Let’s Get Crafty!

It was the week before school started and all through the apartment, not a student was happy, not one single one.  But Lauren came up with an idea to share with her friends, that involved so much crafting until the days end.

Okay, enough with the bad poetry (if you read that as the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem, brownie points to you!).  Seriously, I hosted a crafting party!

One of my coworkers explained that she had wanted to complete a craft project but she didn’t want to work on it alone.  So, I decided to create a party where we could work on crafts, alone with some of our other friends and coworkers.

It started with an invitation that I created through an app and text/Facebook messaged all the people who I wanted to come.  It was a great invitation that I spent hours (sarcasm much? LOL) creating, so I must share it with you.


So, I know my apartment can be somewhat hard to find, so I decided to add this beautiful sign on the door for people to see find the party!

Let's Get Crafty

I decided to be nice and added some items that people could use if they wanted to.  You know, just in case someone didn’t bring anything.  So, I had things like game pieces, bottles, sharpies, hot glue, etc., that people could use.

Craft Counter

Now, do you remember this Banksy box that I had in my bedroom?

Banksy Case

Well, I have been filling it with yarn that I had left after I finished a scarf.  And…the box was full.  Like, the zipper has broken because I have tried to squeeze so much yarn into the box.  So, I had the box out for people to use any of the yarn.  Unfortunately, it was only me who used it.

Too Much Yarn

And now, the guests started to arrive.  Food was set out and crafting began.  My coworker and close friend Elise wanted to paint some letters that she would later decoupage.

Elise Pic

The beginning of the painting

Elise Pic 2

All black now!

Another friend Crystal, who I have had classes with at college, wanted to make a bracelet.  You know those friendship bracelets that kids made back in middle school?  Yeah, that kind.  But a complex design.

Crystal Pic

Just the beginning

Crystal Pic 2

Almost done

My roommate Hannah decided to bring all of her crafting stuff to the party.  She brought a lot of stuff.

Hannah Pic

Hannah’s sister Sarah was also at the party.  She wanted to make burlap wine bags, so she had a lot of burlap to cut the bags out.

Sarah Pic

So what did I work on?  I was actually knitting a blanket.  I was taking some yarn that was in the Banksy yarn box and making a blanket.  I wasn’t expecting it to turn out this cute.


I actually think that it looks pretty cool!

And now all of the guests have left, the party needs to be cleaned up.  Anyone want to help?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Crafty!

  1. Audrey@That Recipe says:

    I’m not sure if my friends and I would get a lot of crafting done at a party like this or none at all because we would be gabbing. Sounds like a fun time, though. Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty . I hope you will join us again next week.


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