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Hey everyone! I really don’t have much of a blog post today, but I thought I would share a little bit from the bridal shower, a little bit more from Hawaii, and a deal from Redbubble.

Last week Lauren told you about Redbubble, an online shop where you can find all sorts of items from your favorite tv shows or gamers. Great gift ideas too! Just click on the Redbubble logo below to be taken to the site.

RedBubble Logo

The bridal shower for Lauren’s friend was so nice. We managed to fit everyone in my little house and had a good time together. We played a few games, ate delicious food (prepared by someone else!) and just enjoyed time spent together. I’m so glad we could do this for the bride and her family.

I haven’t shared pictures from Hawaii for awhile now, and since summer is almost over, I thought I would get a few more pictures on here and make everyone wish they were at the beach! We spent a couple of hours out on a catamaran and got very wet and windblown, but also were able to see a couple of whales spouting! It was so nice to be out on the ocean and have time to relax.

See the spouts?!

hawaii catamaran 15

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Corner News-August 20, 2016

Good Saturday afternoon!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. We are hosting a bridal shower this morning, Lauren is hosting a Premier jewelry party tonight and Haley and I volunteer at the shelter on Sunday. I think I will be too tired to start setting up my classroom on Monday. Right? Can I use that as an excuse? Probably not. LOL.

Here is the special bridal chair Lauren put together. Isn’t it cute? The bride isn’t into foofoo, but oh well, She will have to deal with it!



I got to spend some time with my two favorite great-nieces on Friday. We sang and moved to some of my preschool songs, played with a dollhouse and spent time in the pool. I wish I could have gotten in with them. It was very hot.


Here is my front porch. I thought this was a good transition from summer to fall. It still looks cool and fresh, but is a little more muted than the bright summer colors I had out there. I found the cute little mushrooms at the .99 cent store. I love finding fun little decorating stuff like that.



Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunshine and Blessings

Need New Art? Let RedBubble Help!

*This blog is brought to you by redbubble.com. We are being compensated for the sales made at redbubble*

 Have you ever been a huge fan of a show?  Like, you can’t miss a single episode and you could watch them over and over again?  And what about merchandise?  Do you want all of it?


Isn’t that terrible?  As soon as you want to buy everything out of the store, there isn’t a single shirt or phone case that you like.  Life just isn’t fair, is it?

But there is a solution!

Redbubble.com is a site where you can buy custom artwork for clothing, phone cases, bags, and more!  Artists can add their own custom art to the site and everything can be searched.   Everything is great quality and all the shirts that I have ordered have been super soft and comfy.  They also run true to size, so you don’t have to worry about if they will fit or not.  If you have a show you like, look it up on RedBubble and see what they have!

Do you like ‘Once Upon a Time’? Check this Captain Hook hoodie by Jabberdashery out!

Captain Hook Hoodie

What about Minnie and Mickey Mouse?  Check out this Samsung Galaxy Phone Case by Brianna Reeves!

Minnie Mouse Case

Is gaming your thing and love watching people play Five Nights at Freddy’s?  Check out this cool Foxy tank top by Kaiserin!

FNAF Foxy Shirt

This is just a small portion of what can be found on RedBubble.  There are so many different items that can be searched for and so many more designs can be found.  By searching for items on RedBubble, you are helping out artists who have put their art online.  This website is awesome and I love looking for new items that I can add to my collection!


Upcycled Coffee Cans for Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Hello! How was everybody’s weekend? Was it busy or relaxing? I pretty much stayed at home, getting things ready for the bridal shower I am hosting. I did get to enjoy a frosty on Saturday and a competitive game of Pirates of the Caribbean Life on Sunday. Such an exciting life I lead! LOL!

I did get these cans done over the weekend for the bridal shower. This is such a simple project! I had a couple of coffee cans, my mom had a few and she also found one at a yard sale, which she was given for free. I had received the burlap this summer and my husband had cut the wood slices for me a couple of years ago. You can see my other wood slice projects here. I used the Waverly chalk paint in Mineral and Plaster. These paints can be found at Walmart.

coffee can makeover

I started with the Plaster color and just brushed it all over the can. As you can see, you can still see the red color through the paint.

coffee can makeover chalk paint

I painted a second coat of Plaster and then added touches of Mineral all over the can. I dry-brushed it on and just kept brushing till it was blended in. Chalk paint dries quickly, so painting several coats doesn’t take too long.

coffee can makeover chalk paint grey

I cut pieces of the burlap ribbon long enough to fit around the can with just a little overlap in the back. I hot glued it into place.

coffee can makeover with burlap

All wrapped up! I then added a wood slice to the front of each with hot glue.

coffee can makeover burlap wrap

I added the initials and names of the bride and groom onto the wood slice with brown sharpie so it looks like it is woodburned into it.

coffee can makeover bridal shower with burlap

I added pomegranate branches into each can, simply because I have 2 trees full of them. I placed a smaller jar inside the can to help hold the branches upright.

coffee can makeover bridal shower centerpieces burlap and pommegranites

I think these will look really nice on the tables as centerpieces for the bridal shower. I can reuse them later just by removing the wood slice. So you will probably see them reappear again sometime!

coffee can makeover bridal party centerpieces

This is such a simple and quick project. It’s also a great way to upcycle some of those tin cans you might have in your recycle bin. They could be painted any color that fits your color scheme and any kind of ribbon could be added to it. Let your creativity flow!!

Sunshine and Blessings

Corner News-August 13, 2016

Hello everyone!  And welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  This post is somewhat exciting…depending on what you think of it.

I start school in a little over a week.  Boo!  I don’t want to go back.  But, it is my last semester in college and then I will be graduated and done with school.  Hooray!

Next on the agenda is that I got two cats!

Target and Amelia

Their names are Target and Amelia and they were strays that were living at my work.  They are pests…but I love them.

Target is a 1 and half tuxedo domestic short hair.  She is the typical cat, where she thinks that I cater to her.  And…she loves laying on the table, the exact place I don’t want her to be.

Amelia is a 4 month hold calico.  She is, as a call her, a pain in my tushie.  She is still very much a kitten, so her favorite thing to do attack my feet in the middle of the night and run around crazy while I’m trying to sleep.

Amelia Pillows

Don’t believe her innocent look.  She is very crazy.

Yep…so these guys are crazy.  They get in trouble, but thankfully they are adorable and I love them.  I hope you all have a great weekend!