes the L.A. Dodgers, so the colors I chose were royal blue and red. I found a cool old-fashioned looking box of Cracker Jacks, a blue Gatorade, a box of chocolates with baseballs on the cover and a blingy blue keychain.


My Secret Sister also stated that she likes Disney and to cook and bake, so the baking aisle was my next destination.  I picked up a box of cupcake mix, a couple of turquoise and white cupcake holders and some cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake liners.   


The last day was the little Starbucks sandwich box that I covered with pretty Valentine paper.  I showed how to make this box a couple of weeks ago here on the blog.  You could use any box you have on hand.  I will fill it with some heart-shaped sugar cookies.


I’m excited to let my Secret Sister know I had her name and find out how she liked all her gifts. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Sunshine and Blessings, Pam