A Mini Vacation to Lodi

So, I am a very busy person.  I go to school 2 days a week and work the other 5.  URGH!  I have no time to myself!

But, before life took over, I was able to take a mini vacation to see a friend of mine.

This summer, my friend Sara had invited me to Lodi to take a mini vacation.  So, we picked a weekend that I would drive to Lodi and visit her and her family.  So on September 11th, after work and school, I drove 2 1/2 hours to Sara’s house.  When I arrived, all we did was relaxed the night away.  I was tired, so it was awesome for me.

shopping selfie

But the next day was full of activity.  We woke up early and drove from Lodi to Sacramento  to go shopping!  We visited Arden Fair mall and spent about 2 hours there.  And yes, I did buy some things: Tsum Tsums for my nieces, Disney bows for myself, and two pairs of shorts from Torrid that were on sale.  Hooray!

the squeeze

The next thing that we did was go to lunch at a place called The Squeeze.  It was a lot of food, but it definitely was delicious.

Sara and I selfie

Next, Sara and I went to the Stockton Fairgrounds where her mom and dad were serving beer at the horse races.  Now, we were more interested in watching the races and wondering if the pretty one was going to win, but we still had a lot of fun out there.  Also, beer is disgusting…

horse race scoreboard

race horse

horse race

Finally, we went to a local winery and went wine tasting.  The place was very nice and the people there were very sweet.  And, the wine was good.  Maybe a bit too bitter for me, but I will admit that I am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

old fashion truck

iron flowers

The next day we went to the local zoo.  To be honest, the zoo wasn’t that great.  A lot of birds and lemurs and monkeys, and a snow leopard.  A snow leopard without snow…



blue bird

waterdrop feather

ring tailed lemur

ring tailed lemur

red furred lemur

red furred lemur

And the last thing that we did was do some more shopping in Stockton.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was still fun.

And this was the end of the vacation.  It was sad to leave, but at the same time I was ready to go home.  I wanted to sleep in my own bed and relax, but I didn’t want to get back to the normality of life.

So thanks to Sara and her family for letting me stay with them.  Thanks for giving me a great weekend off from life.  But now, back to the hustle and bustle of school and work.  Yeah….


4 thoughts on “A Mini Vacation to Lodi

  1. Susan Jones Clayton says:

    What a fun tour of Lodi CA for someone who has been in Lodi, NJ! Lodi NJ is town across the river and a few miles inland from Manhattan. It is a town densely populated with people from every culture and country, many who are relatively new to the country. It is not unusual to go to a market and hear 4 or 5 languages spoken. Lodi CA looks like a lovely place. Thank you for sharing!


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