Corner News-April 2. 2016

Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday and weekend! I don’t have much to share today. I haven’t been feeling very inspired lately :(.

Here is our family picture from Easter. The weather was absolutely perfect for an Easter morning.

corner news april 2

This is one project I worked on during my spring break. See the cover? And the guilty party?! This happened awhile ago, but with my ‘love’ for sewing, I kept putting it off. I finally just made myself get it done.

corner news april 2 rozy

I used a painters canvas for this cover. This is probably the fourth one I have made (not because of Rozy!). The canvas was really easy to use and it was great to have the edges already hemmed. That is one of the parts I really dislike about sewing. Too monotonous! I used all the hemmed edges for the skirt part of the slipcover.

corner news april 2 ottoman cover

The pillow top cover is a giant envelope cover. This way I can take it off and wash it whenever it needs it. This is often with so many dogs! Isn’t the bicycle pillow cover awesome? They have some great deals on Amazon, under $5.00 and they are so much easier to store than pillows are.

corner news april 2 ottoman

Thanks for coming by today! See you on Monday!

Sunshine and Blessings

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