Candlestick Plus Newspaper Equals Awesome!

Hello everyone!  I am reposting this awesome project from June of 2015.  I love how it turned out and love having these as decoration in my apartment.  So, here is my tutorial on how to decorate a wooden candlestick with decoupage and newspaper.

Mom was cleaning her room and found this candlestick.  Now, I have the same candlestick in my bedroom.  I covered it in newspaper by means of decoupage and love how it looks.  So, I decided to do the same thing for this candlestick.  And here is what I used.


I had a newspaper that my roommates and I got for free, mod poge from Michaels, sponge brushes, a small bowl to put the mod poge in, paper towels, and tv shows to watch as I was decoupaging.


I tore the newspaper into small pieces to make it easier to decoupage onto the candlestick.  I then got the sponge brush damp with the mod poge and lightly coated it over the piece of newspaper.  Because newspaper is thin, it doesn’t require that much mod poge to make it stick to the candlestick.  I used only pieces with words on them because I was afraid of the color from pictures bleeding through.

candlestick 1

Almost Done!

So after two nights of mod poging, approximately 4 hours of work, the candlestick was complete!

candlestick 3

candlestick 4

candlestick 5

Currently it is sitting on my Salvation Table, which you can seehere, along with some of mom’s decorations.  I might be taking this to my apartment to decorate in the living room area.  I like the look of the newspaper, something that could be modern or vintage looking.  This project was fun and something that I know I will be doing more of this summer!


Finds and Fashions-Orange

I’m back with another Finds and Fashions! I feel like it’s been awhile since I have done one of these posts. Today I am featuring orange. I love to use orange in my wardrobe and I thought it worked since fall is just around the corner.

The first outfit is black and orange. I wondered if it would look too much like Halloween, but I think it looks okay. The top is orange and black chevron and I paired it with a black maxi skirt. A black tote, black sandals and orange jewelry complete the outfit.

finds and fashions orange chevron shirt black skirt

Tassel jewelry is really popular right now. I found these at Charming Charlies.

finds and fashions orange chevron top black skirt closeup

This outfit is just kind of a fun, kick-around outfit. A simple knit tank with a chambray skirt.  A simple pair of sandals and a chunky necklace keep it easy.

finds and fashions orange top and chambray skirt

Here is the same shirt paired with a grey pair of jeans and a white lacy duster.  I haven’t worn the duster yet, but I love how this outfit came together! The big chunky necklace used to be Lauren’s, but I had it gifted to me. I used the same sandals as the last outfit and a small clutch purse. I had a hard time picking a purse for this one. With the jeans being grey and the jewelry gold, it made it kind of difficult. But this one seemed to work best.

finds and fashions orange top grey jeans white dusterfinds and fashions orange top and white duster

I have had this sweater for a couple of years and I love it because it has gold buttons up the back. I used gold jewelry, a khaki skirt and brown sandals. Don’t you just love the purse? I found it at a garage sale this summer for .50 cents? Love it!

finds and fashions orange top and khaki skirt

I had my helper with me again this week. I just think she makes the best accessory!

finds and fashions orange top khaki skirt and zoe

Thanks for joining me again this week! Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

Sunshine and Blessings

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Blue and White Folding Chair Makeover

HI everyone! Hope you are all well! School is about ready to start around here, although I have a couple of more weeks before I go back. It will all be here very soon!

I have a simple project for you today. You’ve probably already seen it done on Pinterest, but it is something I have been wanting to do for awhile and kept putting it off. But I will be hosting a bridal shower for Lauren’s best friend in a couple of week, so I figured I better get going on this! I had also found some fabric I liked at a yard sale this summer, so now I had no excuse.

folding chair makeover blue and white completed chair Title

I had these old brown folding chairs that really needed an update. They are definitely passed their era! First I unscrewed the back and the seat from the frame of the chair.

folding chair makeover

I found this tag on the bottom of the seat. I know it says model number is 1953, but I wonder if that was the date. And the price! $10.95! What a bargain!

folding chair makeover tag

Once the back and the seat were removed, I took the frame outside and gave it a couple coats of white spray paint and a coat of clear coat.

folding chair makeover chair frame

I love this fabric! It’s heavier than just cotton, and the colors are so much better than the brown.

folding chair makeover fabric

I laid the fabric on the floor, with the help of Chica, and cut out the shape, about 2 inches from the edge of the chair back. This will give me enough to wrap around and staple. I also did this for the seat.

folding chair makeover covering the chair back

I laid the chair back on the wrong side of the fabric and made sure it was centered. I start in the middle of each side and put in one staple, then continue around.

folding chair makeover staple coverAfter covering the seat, it is time to reattach them to the chair frame. Pretty easy, right! Now we are ready to party!

folding chair makeover 2 chairs

I love the blue and white. It looks so crisp and clean!

folding chair makeover blue and white completed chair

Rozy says she hopes you all have a great day!

folding chair makeover with Rozy

See you on Wednesday!

Sunshine and Blessings

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Lighting Up Miami

*This post is sponsored by Lighting Miami*


Recently, mom and I were contacted by a company by the name of Lighting Miami.  It is a company that sells many different kinds of lamps and lighting devices.  And some of their stuff if absolutely beautiful!

There are all kinds of lamps that you can buy depending on what you are looking for.

Like this crystal chandelier for $55,608.


Or if that is a tad out of your price range, you could buy this $10 Winnie the Pooh lamp!

Winnie the Pooh

But either way, the lamps are absolutely beautiful!  They have everything that you can think of.  There are table lamps, wall lights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and outdoor lamps.  There are all sorts of price ranges and so many different styles.

My family has lived in the same house for 23 years (gasp, I know…).  The house was built in the 1950s and sometimes we have to change things up to make it look more modern.  So looking through this website has helped us to find ways to fix up the house to make it fit into our ever changing style.

Here is a beautiful modern chandelier that would look great in our dining room over the farm table.  This Elk chandelier is $612.

kitchen chandelier

How about these cool cube floor lamps from SLV?  Haley wants a few of these in her room.

cube light

I love this table lamp from Dimond Lighting!  Wouldn’t it be perfect in my bedroom?


I also really like this outdoor light from Jeremiah Lighting.  It is beautiful, even though it doesn’t really match anything in our outdoor patio…


And finally, for all the motorcycle fans, which we are not, you can buy this hanging light from ELK lighting.


There are so many cute lamps and lights that would be perfect for any home.  Go and check out Lighting Miami and see what they have to offer!



Fabulous Finds and Fashions-Premier Design Edition

Hello everyone!  And welcome to another Fabulous Finds and Fashions.  This week, I am showing off a beautiful piece of jewelry that I recently got and I needed to find things to wear it with.

So, some of you may have heard of Premier Designs Jewelry.  It is a direct sales company that sells beautiful jewelry that is well made and can be worn many different ways.

Recently, my friend Rachel hosted a show from our friend Breanne.  And at that show, I picked out a beautiful necklace named Sugar Rush.  It can be worn so many different ways and it is absolutely beautiful no matter how you wear it.  So here are my different outfits to wear with my necklace.

Look 1: White Shirt with Full Necklace

Look One 1

So, I just bought this shirt when I went shopping with mom, but I love how it looks with the necklace.  I always thinks white looks good with the necklace.  I added denim capris and silver flip flops to finish off the look.

Look One 2

But see how full and pretty the necklace is?  Now, each of the silver strands can come off and the strand that is on the back comes off so it can be lengthened or shortened.  The three colored bead strands are all connected, but they look good as a necklace on their own.

Look Two: Grey Shirt and Silver Strands

Look Two 1

So I took some of the strands off of the necklace to just show off the silver strands.  I kept the denim capris and added black and white Aztec print Toms.

Look Two 3

I love the two different types of necklaces against the grey top.  They add a nice touch to the simple top.  The different colored beads in one of the strands add a small pop of color and the coins add a bit of design and fun to the necklace.

Look Three: Pink Shirt and Colored Beads

Look Three 1

The pink shirt happened to be the same color as the pink bead on the strand!  It worked out so perfectly!  I paired this with the denim capris and a pair of pink flip flops.

Look Three 2

This might be my favorite combination besides the full necklace.  It is so simple, but it is very pretty.  I also like how long the necklace is with the beads.

Well, that’s my new necklace and my new outfits.  I can’t wait to wear them out and about and see what everyone thinks!  Thanks for stopping by!