It More Pumpkins!

Hey everyone!  I hope everyone is excited for Halloween!  Any awesome costumes?

Well this week the blog is really short, but I wanted to show off the pumpkins I created for the pumpkin decorating contest at work.  It was really simple, but I love it so much!

They are chocolate covered strawberries!


Aren’t they cute?

So that’s it!  Super short and sweet but still lots of fun!



Corner News

Hey everyone! I know we haven’t been here on Fridays in the past, but we have decided to add something new.

Corner News will be just a little about what has been going on with us during the week. Nothing fancy, no big posts, just a little about us. So enjoy!

I scored this awesome beverage cart at a yard sale this last weekend! I can’t wait to fix her up and put her to good use again. Not sure what I will be doing yet…I am still looking for inspiration!

Vintage Beverage Cart

The shelves can be removed and become trays. So awesome!

Vintage Bar Cart

I took was given this awesome aerial picture from my dad. This is the refinery where he worked for over 30 years. See the little building right in front of the trees at the front of the picture? That’s where we used to pick up my dad after he got off work! This picture was taken at the very beginning of its existense. The refinery became much larger in later years, but is now closed down. I just love the history of it!

Old Black And White Aerial Picture

This is what I have been busy with this week-more painting! This time in Haley’s room. She was very tired of turquoise with pink blobs on the wall! So it is a sophisticated grey with turquoise and white accents. More coming soon!

Grey, Turquoise and White bedroom

One more thing-just remembering what a great time we had at Disneyland and can’t wait to go again!

Disneyland PIllow

Have a great weekend!

Sunshine and Blessings

My Luggage is Ready for Vacation

Well, here we are. Already into July! Where has time gone? I don’t feel like I have accomplished much yet! We have been camping and are planning another few days away in a couple of weeks. But my luggage wasn’t ready. Actually, the only luggage I had were some pieces my husband had recieved from work and they all had the company name on them. So cute and fashionable(sarcasm)!! Then I remembered I had  a suitcase I used to keep scrapbooking stuff in before I moved it into the big desk in Lauren’s room. I bought it years ago at a yard sale and it’s red, which is not my favorite color, but I figured I might as well do something with it. Maybe I could make it a little cuter! I looked around on Pinterest, but the only suitcases were vintage ones. Yeah, this is vintage…1990’s vintage! 🙂

Plain Jane

Plain Jane

Since the suitcase is red, I decided to go nautical. I tried to think what design would work and settled on an anchor. I found a design I liked on the computer and printed it out, but it was too big. I shrunk it down and printed again. This is where the mistakes began. I taped the pieces of my anchor together and then proceeded to cut out the wrong one! I cut out the bigger one instead! You see, in order to save paper, I printed out the smaller anchor on the back of the larger one. Maybe not such a good idea. 😦 luggage makeover 2 Well, I pieced it together as best I could and figured I would just add in the missing parts. First I tried rubbing chalk on the back of the anchor and then tracing over the design on the front. Failure! Tried again, this time tracing the front with a pencil instead of chalk. Double failure! My only other choice was to cut out my mutilated anchor as best as I could and then trace around it onto the suitcase. luggage makeover 3 I stuffed the suitcase with a couple of boxes and put a large scrapbook into the front pocket before starting the tracing to give me a hard surface..I used a black paint pen to trace. It actually came out pretty good! Surprise! I am no artist or painter, so this is pretty good for me! luggage makeover 4 Now I started coloring it in. I started with a navy blue paint pen. It worked okay, but didn’t really cover very well. I used white paint and a stiff bristled brush for the white rope. luggage makeover 5 After it had dried, I knew I needed something different for the blue. I used the same fabric paint I used when I painted my Skechers, Tulip Fabric Paint, Marine Blue. luggage makeover 6 This turned out much better! I let it dry overnight and then added another coat of each color in the morning. After that dried, I added the black outline again and the details to the rope. luggage makeover 7 I am actually pretty impressed at how well this turned out! luggage makeover 10 I did find a small anchor stamp at Michaels and tried stamping some small anchors in blue and white on the top pockets. They didn’t turn out very well, so I only did about 8. I outlined them with sharpie and called it good. luggage makeover 11 luggage makeover 8 I think my luggage and I are ready to go now! luggage makeover 12 My husband can use his own! 😉 luggage makeover 13 Sunshine and Blessings