Corner News-August 20, 2016

Good Saturday afternoon!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. We are hosting a bridal shower this morning, Lauren is hosting a Premier jewelry party tonight and Haley and I volunteer at the shelter on Sunday. I think I will be too tired to start setting up my classroom on Monday. Right? Can I use that as an excuse? Probably not. LOL.

Here is the special bridal chair Lauren put together. Isn’t it cute? The bride isn’t into foofoo, but oh well, She will have to deal with it!



I got to spend some time with my two favorite great-nieces on Friday. We sang and moved to some of my preschool songs, played with a dollhouse and spent time in the pool. I wish I could have gotten in with them. It was very hot.


Here is my front porch. I thought this was a good transition from summer to fall. It still looks cool and fresh, but is a little more muted than the bright summer colors I had out there. I found the cute little mushrooms at the .99 cent store. I love finding fun little decorating stuff like that.



Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunshine and Blessings