Yes, You Can Make Your Own Lanyard!

And it’s so easy!!! These would make great Teacher gifts for all those who have worked so hard this past year. The nice thing about making your own, is you can customize it any way you want!

You are going to need:

  • 11/2 inch ribbon
  • Heat and Bond and iron
  • ‘D’ ring and hook
  • Sewing machine or fabric glue

The first step is to find some cute ribbon! That’s not hard to do! I found two coordinating ones. I actually ordered the Star War and Yoda ribbon from Etsy, but I have bought several from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I like the 1 1/2 inch the best, but 1 inch would work also. Cut your ribbon in 1 yard lengths.

Here is where you have a couple of choices of ways to attach you ribbon together. I used Heat and Bond. You could always sew the ribbons together or use fabric glue to attach them. I cut a piece the same length of the ribbon.

I laid the Heat and Bond on each edge of the ribbon and ironed it on. Follow the directions on the package. I ironed over each side slowly to make sure the glue is bonded well.

Once the ribbon has cooled peel off the paper backing.

Lay the other ribbon on top and iron the two together. Again, I iron over it slowly to attach the two ribbons together.

Once the ribbon has cooled, lay the ribbon flat. At the ends, place the back side on top of the front side. It kind of looks like an exclamation point.

Slide a ‘D’ ring over the end of the ribbon.

I ironed on another small piece of Heat and Bond on the bottom of both pieces of ribbon and ironed them together.

I also used a little bit of fabric glue to just make sure the pieces wouldn’t come apart. I have also sewed some of the ends, which makes it a little neater.

Here are a few of the others I have made.

Do you see something similar about them? Haha! I am selling these at the vendor fairs with Lauren while she sells her Disney trading pins.

When I was a teacher, I wore these every day! They sure come in handy!

I would love to know if you try this out! Let me see what pattern ribbon you use! Have a great day!

Fun Braided Leather Headbands

Hello everyone!  We are here with another simple blog, but it is very fun and easy to do!  I hope you are all excited!

I was in Target in the dollar section (a very dangerous section of the store for me and my mother) and found this awesome leather ribbon.  I loved the colors and knew that they would look great as some sort of project.  I didn’t know what, but I would figure something out.


And that I did.

I took each piece and measured it out to the size and a half of my head.  I then added a little extra for safety.  I did this with all three pieces for all three of the designs I am about to show you.

The next thing I did was tie a knot in the end with a loop.  This was going to be the end of the headband.


The first design I did was a simple chevron design.  I had the brown as the outside strands, white as the second and fifth strand, and blue and the middle two strands.  I crossed the outside strands over to the middle from both sides to make a v shape.  I then continued this pattern until I finished the entire headband.


The second design was a bit more fun, but tricky.  I laid the leather out in the same pattern.  But this time instead of doing a chevron design, I did a bow design.  I tied a bow about the entirety of the leather and put the tails in the middle to use again.  After tying 3 bows of each color, I then braided the rest of the leather in a simple three strand braid.


The final design was the most complex, but probably the most fun.  I separated the strands into two sets of three, with one color in each set.  I then started with a braid and went a short distance.  After that, I tied a knot around the entirety of that set, five knots for each color.  Unfortunately, the strand was a lot shorter than I expected it to be.


So with the other set, I did a simple braid on the entire thing.  When I finished that braid, I tied the two together so they wouldn’t come apart.  Unfortunately, it looks a little silly, but it works if you have a side braid or ponytail.


And here are the three finished looks!


And there they are!  I really like how they turned out and they were super simple and easy to make.  And the supplies weren’t super expensive!  If you have any questions about how I made any of these headbands, please let me know!