Paper Pinecone Christmas Ornament-Ornament Exchange

Hi everyone! I have something special to share with you today! I know it’s a little early to be sharing Christmas ideas, but Erlene at My Pinterventures is hosting a 2015 Ornament Exchange. She has partnered 80+ bloggers to exchange ornaments and we want to share our creations or special finds with you! So, if you’re looking for some holiday ornament craft tutorials or ornament inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

2015 Ornament Exchange

Today is Day 10. If you want to go back and start at the beginning and see all the great ideas, click here.  I was so excited to receive an email from Erlene about who my ornament exchange partner would be. I was even more excited to learn it would be Erlene herself!  She wrote to me that this year her tree will be a deep rich red, gold, and white.  There isn’t a theme, just a variety of ornaments in those colors and she likes unusual ornaments. Well, I love the white and gold idea, so I went with that. Lauren picked out the idea for the ornament and then I went shopping for the supplies. Here are the papers I chose: a gold glitter, golden stripes, clear vellum with gold hexagons, and I had white sparkly on hand.
christmas ornament paper pinecone scrapbook paper
I also bought the egg shaped styrofoam ball. I had the circle punch already and of course, my glue gun. I started out by punching out the circles from each of the papers. I needed quite a bit, more than I thought I would. I kept running out!
christmas ornament paper pinecone supplies
I started at the narrow end of the egg. I glued on each circle, overlapping them as I went around. Then I added the next layer, overlapping the first layer too.
christmas ornament paper pinecone beginning
Here it is about half way done. I love how it is turning out!
christmas ornament paper pinecone sparkles
After all the circles were attached, I added gold twine to the top for hanging. I think this looks so pretty! It will look even better when the lights from the tree make it sparkle and shine!
Christmas Ornament Exchange
Christmas PInecone Ornament
I tried it out on white branches too.
Christmas Ornament exchange Pinecone
Christmas Pinecone Ornament on White
 Today, I’m excited to be kicking off day 10 of the Ornament Exchange, along with these other great ladies. Just click on their link to go see what they have made!
Displaying 2015-ornament-exchange-day-10.jpg
I’m so glad I was able to make this for Erlene! Thank you, Erlene, for the opportunity to join in with all these talented bloggers. I have really enjoyed being a part of this exchange.
This will be just the beginning of the Christmas posts you will be seeing! I’m so excited to share some of my decorating, crafts and tablescapes ideas with you!
Sunshine and Blessings

51 thoughts on “Paper Pinecone Christmas Ornament-Ornament Exchange

  1. katifarrer says:

    Love this so much! And the papers you chose would work perfectly on my tree. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at #MerryBlogmas. I’m sharing this today!


  2. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    This is so pretty and blingy. And your tutorial is easy to understand. I admire your patience to do this. Thanks for sharing the lovely shiny Christmas ornament.


  3. Katie (@LoveMyMess) says:

    Yes I love that a few of you had the pinecone idea – yet each one was really different! Just out of curiosity how long did it take you from start to finish for your ornament! Love the paper patterns you chose. Glad to be sharing day 10 with you! 🙂


    • homeonthecornerblog says:

      I am not sure how long it took! Maybe 1-1 1/2 hours, not including the shopping. Just punching out the circles took awhile! The gluing went pretty fast since it was hot glue.I liked how you made yours so personal too! Thanks for coming by!


  4. thechillydog says:

    Ooo… Another cute pine cone ornament from the ornament exchange. Now I don’t know which one I should make. I guess I’ll just have to try both of them 🙂


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