2018 Colors of the Year- Ultra-Violet and Oceanside

Have you heard about the different colors of the year? Several companies chose a color to be featured for each year. Pantone picked Ultra-Violet. I have to admit- purple is not one of the colors I use in my home or my clothing. It just isn’t something I am drawn to. I love it outside in the garden, but not in my home. But I did look up a few ways to use it as an accent in your home.

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If ultra-violet is a color you absolutely love, how about going all out and getting this plush sofa? This would be quite the statement piece!


violet couch



Or maybe something a little more subtle? These Charoite Glass Bottles are stunning!

Product Image

I think pillows make a great accent piece and they are easy to change out when the season changes or your decor changes. This Mongolian Fur pillow looks so cozy!



Sherwin-Williams color of the year is Oceanside. Now this is my color! It just makes me want to be on a warm beach somewhere with the sand in my toes and the sun shining down. This would be great as an accent piece color and would really liven up the room!

How about this great Armless Chair? This actually has other piece and can be made into a full sofa.


Corolla Microfiber Modular Armless Chair

For a smaller accent piece, here is the beautiful Glacier Glass Vase from Raymour and Flanigan. I love the mix of colors all through the vase.


Glacier Glass Vase

These Teal Dot Velvet Pillows look so glamorous and would be the perfect addition to the Oceanside color.

All Smiles Couch Teal Dot Velvet Throw Pillow Case Soft Cushion Covers 17x17in Decorative for Sofa Decor ,Turquoise Geometric Square,Set of 2

How about some color in you bedroom? This Pinched Pleat Teal Comforter would be perfect!  I love the pinched pleat. It makes a great detail.

I hope you enjoyed these new colors of the year 2018! Do you think you will try to incorporate either of them into your home? I would love to know!


Decorating with the Pantone Color of the Year: GREEN!

Hello everyone!  I am extremely sorry for not posting last week.  I am so forgetful in my old age.

I’m only 22, but sometimes I feel like I’m 50 with how often I forget stuff.

Did you know that Pantone has a color of the year?  Yeah, it’s a real thing!  And this year’s color is representative of rebirth and new life.  It also represent vitality, which is perfect in the upcoming spring season.

So, the Pantone color of 2017 is Greenery!  Which, is not a top color for me, but mom decorates with it all the time.  So, I am going to show you how to add more green to her formal living room.  If you don’t remember what it looks like, click on the picture below to check it out.


First of all, look at these awesome chairs! They are modern and chic, and I’m pretty sure they would look great in any room.  I love the modern look and they would look great with a dark wooden table.

But you know what these chairs would look great under???  How about some green lampshades!  Why not change out the blue printed lantern shades with these awesome green ones!

Now what about on the table?  How can we make these beautiful lanterns look even better and more GREEN???


How about adding green fairy lights???  They add mystical lighting to any room.  Or, it makes it more festive for St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you know that small changes can give a room new life?  You could keep all of you white modern dishes and add something cute like this green chevron tablecloth to turn a room from ultra modern to fun and funky!

You can also change up some of the pieces that you hang on the wall to change the style of the room.  One of the things you can use to cover more space is hang a tapestry.  Here is a beautiful mandala tapestry that covers a lot of wall space.

Or you can hang a new funky wreath on your wall!  Did you know wreaths aren’t only meant for doors? You can also cut branches from your trees or bring plants in to not only bring in green, but add some other color!

Now what about the day bed that all the animals love to sleep on?


How about some green pillows?  Did you know that switching out your pillows can change up the feeling in the room?  Just changing your pillows can change the entire look of the room!

Or maybe a green quilt?

OR MAYBE you put another throw blanket to put on top of the quilt.  Did you know that adding multiple blankets makes the space look cozier and comfier?

And, how about instead of the dog sleeping on the bed, they get their own green bed???

There are so many possibilities with the color green!  I hope that this has given you lots of new ideas for how to decorate with the color green!

Do you want to still be inspired?  Check out these tropical inspired houses at https://www.elliman.com/florida .  Hope you feel more tropical!