Corner News-January 30, 2016

Welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  A post where new things are presented and old news is brought back into the limelight.

In old news, I started back to school…hooray…  Only two more semesters.  Only two more semesters to go.  I am so close to being done with classes and I just want it to be over now.  But, I have now started to take my knitting to school because I have time between classes.  So, why not take my knitting?


And in new news, I am going to be starting my own blog in a few weeks.  It is called Too Small of a Closet, because in reality it’s true.  It is going to be a fashion blog and I am really excited to get it started.  I won’t be posting anything soon, but it will let you all know when the blog has posts on it.

Double Watermark

And that’s what has happened these past two weeks.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you soon!


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