Fun Fall Fashion

It’s almost the end of fall.  There aren’t as many colors in the world, it is getting much colder, and it is getting darker earlier (making us think that it is midnight when it’s actually 6 pm).  And in some places in the world, this wonderful white thing called snow is falling from the sky.  If you are from California, the only thing that could possibly be falling from the sky is rain.

But, one of my favorite things about fall/winter is the fashions.  I am a jackets and boots kind a girl.  I have a whole slew of coats and jackets and winter boots that I want to wear all the time.  So, because of my love for fashion, I decided to post a few pictures for you of some of my favorite fall outfits.

DISCLAIMER! My roommate Hannah took these pictures for me and so the complete look may not be seen because of the fact that the pictures didn’t turn out that great.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to show off the beautiful double-breasted coat, it just because they didn’t turn out.  Apologies in advance.

Number 1: City Girl Country Wear

City Girl in Country Wear

This is the most comfortable outfit ever!

I absolutely love this outfit!  I will wear this every day if I possibly could (unfortunately, people might get a bit worried about me if I did).  But it is super cute and I love the look.

The flannel shirt is a mens shirt that I purchased from Wal-Mart 2 years ago.  I always roll up the sleeves to give it bit of a more feminine look.  But if it is cold enough, I will keep the sleeves down to keep my arms warm.  I paired this flannel with a white tank top and skinny jeans.  And finally the boots!  I love the girlishness of the boots.  There are sparkles, but it still looks like a classy boot.  I received these as a Christmas gift last year and I wish that I could get the other colors.

Here are some pieces of clothing that look like mine that you can add to your wardrobe!

Blue Flannel Shirt – Brown Sequin Boots

Number 2: Kate Middleton Meets Middle Class


Do I look like a royal yet?

I love how classy this outfit looks.  I could go out on the town in it or I could go shopping.  Okay, maybe without the heels, but you get the idea.

I bought the coat from Target 2 years ago on Sale for $60!  It was a steal!  Okay, maybe not so much, but you get the point.  It is a beautiful double-breasted coat that nice and warm.  I have paired it with skinny jeans (again) and some white and black lace heels.  These shoes were purchased from a thrift stores years and years ago, but they are comfortable and cute!

Blue and Black Plaid Coat – White and Black Heels

Number 3: Riding into the Fashion


If this doesn’t make you want to go out and ride a horse, I don’t know what will.  It feels really country western, yet feels kind of like a dressage outfit.  I think it’s the jacket and boot combination is what makes it look that way.

My grandma gave me this jacket on a whim.  I remember Haley going into my grandma’s house to drop something off and comes outside holding the coat.  I rolled down my window, saying “if you’re asking me if I want that, the answer is yes”.  It has a little bit of an old fashion look with the addition of elbow patches.  I styled this with skinny jeans and multi-colored boots that I bought from GoodWill for $12!  What a steal!


Elbow Patches are Fun!

Green JacketMulti-Colored Boots

Number 4: New Age Nancy Drew


Now, if you are like me and grew up reading Nancy Drew, there were times you wanted to dress like her.  The really posh, fashionable, yet still functioning teenage girl who was a detective.

So I bought this jacket from a thrift store (shocker of the year!) and it’s Macy’s brand jacket.  It isn’t that warm, but boy is it cute!  I paired this with a white lace shirt and nude sparkly flats from Target.  Do I look like I could go out and fight crime in this?

Pink JacketNude Flats

Number 5: Rock Star Ready


This outfit is my favorite outfit to wear out.  I’ve worn it to company parties, fundraisers, and school.  I love the versatility of how it could be formal but still casual.

Let’s start with the jacket.  I received this leather jacket as a Christmas present.  It is Apartment 9 and it came from Kohls.  (PS: it is still available).  The shirt is a high low short sleeve with sheer on the bottom.  I bought it from Family Dollar for something like $10.  The jeans are actually juniors that I bought from JCPenny’s a few years ago.  They are Arizona and boy are they comfortable.  I have them in blue and red, but now they are available in pink…I might have to buy them.  And finally, the boots.  I bought them from a flea market for $12.  They are extremely comfortable and look good with anything I put them with.


Leather JacketHigh Low Black ShirtBlue Skinny JeansBlack Boots

So here are some of my favorite fall/winter outfits.  I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite outfits and some of my favorite pieces of clothing from my closet.  Do you have a favorite outfit that you just have to wear every fall/winter?

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Pam and Lauren

Hot Chocolate and Hot Apple Cider Bar

Jingle bells, jingle bells! Sorry! We are already practicing some our Christmas stuff at school. We have our Christmas program just 10 days after we come back from Thanksgiving! Things are getting pretty hectic! So I could take some time to slow down and enjoy a hot drink, I set up a hot chocolate and apple cider bar! Have you done one of these too? My kids love it! Whenever we have guests over, they love to ‘fancy up’ their drinks.

We have no snow here, just cold and fog, but I loved this saying and added it to my chalkboard. I enjoy being able to change the sayings on it for each season or celebration.

hot chocolate bar green and white

I added some evergreen branches from my yard to the top along with a sparkly white triangle banner.

hot chocolate bar chalkboard sign

I found this World Market wine holder at a yard sale, and just had to bring it home. I used it to hold mugs instead. I have to find a few more that will fit! I layered some faux and real greens on top along with some wooden beads I spray painted white #whatapain!.

hot chocolate bar mugs

Next to the mugs I have some mason jars filled with some goodies to add to your drink. There are cinnamon sticks to stir with, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. I found the cute little tags here. I used baker’s twine to tie them on.

hot chocolate bar cinnamon sticks choc chips

On the other end of the bar, I have a big glass jar of hot chocolate, some chocolate syrup and some fun chocolate sprinkles and some cinnamon. I would like to add a bottle of caramel sauce too.

hot chocolate bar cocoa and toppings

Right in the middle I have some hot apple cider, the marshmallows and spoons. Peppermint sticks will be on my list the next time I go to the store.

hot chocolate bar cocoa and marshmallows

It is really nice to have everything out and ready to go when friends come over. No digging around in my cupboards trying to find all the supplies! You could easily make this a coffee or tea bar too.

hot chocolate bar view

Don’t forget we have a giveaway going on until Wednesday. If you haven’t entered already, you can go to this post!

hot chocolate bar full view

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanksgiving will be here soon and then on to Christmas!

Sunshine and Blessings

Holiday Ornament Exchange Link Party!

    Welcome everyone!

I am helping host my first ever link party! Remember the pinecone ornament I posted earlier this week? It was part of an ornament exchange and now you will have the chance to see all the ornaments and link up your own homemade ornament!

Ornament Exchange Link PartyWelcome to the first 2015 Holiday Ornament Exchange!

Want to see all the amazing ornaments we have shared?

We are linking up all of our ornaments in the link below so everyone can see all the beautiful handmade and/or store bought goodies we came up with!

Let’s all get inspired this season!

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Corner News-November 13, 2015

Welcome to the newest edition of the Corner News!  It is finally getting colder and darker here in California…unfortunately for some of us who prefer the warmer weather it isn’t that great.

But, here are some of the things that have happened these past weeks.

I want to apologize for not posting yesterday.  We thought that because there were so many blog posts this week that you MUST be getting tired of us.  Just kidding, I know you love us!  So, to let you know what I have been working on, here is a sneak peek!

Isn't this a great sneak peek?

Isn’t this a great sneak peek?

Next on the agenda, my roommate, my dad, and myself all went to a concert called Winter Jam.  It is a Christian concert and it is only $10 to get in.  The company my dad works for has a box in the stadium where the concert was held and we were blessed enough to get tickets in the booth.  It was absolutely amazing!  My favorite band, Skillet, was the main act and they were incredible.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of Skillet, but here is a picture of Lydia and I.

Sorry for the terrible lighting

Sorry for the terrible lighting

Finally, I want to remind everyone of the giveaway that we are hosting with ParrotUncle.  And, if you don’t think that the lamp will look good in your house, maybe it will look good in someone who you know’s house.  Here is the link again for the raffle.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for stopping by for another edition of the Corner News.  Hope you have a great weekend and keep warm.