What part of the house is NOT a Mess?

Good morning!  How are things in your neck of the woods?  Our weather is pretty crazy right now with buckets of rain! We need it so badly, especially the snow in the mountains, so it is pretty wonderful!

Our house is still a complete disaster! Before we moved in, Steve had removed all the popcorn ceiling, but we hadn’t had time to do anything else. So now we had the ceiling textured. What a mess! Even though everything was covered with plastic, there is still dust everywhere! We have had everything primered now and the family room and dining room are done.  There is still the living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, the hallway, and the entry. Still a ways to go, but at least we are seeing progress. So since the house is still a mess, I had to find a project to be able to show you.

I knew I wanted to do something different with my spices, especially since I have so much more storage in this kitchen. This worked great when I didn’t have much storage space. I was able to see all my spices at once. I ordered these from Amazon. This is what I did before:

But I had seen this idea, and knew it would be perfect.


Here is the link to the original post I saw: How to Make a Spice Drawer Organizer

I am not going to add all the measurements, because every drawer is going to be a different size, but you can get the general idea from the pictures.We used 1/4 inch thick wood and cut 4 pieces the width of the drawer. We also made sure they were tall enough for the spice jars.


The risers were cut so that the spices could sit on them and the drawer would still open and shut.


The bottom of the jar is going to rest on the riser of the shelf in front of it.


Here is a side view so you can get a better idea of how it works. The jars in the back were a little bigger than the others., so the riser had to be shorter for that one.


I really love how this turned out! I have it right near the stove so I can reach for whatever spices I need. It also helps to keep track of what I already have or may need the next time I go to the store.


I hope your new year has been off to a good start! Thank you so much for following along on our new house adventure!


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Okay, I know it’s the first day of February and we are not in January anymore, but I am still doing some organizing around the house.

organize spices title pictures

My spices have been driving me crazy! I had them all on a lazy susan, but I still could only find the spices that were on the outside. Then I tried lining them up, but since I couldn’t see them all, it ended up being a jumbled mess.

spice organizer cabinet of spices

I had seen different ideas all over the internet, but they didn’t work out with my kitchen. I only have about 5 feet of counter on one side and 4 feet on the other, plus a microwave and a dish drainer take up some of that space. I only have 5 drawers in my kitchen, so I couldn’t use up one of them for the spices. I finally found these on Amazon. I am not affiliated with Amazon, but I love these. Here is the link if you want to order some. I ordered 2 sets to make sure I would have enough for all the jars.

Spice organizer

Each rack holds 4 jars. There is sticky tape on the back plus a tiny screw to hold it on the door. I started out by figuring out where to line them up so the jars wouldn’t hit the shelf inside the cupboard when the door closed. I placed small jars in one row and then larger ones in the other row. This way there could be 2 rows and they would fit between the shelves.

spice organizer measuring

Once I figured out how far apart they needed to be I stuck them on using the tape.  I did end up putting the tiny screws on the end, especially for the racks holding the larger bottles.

spice organizer full of jars

My summer goal is to paint these cupboards, so I will have to take these down and hopefully they will stick again. The directions say to use heat to loosen the glue. I will probably try a blow dryer and see if that works.

organize spices on the door side view

So far, I love these! It’s so much easier to find the spice I need plus it cleared up space in my cupboard. A win/win! Have you been doing your January/February organizing and clean-up? I love to hear what you have been doing!

Sunshine and Blessings