Some New Decor for Me and You! (Giveaway)

Good morning!  It’s Wednesday and we don’t normally post anything on Wednesday’s but today is a special day.  Not only is it the middle of the week (meaning there’s only 2 more days until Friday), but we have an awesome sponsored post from Canvas Factory!!!

*This blog post is sponsored from Canvas Factory.  All opinions expressed in this blog post are our opinions.*

We have worked with Canvas Factory in the past and they have been super awesome to work with!  If you want to see the other beautiful canvases that we got from Canvas Factory, click on the photos below and they will take you to those past blog posts.

canvas-factory-bicycle-canvas-plates-decor   Full Picture

Canvas Factory is an awesome website with millions upon millions of photos that you can choose from for your home.  Not only can you pick from 13 different categories to search through the pictures, but you can add your own if you have a photo that you absolutely love and want to hang in your home.  And you don’t have to pick a canvas!  You could pick an acrylic or metal print as well.  There are so many different options for you to pick from!

Which is why this was so so difficult for me!

Now, I have a beautiful canvas that is hanging on my gallery wall in my living room.  It is a very simple picture of a compass (see link above), but it fits with all of my travel themed items.  But this time, I didn’t want to add to my living room again.  I wanted something different, for a different room in my apartment.

I thought about getting a Disney themed canvas for my future Disney gallery wall.  But I don’t know when that’s going to happen so I didn’t want to order something that I couldn’t put up right away.  And then I thought about getting a picture of succulents because I have been super into succulents and would love to hang a canvas in my kitchen with my hanging planter.  But then I found something better to go above my hanging planter.

And then it hit me.  It hit me almost as hard as a rock if someone had thrown it at me.  Why couldn’t I put a new canvas in my bedroom?


My bedroom is all Paris themed (which, if you’ve seen my past apartment tours you may remember).  I have a lot of Paris themed pictures to hang on my wall but recently I found a new space on my wall for a picture.  It wasn’t a big space but it was perfect size for a new canvas.

So I hopped over to Canvas Factory and searched ‘Eiffel Tower’ and I got I don’t know how many results.  But it was a lot.  And I searched through them all until I found the one.  The one single photo that I wanted on my wall.  So with a few more clicks, I picked out my size and ordered it right to my door.

And this is the result.

Paris Canvas 3

How pretty is this canvas?  Not only does it feature the Eiffel Tower but it shows the river and the beautiful sunset in the background.  I also love that it fits perfectly under my little blingy Paris sign.  It’s almost like it was meant to be.

Here’s a couple more photos of the mini gallery wall that I have in my bedroom.

Paris Canvas 4Paris Canvas 2

I have this mini gallery wall above some of my small display.  It’s not all Paris themed, like the rest of the room, but it all works together.  A cute purse, some flowers, a Paris tote, and an old fashion shoe bag that I drew a Banksy picture on.  It’s all so cute!  Everything works so perfectly together and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

Paris Canvas 1

Now!  You’ve made it to the end and guess what!  There is a chance to win a free canvas from Canvas Factory!  The people at Canvas Factory have been nice enough to let one lucky person get a canvas as well!  So if you click down below you will be taken to the place to enter the raffle.  This will be open for one full week (July 17-July 24) and the winner will be announced in the Top 10ish Round Up on July 26th.  Make sure you enter you do each of the options to get the most amount of entries!

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Lighting Up Miami

*This post is sponsored by Lighting Miami*


Recently, mom and I were contacted by a company by the name of Lighting Miami.  It is a company that sells many different kinds of lamps and lighting devices.  And some of their stuff if absolutely beautiful!

There are all kinds of lamps that you can buy depending on what you are looking for.

Like this crystal chandelier for $55,608.


Or if that is a tad out of your price range, you could buy this $10 Winnie the Pooh lamp!

Winnie the Pooh

But either way, the lamps are absolutely beautiful!  They have everything that you can think of.  There are table lamps, wall lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and outdoor lamps.  There are all sorts of price ranges and so many different styles.

My family has lived in the same house for 23 years (gasp, I know…).  The house was built in the 1950s and sometimes we have to change things up to make it look more modern.  So looking through this website has helped us to find ways to fix up the house to make it fit into our ever changing style.

Here is a beautiful modern chandelier that would look great in our dining room over the farm table.  This Elk chandelier is $612.

kitchen chandelier

How about these cool cube floor lamps from SLV?  Haley wants a few of these in her room.

cube light

I love this table lamp from Dimond Lighting!  Wouldn’t it be perfect in my bedroom?


I also really like this outdoor light from Jeremiah Lighting.  It is beautiful, even though it doesn’t really match anything in our outdoor patio…


And finally, for all the motorcycle fans, which we are not, you can buy this hanging light from ELK lighting.


There are so many cute lamps and lights that would be perfect for any home.  Go and check out Lighting Miami and see what they have to offer!



The Power of Compassion

How often do we get a physical letter from someone?  Before the wonderful technology known as email came about, a handwritten letter was a common way of talking to someone and telling them what was happening in their life.  Some people still get a handwritten letter from a friend or family member who still likes the idea of putting down their thoughts on a piece of paper to send to a friend or family member.

For me, I get a physical letter about once a month.

Now, I will be 21 this summer, and I had pen pals when I was younger (I am actually friends with a former pen pal from British Columbia on Facebook).  But this pen pal is little different from ones I have had in the past.  There are many reasons why I enjoy writing to this pen pal and why I am going to tell you about her. But the biggest reason is that this pen pal has changed my life.

On March 11, 2012 I attended a concert called Rock and Worship Roadshow.  This is a Christian concert that features 5 to 8 bands that audience members pay $10 at the door.  There are no pre-sale tickets unless you buy backstage passes or VIP tickets.  I was attending the concert with my dad, my ex-boyfriend, and my ex-boyfriends dad (Note: I am on very good terms with my ex and his family because I play softball with them every week).  While at the concert, one of the sponsors of the concert got up and gave a short speech that left multiple people teary eyed.  I decided to help out this sponsor of the concert by going in on a monthly sponsorship together.

It wasn’t too easy for an 18 year old to take over a $38 a month payment plan by herself.  But, I worked hard to make sure that this payment was always paid because this sponsorship meant a lot to me.

And because of this determination, I am still a monthly sponsor with Compassion International.

What is Compassion International?  This organization was created in 1952 to help orphaned children from the Korean War by providing them with food, shelter, education, healthcare, and Christian training.  And to this day, over 60 years later, Compassion helps more than 1.5 million children in 26 different 3rd world countries.

On March 11, 2012, I became the official sponsor of Angèle Kouka Nakoulma.


This is Angèle

Angèle was 6 years old when I started sponsoring her.  She is from Burkina Faso, which is right in between Ghana, Niger, and Mali in Africa.  She is one of 5 kids, and she is the next sibling after a set of twins.  The name Kouka means “after twins” and is given to children who are born after twins in a family.  According to one of her last letters, she wants to be a teacher, but she has also said that she wanted to be a doctor.  This girl has big dreams!  At home, she runs errands, cleans, and helps in the kitchen.  Some of her hobbies include playing group games, jumping rope, and playing house.

burkina faso

Burkina Faso

Because of this sponsorship I feel like I am making a difference in the life of this little girl.  I am spending $38 a month to give Angèle food, clean water, healthcare, an education, and learning about God.  And I can tell by what she tells me in the letters I receive from her.  She talks a lot about her friends, and always asks me questions.  She wants to know as much about me as I want to know about her.

On March 20, 2015 I attended the Rock and Worship Roadshow yet again.  And as I was sitting there, I had the sudden realization that I had been sponsoring Angèle for 3 years.  Me, a 20 year old college student, has been making a difference in this 9 year old’s life for 3 years.  I have been giving her things that she couldn’t get without me helping out.

So, why have I decided to tell you all about Angèle?  I have a new appreciation for things that many people take for granted.  Things like clean water, healthcare, and a place to live.  I don’t have to travel a long distance to get water, and then do something to the water to make it clean.  I don’t have to sleep in the same room as my whole family.  I can go to a doctor when I am sick and not have to worry about how I will pay for it.  Too many people take this for granted because they don’t know what it is like to not have these things.

So what can you do?


You can got to Compassion International’s official website and find out more information.  You can get questions answered, find out more about the program, and look at children who need sponsors.  If you would like to visit Compassion’s website, please click here.

There are thousands of children who need someone to help them out.  This will change your life if your life if you decide to sponsor a child.  I have a biggest appreciation for a lot of things because of the things that others don’t have.  Angèle has taught me a lot of another culture, and I have learned a lot about myself along the way.

Do you sponsor a child, either through Compassion or another organization?  Have you thought about sponsoring a child, but didn’t know where to get started?  Let me know in the comments below what you think!