From Yellow to Blue with a Bit of Paint


All kidding aside, I do apologize for missing the post yesterday.  Time got away from me, and I am just getting to post it today.

So, we have this table that you might have seen before in some of our blogs.  It was a cute little folding table that mom had painted yellow because it was originally green.  But, I was tired of it being yellow and I wanted a table for when I move out of my current apartment and into a new place.

Table Before

So, the first thing I did was paint the legs white.  I knew that this would help to make the top of the table a statement but still keep it neutral.  I used an old sheet that I wrapped around the bottom of the table to protect it while I painted the top.

Table Cloth

I used three different shades of blue from Rustoleum for the table top.  I wanted to do an ombre effect so I used Aqua, Spa Blue, and Lagoon.


It was a bit difficult to paint the top since there were different slats that I wanted different colors.  So I started with painting the Aqua and Lagoon on the edges and painted both of those.  Then, I covered both of those parts and painted the Spa Blue section since it was in the middle of the table.

And here is the final product!

Table After 1Table After 2Table After 3

I love the ombre look on the tabletop!  It is great for the outdoors and is perfect for a front or back porch.  It would look good with things displayed on it or by itself.

I hope that you enjoyed the blog this week.  Thanks for stopping by!



Wooden Americana Signs

Board After 2

Good morning everyone!  Are you all getting ready for Memorial Day on Monday?  Are you deciding how to decorate your backyard and what food you are going to barbecue for your guests?  Or maybe you aren’t having your own party, but you are attending someone else’s party.  Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great holiday!

But, for today, I have a great idea for you to decorate at your party!

I love making wooden signs for different reasons.  And, of course, I had some extra small boards in storage that I had no use for.  So, I pulled them out of storage, dusted them off, and started painting them.

Board Before

I knew I wanted to do Memorial Day themed boards, so I used red, white,and blue paint from Rustoleum that I bought at Orchard Supply Hardware.  I used Colonial Red, Navy Blue, and White.

Board Paint

And here is how the boards look after the paint job.

Board Painted

I knew that I wanted them to be even more patriotic than the paint job.  I wanted to put the lyrics from Lee Greenwoods “Proud to be an American” on the red board, a star on the blue board, and USA on the white board.  So I printed out the designs that I wanted using fonts from Microsoft Word and a star that I found on Google.

Board Designs

I rubbed pencil on the back of the papers and then sketched the designs onto the boards.  The hardest one was the red board because the pencil marks were very light and were very hard to see on the dark paint.  But…I managed.  I then used a red sharpie for the USA board and white paint for the other two.

And here is how they turned out.

Board After 1Board After 2Board After 3

I really like how they look.  They are perfect for Memorial Day and 4th of July, but they could look really nice with any red, white, and blue decor.  They were extremely easy to make were a lot of fun to do.  It was also fun to find the different fonts to use on the boards and make everything look nice.

Thank you guys for stopping by.  See some of my other board projects by clicking on the pictures below!

Subway Art Sign                                                                      Owl Sign


Paint Plus Decoupage Equals Awesome

Do you ever have something that has been sitting on your porch or in your garage for a while?  Like, you bought it knowing full well that you were going to do something with it, but it’s been a while and you still haven’t done anything with it?

Yep…me too.

Table Before

So I’ve had this table sitting in the backyard since the blog has started (so a year and a half now).  Mom originally had the idea that she was going to use the table.  She painted it white and she was going to use the rope that I used on the nautical board (see it here) to cover the top.

Table During

But then it didn’t work out.  So I took it over and started by painting it with Rustoleum black spray paint.  It covered really nicely, so I am extremely happy.

There are a few crack in the top so I knew that it had be covered.  I bought some really pretty paper from Michaels that I wanted to use to decoupage.  I used modge podge to apply the paper to the table.


I then used an exacto knife to cut the edges of the paper to make the edges clean.  I had to modge podge the edges again to keep them stuck to the edge.

And here is how it turned out!

Table DoneTable Done 3Table Done 2

I love how it turned out. The modge podge worked well and I like how the black accents the black writing on the paper.  I can’t wait to add this in my house when I move out of my apartment!


Teen to Adult with a Little Bit of Paint

Hello!  I must apologize for this post being late.  It was not intended to be late, but unfortunately it happened.

So, Haley had this TV stand in her room for the longest time.  It was purchased at a yard sale for $5 and she covered the drawer and the sliding doors in duct tape, which was perfect for her room when she was younger.

TV Stand Before 2TV Stand Before 1

But now, it’s been sitting on our patio for a few months.  And as I am going to be moving into a house instead of an apartment in the summer where I will need more furniture, it was perfect for me to redo.

The first thing I had to do was take all of the duct tape off of the drawer and doors.  It was actually a lot easier to peel the tape off then I thought it would be.  I had to really work to pull the edges up, but pulling the tape off was pretty easy.

TV Stand Tape

And of course, the animals had to help.  Kiara…that was for painting, not for sitting.


So this is what the drawer and the door looked like originally.  They were a pretty grey color, but I was going paint them white.  I only painted one coat of white because I wanted it to have a bit of a weathered look.

TV Stand Drawer

TV Stand Doors

I then went to paint the the actual TV stand.  I went with Navy Blue Rustoleum paint and covered the whole stand.  That included the top, sides, and a few pieces on the front.  It covered really nicely and I love the shine that comes off of it in the sun.

And here is the finished product!

TV Stand Final 1TV Stand Final 2

I love the nautical look and think that it’s going to look great in my living room.  It turned out better than I expected with all of the work that went into taking the tape off.  I like the colors together and know it will be used someday.  Thanks for coming by!


From Arabian to Modern-Giving New Life

Before I go any further in this blog post.  To my cousin Sarah-if you are reading this, stop here!  Or don’t, it’s up to you.

Okay, moving on.

My roommate Hannah is a giraffe lover.  This includes giraffe blankets, giraffe calendars, a giraffe onesie, you get the point.  She got a set of giraffe bookends from her family for Christmas, thinking that they would be perfect for her.  The only problem was, they weren’t really Hannah’s style.

giraffe bookends

Now to be honest, I think that these look really cool.  I like the colors, all the textures, and the little mirrors lining the bottom and the back.  But, these are not Hannah’s style at all.  She is much more of a modern girl, not so Arabian.

giraffe bookends front view

When she said that she was getting rid of them, I took them.  I thought that I could paint them to give them a new look and give them to my cousin Sarah (who isn’t supposed to be reading this but might be anyway) for her birthday.

But what I didn’t realize, what how stubborn these bookends were going to be to paint them.  Are giraffes stubborn animals?

My original idea was to keep all of the little mirrors on the edges and the few that are on the giraffes.  I thought that it would look really cool to paint them a metallic silver to give them a modern look, but keep the mirrors.  So I painstakingly put Vaseline on all of the little mirrors so that way I didn’t have to tape all of them.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out the way I was hoping it would.  Once I sprayed the bookends silver and let them dry, I went to take the Vaseline off the mirrors.  But, when I was wiping off the the Vaseline, I was taking the paint off as well.

So, I just painted the entire thing anyway.  And here is the final product!

Giraffe finished

I love how they turned out!  They now look very modern and much better than the red and gold.  I also like how the edges look now that the mirrors are covered.

Single Giraffe

So, I hope that Sarah likes them!  I love how they turned out with the paint and I hope she loves them as much as I do.