Corner News-April 23, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Corner News!  We have some very exciting news to present from this week!

Beware, this may be slightly gruesome…sorry.

I was at work (I work at a pet boarding facility) and took out a dog to play in a one on one session.  This dog was very mouthy, and tried to bite my arms constantly.  I got very annoyed, and tried to get the dog to lay down to calm down.  Unfortunately, the dog kept going for my arms and chewed them up.

And this was the result.

Left ArmRight Arm FrontRight Arm BackLeg

My arms are pretty beat up.  I am very bruised and it hurts to do certain things: like carry a purse on my arm instead of my shoulder, sleep (because I sleep on my sides and like to have my arm under a pillow), and cross my arms.  My legs got a little damage, but nothing like my arms.

And the dog?  All workers were informed to be aware and be careful when taking him out.

My Cabbages! - Imgur

Moral of the story: Be Careful !


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