Springy Tablescape

Hello and welcome to winteng…sprinter…wintering?  Whatever.  The time of the year where it is too warm for winter or too cold for spring.  Where the mornings are perfect for sweaters, jeans, and flip flops; but the afternoons are greats for shorts, tank tops, and flip flops.

Oh the struggle is real!

But, nonetheless, it is getting closer to the springy weather and closer to pretty colors from all the flowers.  So, why not get started early with a pretty table setting?

full table

I really like how all of the colors came together on the table setting.  I like the pink tablecloth and how the patterned plates add to the brightness and happiness of the tablescape as a whole.

These are the two different place settings.  One is a floral plate on top of a plaid plate with a striped napkin while the other is a plaid plate on top of floral.  They look great together and the colors compliment each other very nicely.

Hobby Lobby Sign

I added this adorable sign that I purchased for Hobby Lobby.  I completely agree with this saying because who doesn’t like pink?

Flowers and Necklace

I added some pretty pink and white flowers in the centerpiece.  They sit in a mason jar that mom decorated for me for my birthday two years ago.  I also added a tree nut necklace with pink flowers that I bought in Hawaii.  I thought that it added a lot to the centerpiece.


And finally, who could forget the cupcakes.  I added some delicious cupcakes that have matching blue frosting to keep with the colors of the tablescape.  They are a sweet blueberry.  Yum!

So this completes my tablescape.  I love how it turned out and can’t wait to see what my roommates think of my creation!


My Springtime Tablescape

Spring fever is running high here! The weather is beautiful and it is so nice to have it be light later into the evening. I love to spend time outside, but it is still pretty cool in the evenings. So instead, I decorated the dining room table (actually the only table I have).

Spring Time Dining Room

My Dining Room

I received this table from my grandparents. They bought it when they first got married in 1928. Unfortunately the top is pretty scratched up and scarred from when the girls were little. I am still trying to decide if I want to refinish it or paint it.  The original chairs have been put into storage. They were getting a bit creaky from too much use, so I hope one day to release them and bring them back into my home.

Spring Time Tablescape

Springtime Table

I covered the table with a white tablecloth and then added green/turquoise napkins. I draped them over the side of the table and really like how it looks. I added my white plates, another napkin and a small speckled egg to each place-setting.

Spring Time Tablescape

I really liked how this turned out!

Spring Egg

Love these speckled eggs!

Spring Place Setting

Someone is watching!!

I used a galvanized tray with rope handles in the center of the the table. I love using trays, because they contain everything, plus they can easily be moved if needed.

Spring Tablescape

The centerpiece

Haley says I usually add to much stuff to my displays, so I tried to keep it really simple. I added white tulips (faux, because I couldn’t find the real thing!), eggs and a nest, a white bird in a cloche and my signature starfish.

Spring Nest and Eggs


Spring Place Setting

A little touch of the beach!

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Do you decorate your table for the seasons too? I would love to hear what you do to decorate for spring! Sunshine and Blessings