Corner News-Apartment Moving Part 1

Well world, it is coming to that time where I have to move…unfortunately.  I have thoroughly enjoyed living in the apartment that I will be leaving, but it is time for a new chapter and new things will be happening.  I am excited, and nervous, but it will all be good!

So, I had started packing last week when I got my first set of boxes.  But, I got really tired of packing and stopped for a while.  And then I signed my lease and realized that I need to finish packing everything.

My friend Bekah helped me by coming over for a while and helping me pack.  It was so nice to get a lot of stuff done while she was helping me.  I got almost everything out of my closet and it is all ready to go into the new place.  Yeah!

And this is what my closet currently looks like.

Moving 1

Moving 2

Yeah…I have this problem with not putting hangers back on the hanger holder thingies that I have.  So, they just lay on the floor and make it harder for me to walk through to get clothes.  Don’t ask…

And now with everything out of my closet, this is what my hallway looks like.

Moving 3

Yep…it’s almost impossible to walk through my hallway.  And I have more stuff around the corner.

Moving 4

Thankfully, I will be moving some of my stuff in today since I finally got my key!  Hooray!  So, I still have a lot of stuff to go, but I am slowly making progress.  And I will get through it all, sooner or later.  But for the most part, I am getting through everything that I need to get through to move into my new place.  Hooray!


7 thoughts on “Corner News-Apartment Moving Part 1

  1. María P. Gómez says:

    I moved about two months ago and I can only wish you good luck!! Before you realise you’ll be installed at your new house and start decorating it.
    Thanks for linking up with us at Sweet Inspiration!


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