Upcycled Old Metal T.V. Trays

Hello again! Did you all have a wonderful weekend? I pretty much just stayed home (saves money that way!) and worked on bringing some spring inside! We already have blossoms on trees and flowers blooming here. It’s probably too early, but it’s so beautiful, it’s hard to complain! I did get to work on a couple of projects too.

I have had these trays for years and could never really decide what to do with them. I have always used them for decorating outside because I felt like the floral design just lent itself to be outdoors. But they never had a specific purpose. I don’t know why this took so long to figure out, but an idea finally came to mind-at least for one of them.

floral metal trays makeoverfloral metal trays makeover single tray

I dug through some letters I have had for awhile and found enough to sort of make the word ‘garden.’ I had to add the leg for the ‘R’ and an extra line for the ‘E’, but I managed to make it work. I planned on doing the word ‘summer’ on the other one, but I didn’t have enough letters.

floral metal trays garden letters

Now that I have my letters, I put a little glue on the back of each one and placed them on the tray. Probably a spray adhesive would have worked better, but I didn’t have any, so I went with what I could.

floral metal trays garden layout

For the other tray, I tried covering the design with burlap and spraying around it.

floral metal trays burlap

With the letters attached on the first tray and lined up, I started spraying lightly over the top with white spray paint. I always use the Rustoleum 2X paint. Love this stuff!

floral metal trays garden painted

Once I knew the letters would stick, I sprayed more layers of paint. It’s best to spray several light layers and let the paint dry in between. Once the paint was dry, I removed the letters.

floral metal trays floral garden

I didn’t like how the second tray turned out, so I tried something different. I printed out 3 large flowers, laid them on top and sprayed around them. I didn’t like this either, so I am going to have to come up with a whole new plan. I will probably spray the whole thing white and then stencil something on top.

floral metal trays flower cutouts

On the first tray, I sanded a little around the edges and over the top. I still wanted it to look like it belonged outside. After the sanding, I sprayed a clear sealer over the top to add some protection for the outdoors. I also added drawer pulls to the edges so it could be used as a tray for serving. At least one out of two turned out good!

floral metal tray styled

I love how a little bit of the floral peeks through.

floral metal tray garden closeup

I wish it was warm enough to actually use this right now!

floral metal tray garden letters

floral metal tray with glassware

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can enjoy a nice glass of tea out in the garden. Are you ready for spring? Have you started any spring projects yet? I would love to hear about it!

Sunshine and Blessings

Upcycle A Clementine Box Into A Doll Bed

A long, long time ago, I wanted to be a princess-for Halloween. Isn’t that most little girls dreams? It was kindergarten. I wore a long purple dress and my shoes were covered in tin foil in order to make them shiny. There were no sparkly shoes at Target back then :). Such simple times.

My little, now 3 year old, niece, loves Minnie Mouse. She has loved her since she was one years old. So I created something special for all her Minnie Mouse dolls.

I had several of these clementine boxes. I have used some in my classroom, but still had a few left over. Who better to give them to, but my sweet little niece!

Upcycle clementine box

I first spray painted them, one white and one pink. I didn’t find Minnie Mouse print material that I liked, so I went with black with large white polka-dots and pink with little white polka-dots. I found some Minnie Mouse ribbon and some black/white polka dot ribbon to go around each bed.

Upcycle clementine box painted

My disclaimer: I am not a seamstress. Please don’t think I really knew what I was doing. Besides, I had help. Lauren. She is much better than I am. My directions will be very simple and I am sure, not very complete. Just try to play along :).

I cut a piece of foam for the mattress and cut my material to fit around plus a couple inches extra. I wanted to make it like a pillow sham pillow case, with the opening in the back. This was so it could be washed if needed. I folded over a bit of the edges of the fabric, ironed and pinned. Lauren sewed.

upcycle clementine box fabric

We also made a quilt for each bed. We used both fabrics so it could be reversible. After sewing up 3 sides, we filled it with quilt batting and then sewed up the fourth side. Lauren also sewed an ‘X’ across the top so it would wash up better, if needed.

upcycle clementine box mattress

I love the polka-dots!

upcycle clementine box quilt

We also sewed a pillow for each one using fabric that was left over. It is just a large rectangle, sewn all around the edges, leaving a little space open for stuffing. After we stuffed it, we stitched up the opening. I also added some ribbon around the outside of the box and a narrow black ribbon along the top edges.

upcycle clementine box stacked

They turned out so cute!

upcycle clementine box doll beds

She has so many Minnie Mouse dolls, she probably needs lots of these, but hopefully Minnie will share!

upcycle clementine box doll bed pink dots

These would be great gifts for little ones on your list! They could be made for both boys and girls, depending on the type of fabric that is used.

upcycle clementine doll bed black dots

upcycle clementine box bed set

My niece absolutely adored these! She already had a Minnie tucked in at her birthday party! I would love to see yours if you decide to make one!

Have a great week!



I hope you all had a good week and weekend! My preschool had their graduation this past week which is always a lot of work but so exciting for the kids! Each class is unique (this one was very talkative!), but also special. They will be missed!

I had hoped to reveal our ‘Dressing up a Dresser’ post, but things didn’t quite go as planned. It still needs a little more work, plus we tried fitting in shopping for a car, changing around my bedroom (which I will post in a couple of weeks) and Lauren ending up being called into work. So today I am sharing a pet bed I made for my Chica before I was blogging. I don’t have too many pictures and they aren’t that great, but I love this little bed, so I wanted to share!

I started out with an old discarded tv stand. It was black and at one time it had doors. I picked out some retro fabric from Lauren’s stash and found some pink pom pom ball trim too. Chica is definately a girly girl, so we needed the pink and some pom poms!

The supplies

The supplies

I painted the tv stand white and added the little pom poms around the front opening. I sewed up the fabric as a pillow cover so I could take it off and wash it. I used an old pillow to stuff it with. I even sewed a long one to line the back with.

Cozy and comfy!

Cozy and comfy!

She does use it, usually when the weather is cold, but it is a nice special spot just for her (sometimes she has to share it with the cat!).

Night night!

Night night!

I love it when I can take something someone else is throwing away and make something new and useful out of it. Have you tried anything like this? I would love to have you share! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Coming Soon! Dressing Up a Dresser

So, I’ve been a bit busy with work picking up.  Since it is summer, and everyone is leaving on vacation, they drop their dogs off at my work where it is my duty to help take care of them.  And even though I like having more hours at work, I now have to find a bit more time for the blog. Because of this, I am giving a sneak peak into what we will be showing off next week.  It is nothing special, but it was a fun project for my mom and I.

We have some work to do!

We have some work to do!

We found this dresser for free on Craiglist and picked it up right away.  We knew there were some problems with it, like mismatched handles and peeling paint and a broken drawer.

dresser 1 dresser 2

It’s taken awhile but I think we finally have a plan of what we want to do with it. We bought some new drawer pulls at the junk sale we went to last weekend and the drawer has been fixed. Now on to the fun part!  We will let you know how it turns out! Stay tuned!