How I Organized My Tool Cabinet

Good morning! I hope you all had a fun and family filled Easter! It was such a beautiful day here. Perfect for hunting eggs! I was able to accomplish a few projects while I was off for spring break.

This locker cabinet was one of my projects. What a mess! I was constantly having to dig through all this to find the one tool or item I needed. There are small tools that I use in the house, a few painting supplies, batteries, and other miscellaneous items. I finally decided it was time to do something about it.

laundry room locker storage

I found this divided box and knew it would work perfectly for all the small pieces I had in the locker. I started out putting the smaller items in the small squares. Items such as nails, screws, hooks and eyes fit perfectly in these compartments.

laundry room locker divided box

Once I finished with the smaller pieces, I had several larger items. I was able to take some of the dividers out to make larger spaces. I placed razor blades, zip ties and larger hooks in these compartments.

laundry room locker organization tool box

I also had a small clear plastic box that I filled with the larger tools like the hammer, screwdrivers, levels, wire cutters and sandpaper.

laundry room locker tools organizationlaundry room organization plastic bin tools

I also had a divided box for batteries. I have had this organizer for awhile and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it for the other items.

laundry room organization battery box

What a difference! It’s amazing how two little organizers could make this much of a difference! It’s so much easier to find what I need now. I have the batteries on the top shelf and hung up a few extra packs on the hook. I also have a few painting supplies and the staple gun in here.

laundry room organization batteries brushes

I placed the divided box and the tool box on the bottom shelf.

laundry room locker tool box organization

Such a simple solution to a big messy problem! I’m so glad to have this one project done.

laundry room locker tools and batteries organization

Have you organized any areas in your house lately? Do you have any simple solutions for keeping your items neat? Thank you so much for stopping by today and have a great week!


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Why Can’t I Find My Hammer?

Why can’t I ever seem to find my hammer/screwdriver/nails when I want them? Because my cupboard where I keep them is always a mess! I have tried different organizing methods, but nothing really seemed to work. My last attempt was some fabric boxes with jars inside, but the tools never seemed to find their way back into the right spot. I would find the hammer off to the side or the screwdrivers at the bottom of the box. Here is the jumbled mess:

Tool Cupboard Organization

I also had some hanging on the door in a shoe organizer. This didn’t work well either. The small screwdrivers made holes in the bottom of the pocket and the glue leaked and pieces were stuck to the bottom.

Tool Cupboard Door Organization

I removed everything from the cupboard first and threw some things away and moved others to the workshop. I kept just the things I use the most inside the house. I remembered that Haley had reorganized her closet and had taken down a piece of slat-board.

Tool Cupboard Slat Board

I measured how tall the cupboard was and then Lauren cut the board into 3 pieces.

Tool Cupboard Slat Board Cut

I placed the pieces into the cupboard, one on the side and two along the back. I then went in search of some hooks. I stole borrowed one with hooks for screwdrivers from my husbands workshop. The rest of the hooks I had from Haley. Now I just had to figure out the best way to organize it.

Tool Cupboard Slat Board Install

It’s not perfect, but I am hoping it is just temporary. My husbands job site is redoing some of the buildings and I put in a request for the old lockers. I am keeping my fingers crossed! They will go in my laundry room and these tools will be one of the things stored in there.

Here it is! So much better! Each tool has a hook so it has a place to go. I hung a few little boxes and bags of things too. There are still a few jars holding the little things.

Tool Cupboard Organized

I even managed to get all the pieces off the door.The glue has its own jar so nothing else will get stuck!

Organized Tool Cupboard

That’s it! Nothing fancy, but hopefully it will stay a little neater and it will be easier to find what I need when I need it. Do you have a special way to keep your tools organized? I’m always looking for ideas!