It is officially September, which means that leaves are falling, weather is changing, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back at Starbucks (for any of you into that), and new challenges for blogging.


Working Mom Magic has started the #SeptemberScopers Challenge.  This is using the app Periscope where someone can livestream from their phone.  This livestream can be 5 minutes or it can be an hour, whichever you prefer.  This app is connected with Twitter, so you can tell your Twitter followers when you went live on Periscope.  It is awesome!

So Working Mom Magic has set up certain things that you can talk about on your scope, but it isn’t limited to just that!  You can talk about whatever you want!  Hooray!

And, mom and I have taken the challenge.  Well…more me than mom, but it is still both of us.  I have posted a livestream the past two days and will try (biggest and most important word) to post a livestream everyday on from that.  The times will be a little skewed because of work and school schedules, but I will post on Twitter when I go live!

Finally, please check us out on Periscope.  Our username is @homeonthecorner, so please follow us and give our livestreams hearts.  I also have a personal Periscope, @yoyorocks99.  Follow both of these account to see more of what mom and I go through for the blog!


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