It was My Birthday!

Well everyone.  It is that time of year where I get to celebrate my birthday yet again!  Yippee!  I turned 22 this year, which means that I am still a baby and still have soooooo much to learn in life.

But, for my birthday this year my mom, Haley, and I went shopping!  Because, who doesn’t like shopping?

So we started shopping at Forever 21.  And as usual, I didn’t buy anything.  Even though they have some of the cutest clothes, I don’t usually buy anything.

We continued through the mall and stopped at a new store called BoxLunch.  When we entered the store, I immediately noticed that it is a lot like Hot Topic but without the goth.  There are a lot of fandom items that would make any fangirl happy!  There is a lot of items for Harry Potter, Disney, Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, and much much more.  But, another reason I like the store is because they give back to community food banks with every purchase.  Who would’ve thought?  So, I bought a mini pop vinyl figure of Hermoine Granger.Present 5

And I bought a Five Nights at Freddy’s mystery box.  There are 12 figures that you could possibly get in the box.  Who doesn’t like a mystery and a surprise?  So, I bought it and got a Toy Bonnie.  I think that he is adorable!

Present 1

We then made our way to Charming Charlie’s where all of their clearance stuff was an additional percentage off!  So, why wouldn’t you want to buy some?  I bought a feather necklace, a leather and rock bracelet, and a leather tassel keychain.  I bought the keychain specifically to hang my Hermoine pop figure, but now I want to buy the other Harry Potter pop figures to hang with her.

Present 6

I also bought my first poof!  I love how cute and poofy it is!

Present 3

We then made our way to Home Goods.  And I found a Paris mason jar.  It is big and perfect for keeping…something in.  I don’t know what yet, but I am sure that I will find something to put into it.

Present 2

Finally, we made our way to Walmart where I purchased a Fitbit!  I bought the Fitbit Alta and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.  I like wearing it and seeing how many steps I take and how many calories I have burned.  It’s awesome!

Present 7

And, I also received a Paris tote from my family!  Isn’t it cute?

Present 4

So, yeah.  That’s what I did for my birthday.  Not super exciting, but I did have a good day!  It was nice to spend time with my mom and sister and do some shopping.  I hope you all have a good rest of your day!


My Beachy Spring Decorating

We are having some very lovely weather here in Central California. Unfortunately, we need rain and snow in the mountains very badly.  Could all of you in the snowy places, send us some?  Thanks!  Anyways, the sunshine makes me want to decorate for spring. Lighten things up and dream of some beach time!



I love decorating with seashells. They are neutral, plus have interesting shapes and I can fit them in anywhere. They go especially well with all my turquoise. I am trying to slowly go to a more neutral color scheme, so my shells will still fit in perfectly.


My style

This shelf is in my dining/computer area. I have had it a very long time.  It used to be that wonderful hunter green, until it got a fresh coat of paint. I also changed out the hooks for some old doorknobs. That glass one took a lot of glue and drying time to get it to stay! IMG_2586


Old doorknobs

Lauren decoupaged this frame with old book pages, I have had the turquoise jar for a long time, the ‘S’ came from Michaels and the little glass bowl holds a bunch of old keys. IMG_2583


Simple and neutral

Here we have a spindle I covered with twine, an adorable picture of the girls when they were small and a jar given to me by Haley.


KIrkland bottle

This cute little bird drawing in the seashell frame was drawn by Lauren when she was in grade school. She didn’t like it, but I thought it was perfect! I have had it framed in different areas of the house ever since.


Such a sweet little picture

I bought this small crate from the Railroad Museum in Sacramento when the girls were young and we visited the museum with my sister, who lived in Sacramento at the time.  I have a small sea urchin bowl on top and a seashell and jar inside.  I won a 6 pack of these wonderful turquoise Ball jars from another blog. I filled it partway with sand and added a few small sand-dollars. IMG_2581 Underneath the shelf I have a white metal record-player table.  Remember those! Really big CD’s! I have an old turquoise bucket that is actually an ice-cream maker bucket from my grandma.  I have no idea how old this thing is.  But the color is perfect! I’m sure Grandma new thought it would be used this way! I filled it with branches and flowers from my yard. I love the blossoms! IMG_2588 Well, that’s the start of spring decorating! I am still working on the hallway and hope to have that done soon so I can show it off.  Hope you all have a wonderful day! PhotoScan Link Parties we are partying at! callingallcrafters15     TWCJLF-Button-300x300   PartyBanner Inspire-Me-Monday-Link-Party  Create-Link-Inspire_500px1  lou lou girls linky party_thumb[2] 35lujig  Untitled+(5)    linkpartybutton_zps9741453e Brag About It VMG206 650    dotelltuesdayheader1 DIYLinkPartyButton 55 link Party 7-2014   Link-Party-Header  Whimsy-Wednesday-Image2 YWWsnip  image1 (10)Moonlight-and-Mason-Jars-Buttonnmo9thursday-154/ ImpartingGracebutton  bb1  creative-inspirations The-Creative-Exchange-FB-Logo1  unnamed_zps43220571  show-off-friday-button-150x150135  Let's Get Real Weekly  fridaysunfolded4banner  week1  Be.You_.Tiful-Link-Party-Button-500x5001  New Party Button for WTDW resized to 240  FFF_01 Friday-Favoritescollage-10-2014-300x150  party button (R2)  2-1  1-Funky_Junks_Party_Junk_link_party.29-AM  fav