Fabric Pumpkin Makeover

Happy 3 Day Weekend (for those who get one!)!  This post is late today because I am busy trying to get my house cleaned up and ready for fall!  I don’t have much time during the week, so I figured this was my time to get moving on it. I feel like I accomplished quite a bit, but I didn’t get the blog done for this morning. But it’s here now!

I found these 2 (very) bright orange fabric pumpkins at a thrift store. There really wasn’t much out yet at the stores I usually go to. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with these, but I figured something would come to mind. I talked with the girls and we came up with a few ideas.

Fabric pumpkin makeover

I started with the small one. Haley suggested turquoise with orange polka-dots, where the dots start out full at the top and then becomes less and less. So I went through my paint stash and started with some colors that I mixed. It did not turn out as bright as Haley was thinking. So, I looked again and found some old poster paint in bright turquoise. It ended up being the perfect color! Here are my different attempts:

Much better color! I added a little more turquoise with some purple mixed in for the stem. After seeing the turquoise, my mind totally went in a different direction than polka-dots! Do you do that? Change your mind part way through a project? All. The. Time!

Small fabric pumpkin makeover turquoise

I decided to add some string around the pumpkin where the previous string was. I picked a navy blue, although it looks kind of purple.

Small fabric pumpkin makeover string

I just put some hot glue on the old string and laid the new string over the top.

Small fabric pumpkin makeover gluing

Here is a little clue to how I ended up decorating the pumpkin. These are a few of the embellishments that I used.

Small pumpkin makeover

The big pumpkin I just spray-painted with Rust-oleum spray paint in Metallic Aluminum.

Fabric Pumpkin spray paint

Then I added some glittery silver filigree washi tape that I found at Walmart. Sorry I don’t have the package to show you. I had already opened it for another project. Isn’t is pretty!

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 3

And here is the turquoise one! Ta da!

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 2

Haley loves peacocks and we had decorated her graduation party in a peacock theme. You can see it here. I had a few feathers left over, so it worked out great.

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover Finished

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 5

Fabric Pumpkin Makeover 4

I just loved how they both turned out! Have been decorating for fall yet?

Sunshine and Blessings

ps. We (mostly Lauren) have been on Periscope! Be sure to follow us there to find out when we go live!

23 thoughts on “Fabric Pumpkin Makeover

  1. prettypracticalhome says:

    The pumpkins turned out really cute! My favorite is the silver one–I like that it’s a little unexpected for Halloween. Thanks so much for linking up at the Finding Fall Link Party–I really appreciate you sharing this cute idea!


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