How to Set Up Your Christmas Village

Good morning! It’s been a couple weeks since I have been here and now we are in December and all things Christmas!! I have all the decorations up and now I can just sit back and enjoy the lights and other decor. I was finally able to find a place to display my Christmas village this year. I had the perfect place for it at our old house, but we have been here for 4 years and I was still having a hard time figuring out where to put it. So I tried something different and I think it turned out pretty good. This will probably end up being its new place each year.

This is what my fireplace looked like in the fall. This is in my family room. I have had the crates in here for a while and thought maybe they would work for the village too. The first step was to clean everything out and put it all away.

Once everything was cleared out, I gave it all a good cleaning. I also added another crate and set it on the hearth.

I placed soft white felt in all the crates and on the hearth. I found a white tree skirt at the 99 Cent Store that worked perfectly. I pulled out all my large pieces, plugged them in to make sure they worked and then set them where I thought they worked best.

Now comes the hard part…getting them all plugged in and hiding the cords! Whew! I was ‘glistening!’ I have a cord that has outlets every couple of feet and I can plug in 2 or 3 at each outlet. I ran all the cords out the back of the crates and hid them under the ‘snow’ as much as possible. Thankfully there is a wall outlet nearby.

This next part is easier and more fun! I placed all the smaller accessories into the scene. I have trees, benches, people, and dogs. I use fiberfill for little tufts of snow and I even have some little rocks I place around the scene.

The last piece to add was a garland and lights over the top of the whole thing. It looks so pretty at night!

I have two churches, one on each end of town. This village came from Mervyns when they were around. My husband usually bought me a new building each year.

Here you can see the set was part of Village Square. I still see pieces around once in awhile at thrift stores, but I never had enough room for any more pieces. But if this is where I decide to keep it, I can fit more in!

I’m so glad I finally found a good place to display my village. How about you? Do you have a village? How do you display it? I love to see everyone’s villages and how they set it up! Have a great week!

Ho Ho Ho Marquee Box

Well, I am starting some of my Christmas posts! Can you believe it is almost here? I actually worked on some different Christmas projects during the year so they would be ready to post. Good thing I started early!

I received this gift box last year for Christmas and knew I could do some cool project with it. Haley just rolled her eyes at me when I told her that. 🙂

I started with my box, and a string of lights. The lights were a 20 count, but I ended up using 100 count.

Ho Ho Ho lighted box supplies

I punched holes with a pencil from the front to the back. This way I could place them in the right spots and I wouldn’t have the extra cardboard sticking out on the front. I placed the holes in each of the letters of the ho, ho, ho. Then I started pushing the lights into the holes from the back. (sorry for the blur!)

ho ho ho lighted box  light holes

Here it is, from the back, with the 100 lights. There were some lights that didn’t go into holes, but 50 wouldn’t have been enough either.

ho ho ho lighted box 100 lights

And the front. Then it was just a matter of plugging it in and seeing if it would work

ho ho ho lighted box white lights

Yay! It works! And you can even tell what it is supposed to say!

ho ho ho lighted box in the dark

Now I have my own little marquee light!

ho ho ho lighted box lit up

Such a simple idea with a lot of impact! I’m sure you can find boxes similar this at the store too. I will be back next week with another idea!