How to Make Your Rice Glow

The other day, when I was absentmindedly scrolling through Pinterest, I came across this

neon rice

So…………I was intrigued.

I went to the following website and looked at what Crystal and her daughter did to make their Neon Rice.  So check out her website to see what they did.

Ingredients (I had to change to measurements a little bit to make it work for my “experiment” because I wanted to make a big batch so that my mom could take this to her preschool classroom.)

4 2 pound bags of rice

4 different colors of neon paint

Glow in the dark paint


4 Ziploc bags

Cookie Sheets

So I started by purchasing neon pink, blue, orange, and green non toxic paint along with a bottle of glow in the dark non toxic paint from Michaels.  Thankfully, it’s only about $.70 a bottle so it’s not a budget breaker.  Also, because it is non toxic, mom can take it to her classroom to use with the kids.

After I got all my supplies, I got started.

1. Separate the rice into separate bags for each color you want to use.  Since I have four colors, and four bags of rice, I just emptied a full bag into a Ziploc bag.


2. Squirt the color of choice and the glow in the dark paint into the rice.  You will also want to add some water to the mixture to make the paint runnier and easier to spread over the rice.


3. Close the Ziploc bag to start mixing.  Make sure you get all the air out because it will be easier to mix the rice with the paint.

4. Knead the mixture until the rice is coated with the paint.  I found that I didn’t add enough paint the first time, so I added more blue paint and more glow in the dark paint.

5. Empty the rice out the Ziploc bags and onto a cooking sheet.  I covered my cooking sheets with aluminum foil so that the paint wouldn’t ruin the cooking sheets.IMG_2605


6. Let the rice dry!  It doesn’t take too long to dry, but it may take a while for the glow in the dark paint to actually start glowing.  If you leave it in the light for a while, the rice should start to glow in the dark.

Now…this didn’t work exactly as planned.  The rice covered well with the paint, but it didn’t glow in the dark.  I don’t know if I didn’t add enough glow in the dark paint, which is possible because I only added about 1/4th of a small bottle.

But, it still turned out to be really pretty and now it’s a great item for mom’s preschool class to dig through.IMG_2608


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7 thoughts on “How to Make Your Rice Glow

  1. klaur2222 says:

    So cool! I bet the little one’s will totally have fun with this! Thank you for sharing with us at VMG206 Brag About It link party!


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